As a webmaster, blogger, small business owner, large enterprise, or website owner, when was the last time you thought about Bing rankings? Have you ever imagined that you could get success on this search engine, and do you have a Bing rank tracker tools in your digital toolbox? I can guess your answer – No!

As an SEO expert, I know why most, if not all, website owners don’t care about checking Bing rankings on Bing rank tracking software. Look, Google is the dominant search engine, and it controls over 65% of the search engine market share. On the other hand, Bing controls less than 20%, which is far less than Google. Therefore, most people find it a waste of time focusing on the latter, while the former can yield better results and lead to the quick attainment of SEO goals.

Well, I will not dispute the fact that Google is the giant in the field of SEO, but then, what you should keep in mind without caring much about the search engine market share is that Bing is the second most popular search engine, which means that ranking on Bing matter!

Look at these statistics: Yahoo and Bing record approximately 149 million unique searches monthly, and over 5.2 billion searches every month. With such high numbers, isn’t it wise for you to invest in a Bing rank tracker software as soon as now?

Some years ago, I also used to hold the thoughts that Bing could not help me achieve my online business goals in any way, bearing in mind that most people have never even heard of it, leave alone using it. However, after researching on how this search engine has fared with the following demographics, I had no option but to invest in getting Bing rankings, not to mention that I acquired the best Bing rank tracking tools from one of the best SEO service providers – Serpbook;

  • Age group of those with more than 35 years
  • Graduate school and college students
  • Families with children
  • More women than men
  • Families with an income of over $75,000

Well, bearing in mind that the products and services I was offering at the time were targeted to users with characteristics similar to the ones above, I realized that I could miss a lot if I continued to ignore this search engine.

Regardless of the industry you are in, you should never ignore the potential of Bing. 20% of the search engine market share is not as little as you would think. It represents millions of people from different parts of the world, and most of them could be a big portion of your target populace. For this reason, endeavor to get better Rankings on your Bing rank tracker software, and this will complement your Google SEO strategy, meaning that you will realize your business goals sooner or later.

With the above explanation, you are probably convinced you need Bing rankings now more than ever. Apart from buying a Bing rank tracker software and other Bing ranking tools, there a few tips you need to put in mind as outlined below.

  1. Content is king
Bing Rank Tracker

Figure 2: Benefits of quality content. (Source:

Just like in any other SEO strategy, your content needs to provide value for the search engine users. Before you write content that will show admirable results on Bing rank tracking tools, keep in mind that Bing rankings process is highly automated and has a more complicated algorithm than Google. This is the reason why your website might be ranked on the first page of the search results, but ranked poorly on Bing. Therefore, focusing on providing information that this search engine will find valuable is something that should be scribbled at the top of your priority list.

To get good rankings on Bing, the content you write should be;

Top-quality- keep in mind that Bing is relatively new and it is still in the process of indexing the web. To record commendable analytic reports on the Bing rank tracker software, update your current site content, and keep updating it with new content. Bing is also trying hard to extend its market share; hence it loves reading original and fresh content. This means that you will not get good Bing rankings if you keep copying text from other sites. Consistency in content production id what will make this search engine to index your pages, and you will ultimately record excellent results on Bing rank tracking tools, not forgetting that you will get a return on investment in no time.

Lengthy– if you want to get better rankings on Bing, you have to commit yourself to write informative and relevant information – not only on your homepage but in all pages in your site. This will make it have more weight in Bing, and remain ahead of your competition. The length of your content matters more in Bing than it does in google. For Bing rank tracker software to give better ranking results, you should endeavor to write lengthier content. However, remember to write for your target audience, and not for the search engine.

Optimized- for Bing rank tracking tools to give results, your content must be optimized. To become a Bing master and gain a competitive edge in your niche, do not try to target more than two keywords in your content. Also, make sure all the keywords you use appear naturally in the text, since this search engine reads every keyword to find out its relevance to the content, and makes use of language filters to determine the value of the content to the user.

