Blog post writing mistakes that can hurt your site ranking

site ranking

Without a doubt, content is king. Con tent is the food that people eat online. Without it, there would be no websites, and there would be no SEO. Now that you know this fact, you believe that you are the best writer, and you write tons of content every day, with the belief that you will get the best rankings when you monitor your site with your website ranking tool.

But before you lay your hands on the keyboard, you need to know that not everybody is a writer. Not everyone can write valuable content that can wow readers, increase web traffic, and lead to high ranking reports when you track website ranking.

Before anyone decides to kick-start a career in writing, they should be prepared to first adhere to certain standards, or else their career will unceremoniously come into a halt.

If you are a writer who has published many award-winning books, you might be tempted to believe that you can write a great blog or website content that can breed success when you check your site with the website ranking tool.… Read the rest