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Yashar Ghaffarloo went from jotting rankings in a notebook to crushing a portfolio of SEO websites

Meet Yashar - he is an SEO genius from Troy, Michigan, who is well known in the SEO community to lead masterminds, experiments, and implement successful SEO strategies.

"I had so many different sites and I had no idea where each on was but the way I found out was through by opening a guest window on chrome and searching for the keywords and kind of, one by one checking how each site was doing, what I wanted to find out. I didn't have a history, I didn't have any, sometimes I jot, write a notebook how it was before and pick up ideas but I didn't have a historical, I didn't have the data in a structured way and accessible.

I mean, searching 800 keywords a day, that would take my whole day. So, ROI time wise, I don't think I could put a price on the time. Actually, I use SerpBook multiple times per day, I'm the one that's refreshing, I'm updating my keywords and refreshing and these are my credits almost every single day.

To do what SerpBook does manually, I mean how I was doing that before, it's you can't even compare. ROI client-wise? Keeping clients happy, I mean, how much saving stress and saving mental anguish when dealing with clients asking you everything or partners asking you, when you're in charge of SEO, I don't think you can put a price on it, on that kind of stuff that SerpBook saves you.

Just, as the number of sites I had grew, as the number of keywords from making sniper sites where you're getting one keyword. As the sites developed, it's hard to scale, searching keywords one by one manually. As you build more partners, it's hard to scale that and there's, you have a mental note where you're site was historically, but not a, "how you're site's been doing for the past month". You have, there's no data that you have that's just jotting it down and you throw it away, a piece of paper a week later.

I know with SerpBook, from day one to invest more resources on which sites, and focus on the winners versus trying to focus on sites that I think are going to do well or I think may perform well or may go up, just guesstimate versus having hardcore data to back my decision up and what to focus on, even having so much.."

-Yashar Ghaffarloo, Entrepreneur

Digital Muscle had one of their biggest years in terms of revenue after six years

Arthur from Digital Muscle runs an SEO company from Syndey, Australia who has been helping business grow organically on Google every single year.

His team's time was being drained, and instead of focusing on bringing in more revenue, he was wasting time on explaining ranking reports to his clients.

"We grew. As I was explaining to you earlier, through SerpBook, we were able to reduce our time in explaining to clients what each column [in the reports] meant. This saved time, gave us more time to obviously give our sales team more time to do more outreaching to potential clients, and also explained to them the benefits of using [our services].

Clients spend more when they see the results on SerpBook. So, whenever on SerpBook, they see that their keywords are going up, then they spend more with us. So, that's where we grow as a business.

SerpBook has made our life a lot easier. Our, as in the whole entire team, my team, because they realized that it's a valuable piece of software which gives the clients exactly what they're looking for without too much explanation. So, it's really simplified on our reporting and also visual cues to tell clients that, "Hey, you haven't done so well last month, but look at this month. This is how you improve. This is how many positions you've jumped."

The rankings, like I said, are accurate. It gives you a 360 degree overview of pretty much everything related to the actual keywords itself. And if there was any discrepancies, then you can just click on the Spyglass Icon to be able to know where the ranking report has picked you up for that particular keyword. So, that's where the main value is.

I can't seem to think of any other software that will give us the on demand ranking position updates. Because with a click of a button, SerpBook will refresh and give you the latest rankings. That's what we loved about using SerpBook. Previously when we were using [another rank tracker], it wouldn't give us that sort of option."

-Arthur Choi, Director of Digital Muscle Limited

SEO Heroes Bangkok was able to retain clients and therefore, extend their clients' life time value

Mateo owns an SEO agency based in Bangkok, to help clients with SEO, and helping their clients optimize their website and marketing. Matteo is the type of person who will instantly light up the room and make everyone smile.

Trying to run an agency is not an easy job, and his time was being drained doing manual ranking checks for his clients. He was able to take back control of his time and better strategize his team every day.

"And as I say to you before, the first thing that I do in the morning is opening SerpBook and manually check each client by client. And I can get an immediate picture of how they are doing or the progress are in the campaign.

As an agency owner, everybody knows that we don't have much time during the day to do manually things. So our goal is try to automate the majority of the task that we have to do. Yeah. So in this way, I think that SerpBook is providing us a really good value.

SerpBook is helping us to retain clients so we can provide them with accurate tracking and accurate position, initial benchmark of the operation of the rankings and how the campaign is progressive and we provide them a value showing them how the performance are going.

I don't have spend the time manually checking and just to take a few seconds to see the trend. And in this way, I can focus and I can spend the majority of my time, especially in the morning part on replying emails and thinking how we should schedule the rest of the tasks.

If you want to save time, if you want to optimize your monthly spending on tools, online tools, you should go for SerpBook because it's easy, it's intuitive and it will give you a great ROI and it will help you to retain clients as we do"

-Matteo Barletta, Founder @ SEO Heroes Bangkok Co., Ltd

You're in good company - eight years and counting of rank tracking experience

I started SerpBook as a simple internal tool to manage some of my own websites back almost a decade ago. We don't just make this tool, I use and live by SerpBook every day for my own sites.

-Kevin Zhou, Founder @ SerpBook.com

SerpBook @ NYC, October 2019

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  • Neil Patel

    Co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics

    One thing I have always loved about SerpBook is the amazingly fast on-demand updates and accuracy.

  • Jonathan Adams

    Owner @ PeachBlitz Web Marketing - Toronto, Canada

    What initially drew me in with SerpBook was their ability to track from any location. I'm happy to report the future does works great with SerpBook.

  • Scott Nailon

    SEO Strategist & Director @ Sites by Design – Sydney, Australia

    I have always found SerpBook to be the superior product on the market both in accuracy and user experience.

  • John Hinds

    Director @ Lojix Limited - Barnsley, United Kingdom

    What I look for most is accuracy of the rankings and reliability and I have to say that I am absolutely impressed.

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