To make sure your ranking reports on the Bing rank tracker software show high Bing rankings, make use of H1 tags in your content and insert descriptions in navigation links.

  1. Find quality links for your site.

 Bing rank tracker

Getting better Bing rankings on a Bing rank tracker can be a vicious cycle for you if you are used to getting hundreds of useless links from all over the internet and using them in your site. Similarly, it will not be easy for you if you get incoming links from less-authoritative sites. Simply put, Bing is a search engine that value both outgoing and inbound links. Therefore, if your site is linking to high-authority sites, this search engine will trust it more, and it will enjoy high-rankings which will later result into increased organic and referral traffic, leads, conversions, sales, and ultimately profits that will speed up the attainment of your business goals.

For better Bing rankings metrics on Bing rank tracking tools, look for high-quality links for your site. This will go a long way in helping your gain trust from the search engine and from your target audience to a larger extent.

  1. Ensure you get more social signals for your website

 Bing rank tracker

If your content gets a high number of social media endorsements, Bing will doubtlessly reward it with high rankings.  Therefore, do not stop promoting your content on social media, because the outcome of your efforts will directly affect your rankings on this second most popular search engine.

Unlike other search engines, even a few shares and likes can make a huge difference in your Bing rank tracker. The trick is never to get tired of promoting content on all your social media platforms and tailor your social media posts in a way that they will appeal to your target audience to engage with it.

  1. For local SEO, focus on proximity elements

Bing is a very funny search engine. Apart from valuing the reputation of a brand when showing local results, it will instead focus more on the proximity elements. Therefore, ensure that you have the directions and the location of your business in sight.

For Bing to index and locate your site correctly, you can use local listings such as Yelp to add as much information as you can.

Also, being present in Bing Places is one of the best ways to boost your local SEO on Bing and get better results on Bing rank tracker.

  1. Work on your brand’s reputation

 Bing rank tracker

If you search any term on Bing right now, you will notice that only reputable brands feature at the helm of the search result. This is not a coincidence – it is true that this search engine loves brands with a good track record; hence you should do everything in your capacity to grow yours.

How do you do this?

Your goal is to get high rankings metrics on Bing rank tracker and stay ahead of your rivals in your market niche, right?

If so, then follow this tips that will make you a reputable authority to admire in Bing;

Give excellent customer service– one of the biggest mistake you can make in your website is fail to engage with your clients. Apart from trying as hard as you can to reply to every comment made by a reader about your content, ensure you respond to email inquiries and support tickets. This will give your target audience the impression that you care about their needs, and this will go along mile in building trust, which will eventually boost your reputation.

Sell or give value to your clients– if you are running an e-commerce store, for example, don’t promise your clients the best and deliver counterfeit products because this will only hurt your business. Regardless of the type of content, you are offering, make sure that will provide utmost value to your clients, not fill-in content that has no meaning. This is a super-trick that will give you the results you have been yearning for in your Bing rank tracker.

Encourage clients or readers to leave reviews, testimonials, and ratings- do you need a simple trick that will make Bing know that what you write works to its users, and help you gain excellent metrics on Bing rank tracking tools? Ask for reviews, ratings, and testimonials. This is what gives your site reputation, and Bing loves it!

The Bottom Line

Google is the dominant search engine, and most website owners tend to reline their SEO strategy towards it. They forget that there is another search engine that controls more than a quarter of the search engine market share – Bing.

Remember, your target population could be in this search engine based on the demographics I provided earlier in the post. Even if you believe most of them are not, don’t ignore Bing ranking tracking. Being the second most popular search engine after Google, it means that its future is bright, and it might sooner or later give google a run for its money. Therefore, if you have started on it, endeavor to get better metrics on your Bing rank tracker every month, and if you haven’t, it is time you adopted an excellent Bing SEO strategy using the above tips as a guide.










Last modified: January 21, 2019



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