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The Ultimate SEO Checklist You Need To Rank Website on Google

Well, before I give you insights on how you can rank website on Google, allow me to tell you a brief story. I hope you don’t mind, do you?I have a curious mind, and I always desire to learn how everything around me works. So one day, I visited a coffee factory back in my village which has been making quality coffee since my grandfather was a small kid. One amazing thing about this factory is that it is very old, yet it has never compromised the quality of its products since its inception in the 1890s.

What wowed me about the factory is that most of its machines have been running for years and have never broken down. This left me wondering; with all the moving parts in the facility, how comes these machines run every minute but faced little or no mechanical issues? I got the answer I was looking for; a checklist was always used!

Before the machine operators hit the red “SWITCH ON” button on the machine, they carry out an extensive checklist to ensure that everything works as it should, and if they notice any hitch, the technical team fixes it ASAP.… Read the rest

7 Game Changing KPIs to Monitor With Your SEO Tracker Software

In today’s super-competitive market, I have learnt one important lesson – measuring is what makes a solid SEO foundation and not meagre superstitions. For a fact, most small business owners like myself tend to treat SEO as a superfluous expense, and they will only spend money they feel their budget can accommodate it. Well, although getting ROI on your digital marketing strategy is highly unpredictable, the time has come for you to learn the metrics and KPIs that you need to measure using your SEO tracker software if you care about business growth.

Having a deep understanding of what is working and what is not working for you – commonly known as KPI (Key Performance Indicators) should be a vital element in your business growth plan, and in case you have not scribbled it at the helm of your priority list, then you need to keep reading!

With a good SEO tracker software and search rank tracking software, I believe that there is no reason why you should not know what is making your marketing efforts are a resounding hit, or why they pose a mystery that is leading to disappointing failure.Read the rest

Why SEO Companies Should Always Use an Agency Rank Tracker

Have you optimized your clients’ site for SEO? Have you revamped their homepage, invested in quality content, and maybe even purchased some strategically chosen ads for Facebook…but your clients still aren’t happy. The question is though, have you been using your agency rank tracker properly?

For years, I poured hours and hours into websites only to find that my clients were dissatisfied. I was optimizing their websites properly.

The problem was, in most cases, my they had no way to judge whether my work had actually helped them or not.  

Unfortunately, SEO efforts sometimes take weeks or even months to really take effect, but business owners don’t want to pay top dollar if they can’t see the numbers moving in the right direction.

Even if I were to give them access to the raw data though, most of them wouldn’t have the skills to interpret it. A doctor looking for new patients or a tax company looking to increase traffic to their site can’t make heads or tails out of keyword ranking, traffic volume, and CTR. … Read the rest

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