Why Is It Important To Check Website Ranking On Google?
Why Is It Important To Check Website Ranking On Google?

Today, you are advised to invest in a good website ranking checker online tool, or find a dependable website ranking free software so that you can continuously monitor your site. But you keep asking yourself: since I have executed the best SEO campaign on the internet, why then should I spend a lot of my time trying to check website ranking on Google, while I am assured I will get top rankings on Google and other search engines?

Website monitoring is an important exercise that is often overlooked. You will find a business owner who has acquired some of the best website ranking checker online software, but since he has reached a comfort zone and he believes that he is doing well since he is finding his site at the helm when he searches keywords on google, he will ignore this undertaking and concentrate on anything else that matters to his business. This is where most people go wrong.

Remember, having a top position in Google is not permanent.… Read the rest

Blog Post Writing Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Site Ranking

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Without a doubt, content is king. Con tent is the food that people eat online. Without it, there would be no websites, and there would be no SEO. Now that you know this fact, you believe that you are the best writer, and you write tons of content every day, with the belief that you will get the best rankings when you monitor your site with your website ranking tool.

But before you lay your hands on the keyboard, you need to know that not everybody is a writer. Not everyone can write valuable content that can wow readers, increase web traffic, and lead to high ranking reports when you track website ranking.

Before anyone decides to kick-start a career in writing, they should be prepared to first adhere to certain standards, or else their career will unceremoniously come into a halt.

If you are a writer who has published many award-winning books, you might be tempted to believe that you can write a great blog or website content that can breed success when you check your site with the website ranking tool.… Read the rest

8 SEO Hacks That Can Positively Alter Website Ranking Google Reports
8 SEO Hacks That Can Positively Alter Website Ranking Google Reports

In case you are starting your business, you probably don’t have a lot of resources to invest in SEO. Additionally, you have to run other elements in your business; hence you cannot give SEO all the attention it deserves. But the reason why you are stressed is; you value SEO very much, and you still want to get the best website ranking Google reports.

There is no doubt that when you look at your Google site ranking software, you want to see metrics that show your site is doing well in this dominant search engine, and that your target audience is responding positively to your content strategy. This is the joy of every website owner. But you cannot compete with your already established rivals if you don’t have the knowledge!

I always tell my clients that I kick-started my SEO journey on a very tight budget. I used to do everything myself, and still run my business. I had minimal resources to spend, and the only thing I purchased was a few SEO tools, which included a excellent Google site ranking software, and a popular keyword research tool.… Read the rest

6 Content Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Keyword Ranking
6 Content Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Keyword Ranking

About a decade ago, my first website went live. This was one of the happiest days of my life, because I knew that I was entering in a fled that had not been penetrated by many (especially the people I knew), and at least people could find my business on the internet. I used to write lots of content and use the trendiest keywords at that time, hoping to get the best rankings when I monitored my keywords with the Keyword ranking tracker. But unfortunately, even with what I believed was the best content strategy in the market, getting a top spot on Google search results seemed like a mission impossible.

You might be going through the same situation…

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You have written the best content, but when you look at your Google keyword rankings tool, you almost give up. This tool shows you are not even on the tenth page, and it has been several months after launching your site. You even think that you are not a great writer and you decide to hire top-rated freelancers to do the job for you, but you still get the same results.… Read the rest

8 Smart Ways to Record Better Ranking Reports in the Website Rankings Checker
8 Smart Ways to Record Better Ranking Reports in the Website Rankings Checker

As a small business owner, you probably don’t have enough resources to hire someone to handle your website. You are therefore your own blogger, web designer, and webmaster. You know that your website is like a marketing expert who never sleeps; thus your desire is to get it to the top of Google search results and have it bring the best analytic reports every time you monitor it with Google website rankings checker.

In some cases, DIY website hacks don’t work, and if you try them, your website rankings checker online tool might show that you are not even on the fifth page of Google despite lots of sleepless nights and toiling.

People will try to pull you down by telling you that managing a website should be left in the hands of an expert, and if you are not succeeding in SEO, you might be tempted to back down and concentrate on other digital marketing methods.

But today, up to 90% of your prospective clients can only find your business through search.… Read the rest

Better Keyword Ranker Results: Top WordPress SEO Strategies in 2018

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Your site is probably on WordPress, which is the largest free open-source content management system based on MySQL and PHP. You have used it to manage your site, and you have followed every basic element you have read on the internet, but when you look at your ranking for a keyword in the google keyword ranker software, the results ruin your expectations.

