As a website owner, the concern is always about pleasing the target audience while retaining a top position on Google’s search results. It is why most website owners are still eager to check Google position using the best rank monitor to measure their performance. In the processes of making a website suited for users, the demand for high-quality content keeps increasing. As people are shifting more toward clarity as regards understanding what they want, the nature of the material they are interested in keeps changing.

Ideally, this means that along with your efforts to check Google position tool, you must be vigilant in generating top-notch content. For a while now, that has involved coming up with pieces that are more than 500 words. In a sense, long-form content has become the talk of the day among website owners. Here are several tips to become a long-form content creator regarding proper SEO practice:

Always start with keyword research

Before you can start jotting down some of your original ideas for your next article, begin with keyword research. Remember that keywords are obtained from the searches of users on search engines. Therefore, this is the time you need to focus on understanding the primary concerns of your target audience.

The good news is that you do not have to stress about how to get it done because there are tons of tools made specifically for that job. Like you would invest time on a website Google position checker tool, consider other SEO keyword tools like the Google keyword planner. Notice how much having the right keywords for your content impacts your performance when you check Google position tool.

Use long-tail keywords

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Figure 2 long-tail keywords suggestions

Now that the keyword research has commenced do not just be random about the terms you determine to use. For one, the keywords must be strategic to push your main agenda as a brand. Also, you must be tactical to choose long-tail words as your focus keywords. Ideally, long-tail keywords are long words put in one phrase to be super specific about the course of action.

The best thing about long-tail keywords is based on their specificity. Because they are very descriptive, they have lower competition as compared to short-tail keywords. More so, not many webmasters use long-tail keywords to target a specific audience. Targeting long-tail words is a lot convenient when generating long-form content because you become specific about the approach you are taking. This attains high satisfaction for the target audience. With specific keywords as these, it won’t take long for your website Google position checker tool to give you positive results. If you still have it rough finding long-tail keywords, consider the Google’s related searches for your keyword, usually at the bottom for Google search.

Make good use of H1 tags

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Figure 3 H1 tags

As a website owner practising SEO, you must have heard a lot about the importance of H1 tags in optimizing your content for the first page of search engine results. As regards to long-form content, H1 tags are even more critical. Ideally, the number of words you are targeting to reach at for your material is between 1000 – 2000 words. In fact, some webmasters go to lengths of 4000 words, and still, there is a steady audience for their work. That said, if you are looking to use too many words on your word, it is important to segment your work into readable segments.

Instead of having one block of many words for your readers, using H1 tags allows you to subdivide your work, giving you more perspective and different approaches from which to tackle the topic from, without repeating yourself too much. Your goal is not only to improve your results when you check Google position tool but also to keep your visitors long enough that they read through your entire text. Ensure you include your primary keywords in your H1 tags. However, be cautious that there is continuity of ideas and natural flow, even as you include H1 tags.

Use images

It is pretty much common knowledge that pictures are a huge part of successful SEO practice. Not only are they useful in capturing the attention of an audience, but in driving lots of traffic to a site. The excitements that images bring to the audience is the main reason they are essential in the whole optimization process. That beside the point, when you are working with so many words in one article, you want to do as much as possible to keep your audience excited throughout your copy. This means locking out any room for boredom, which is so apparent with long-form content.

Images are great ways to segment your work while keeping your audience focused on the main idea of the article. The photos you use must, therefore, be consistent with the general idea you are trying to communicate with your copy. They should either complement the article, or contrast, both of which keep the audience more glued to your work.

However, if you are geared toward realizing amazing results from your website Google position checker tool, you must maintain a particular standard in the photos you share, and that regards quality. Since you do not want to compromise the load time of your web page, make sure you minimize the sizes of your images, but careful enough not to mess up the pixels, and ultimately the quality of the pictures.

Make a list

Lists are still another great way to spice up your long-form content without looking too cheesy. The idea is to provide people with more to consume other than the prose work that can be tedious to go through. In that case, making a list is a different way of organizing your material in an order that draws more attention to that part. This gives the impression that the visitors are not still reading through a long-form content, even though it is still the case.

Further, you are at an advantage with a list in your work because you stand a higher chance of showing up in a featured snippet for your targeted keywords. Featured snippets are all the craze this season. It is the way Google presents specific information regarding the typed-in search, as a way to provide quick and relevant results for the user. For make it to the featured snippet for your targeted keywords, a list is the simplest way there. At this, it is not far-fetched to hope for impressive results when your check Google position tool.

Include other multimedia

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Figure 4 Video engagement rate

The good news about long-form content is that you can experiment with so many things and still be relevant in your endeavours. After using images substantively in your work, consider other multimedia that will bring life to your work. That includes GIFs, videos, screenshots, infographics, to name a few. The ideas to ensure that when you check Google position using a good keyword position checker in Google, more than just the words rank for your search. Ensure that some of your multimedia also make it to your SERP when your site is indexed.

The important thing about multimedia is that they will increase the amount of time that your visitors spend on your site, and boost your esteem when your check Google position. With this, Google gets the impression that your platform has excellent user experience, and that is a bonus for your ranking factor as would reflect on the website Google position checker tool.

Include inbound links

Internal linking is about referring to some links from one web age to another, but on the same website. It allows you to build a network of links that keep your audience verily informed about all your works. The beauty of using inbound links is that they will enable you to share a lot more information within one copy, without being too wordy about it. They direct both search engines and visitors to other pages of your site, which gives you more leverage when you check Google position for matters of ranking.

Further, for your brand, you are better placed at promoting some of your services as your audience explore further reading options. In a way, inbound links also help in segmenting your ideas, particularly when the links interject in major points, pointing people to a deeper level of understanding on the subject matter.

Add outbound links

Like inbound links, outbound links also allow a network of links on your site. It is about adding links on your website that link out to other platforms. Much as it seems like an endorsement to other brands and as though it does not have a positive impact when your check Google position, it has a couple of advantages to it. For one, it allows your audience to access more content as regards the topic matter. Once the audience is aware that you are looking out for their interests, which in this case is gathering more information about the topic matter, they accord more trust in your brand. This works great for the results on Google position checker tool.

Additionally, the outbound links are a great way to spice up your long-form content with in-depth knowledge from other website owners. This will ultimately make your site a rich library for information in your industry, and be evident when you check Google position.

Be keen on your typography

Long-form content is obviously tedious, especially if you are talking about 2000 or more words. People need to take ample time to read through your material. This, therefore, means that they cannot strain for whatever reason. Typically, the typography of your work has a lot to do with how comfortable your visitors are as they go through your content. The font you choose must be clear enough that a reader does not have to come too close to the screen to read it. This means that the font size, colour and font type matter.

As rule of thumb for editing, san serif type fonts are a lot more comfortable to read through on softcopy than serif. Therefore, if you determine a type font for your website during the design process, ensure that it is very comfortable for your readers. While at it, make sure you choose colours that contrast well with your website background and still blends in with your brand’s identity. Once you have attained this, you can comfortably check Google position.

Keep your content in check

Content is everything when it comes to tips necessary for long-form content. The kind of material you come up with must align to the current trends in your industry. Not only that, but the article must be entertaining, informative, timely, and relevant to your niche topic and industry if you intend to keep your visitors long enough on your site, before your check Google position, ensure your content is on point as regards quality.

With the aid of multimedia on your platform, it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with content that can excite and inform your audience at the same time. There are different strategies to make your long-form copy worthwhile, among them, using humour, open-ended and rhetoric questions, using quotes, among others. The idea is to keep your audience in suspense by giving little by little to keep them working through the work. With time, you will notice an improvement when you check Google position next.

Last modified: January 31, 2019



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