But a lot has changed in WordPress over the past few years, and more change is expected as we come to the end of 2018.

This means, therefore, that some WordPress you used a few years ago and which results in smile-inducing metrics in the keyword rank checker tool will not necessarily work today.

SEO is continually in a flux as search engines continue to update their algorithm in a bid to provide more value to their ever-growing user populace. Therefore, as a website owner or digital marketer, you also need to update your ranking strategies if you want to stay relevant in the broad online market.… Read the rest

Poor Ranking Metrics in the Keyword Ranking Checker Tool? Pay Attention to These Ranking Factors
Poor Ranking Metrics in the Keyword Ranking Checker Tool? Pay Attention to These Ranking Factors

About a decade ago, I used to look at my keyword ranking checker tool, see poor rankings in Google serps and ask myself: what have I done that authoritative sites such as forbes.com and backlinko.com haven’t? Why is my site still lagging behind in different search engines, yet I have conformed to all basic rules concerning SEO?

I kept asking questions for a long time, but this didn’t translate into better ranking reports on the Google rank checker online. Quitting was an option, but I decided to seek expert help.

I went to a few SEO experts but didn’t get the help I needed. Most of them asked me to relook at my website architecture, while others told me to wait. But I had waited for over six months already, and I had reworked on my site’s multiple times, but my Google SEO ranking checker never recognized my efforts.

But one expert changed my online business life!

He told me the reason why I was getting poor ranking reports for all my keywords in the keyword ranking checker tool is because I did not understand Google’s ranking factors.… Read the rest

12 SEO Essentials Needed For Excellent Results in the Search Engine Ranking Checker
12 SEO Essentials Needed For Excellent Results in the Search Engine Ranking Checker

If you have been engaged in SEO lately, there is no doubt your ultimate goal is to record top rankings when you monitor your site with your search engine ranking checker software.

Unfortunately, sometimes the results take a long time to manifest. This makes some people lose hope, and even turn to other digital marketing strategies they believe to be more rewarding.

But if you do everything in accordance to Google’s set rules, your google search ranking checker will doubtlessly show better-ranking reports, and the Google SEO ranking checker will record increased traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.

  1. What goes into SEO?

SEO is a waiting game. You don’t develop a good plan today and expect your Google keyword rank checker to give you the results you desire tomorrow.

As a newbie in SEO about ten years ago, I used to read lots of guides on how to get better rankings on Google. I used a host of tricks on my journey to get to the top and even incorporated video to complement my well0wriiten cont.… Read the rest

Follow These 8 SEO Rules to Improve Results in Your Ranking Checker
Follow These 8 SEO Rules to Improve Results in Your Ranking Checker

Did you know that to get reports that show you are on top of Google rankings in your Google website ranking checker, there are a set of rules that you need to follow?

Just like everything around the world, Google is guided by some rules, and if you choose to break them, you might be lucky to enjoy high rankings, but not for long!

Through the years I have been in the field of SEO, I have come across hundreds of customers who come to me complaining that they have websites up on google for months, but they seem not to get the results they desire in their website ranking checker free. Before I assist them further, the first question I ask them is – are you following all SEO rules?

But when I ask this question, clients become astonished. They don’t know that there are rules that enhance better results in the ranking checker online, simply because they believe the rules are unwritten, or because they tend to overlook things that can be a game-changer in the online business sphere.… Read the rest

8 Simple SEO Mistakes Your Google Website Ranking Checker Dislikes
8 Simple SEO Mistakes Your Google Website Ranking Checker Dislikes

You have decided to fully concentrate on SEO, so that you can get free traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other dominant search engines. You are so confident that you will get the best rankings in all the search engines you target such that you have invested in the best website ranking checker and keywords ranking checker online. You take your keyword research tool, find a few words that have a high search volume, and you proceed to write content!

However, after several months of waiting, your site keyword ranking checker shows that you are not anywhere near the first page of google search results.

Since you have been told that SEO is a waiting game, you practice patience and wait. Six months pass, then a year, a year and a half…and your website ranking checker still shows you are not among the top in Google rankings. This is when you decide to ask yourself a host of questions: what is wrong with my SEO strategy?… Read the rest