Below are some actionable tips that will give you the results you need when you check keywords ranking google.

  1. Use catchy titles

The wording of your heading determines the success of your SEO campaign. People like reading things that they know are interesting. When visitors are searching for information online, they are attracted to websites that contain catchy titles. For instance, if a person is searching for, ‘Ways of improving the SEO performance of websites,’ then they are likely to click a title that says, ’9 insanely actionable SEO tips that can yield results in the Keyword tracker.’

Many websites lose potential traffic because they have dull titles. Individuals hesitate to click such titles because they are attracted to the catchy ones. Therefore, evaluate the headings of your web pages to determine how effectively they can attract visitors to your site. If you find that some titles are dour, then you need to rewrite them into a more exciting form.

  1. Make your content easy to read.

People spend more time on sites that contain easy-to-read content than on those that have blocks of text. Moreover, when users access your site and then go back to search results, they interfere with your ranking. Google typically interprets this to mean that users do not like the results that they may have encountered. Therefore, you may realize a drop in your keyword ranking Google results for specific search queries thanks to high bounce rates.

You can make your content easy to read in several ways. For example, ensure you include short introductions in your posts.

Introductions that are 4 to 9 lines long are ideal in helping you catch the attention of your readers.

Secondly, include a lot of bullet points and lists in your content. Readers tend to process information that is in the form of numbers and lists faster than when they must read big blocks of text.

Third, use concise and actionable sentences. When people visit sites, they are looking for specific information. You can build the credibility of your site by providing precise and accurate information as opposed to wasting your visitors’ time. Utilising this strategy adequately can improve your performance if you check keywords ranking Google performance.

  1. Use appropriate keywords

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Google rank tracker tools determine your performance by using keywords. Relevant keywords are the ones that few webmasters use but carry a great potential. If you use any standard keyword research tool, you will get some returns that webmasters utilise less. Such results are amazing because you can use them to change your SEO performance.

The best way is to choose some long-tail keyword phrases and incorporate them into your text cleverly. Using such phrases builds your SEO performance because nowadays, some individuals utilize voice search.

Voice search functionality on search engines and devices enables people to use conversational phrases and sentences to conduct basic online searches. underutilised terms and phrases can be a significant advantage for you if you match your website content to them. Therefore, utilise the voice search trend to boost your performance based on a check keywords ranking google process.

  1. Study your industry


Your favourite Google rank tracker tool may not provide much information about your industry. However, understanding your industry can help to boost your SEO performance in many ways. You can check keywords ranking google performance. For example, when you understand what is happening in your niche, you can easily make valuable contributions as a guest blogger in well-established sites.

Alternatively, you can mention some of the leading blogs and websites in your industry if you understand them correctly. Using this strategy can enhance your reputation in the industry because experts and influencers may mention you in their content.

For example, if you run a website for a firm that provides resume writing services online, then you can study the industry and start running a blog about the topic. You may also exchange links with sites that help professionals to land careers and those that coach individuals in workplace-related issues. Such sites may mention you in their content, thus improving reputation in the industry as an authority in writing resumes and cover letters for professionals.

Additionally, individuals who see your post and think that it is helpful may decide to share the pass on their social media networks. You may get additional mentions and recommendations from satisfied users and others who may be interested in your content. All these may translate into increased organic traffic if you check keywords ranking Google results. Moreover, using this approach will increase recommendations and sales as many people learn about your website and services.

  1. Optimise content for the Google algorithm

You need to check keywords ranking google trends to understand your results better. Thanks to the Hummingbird update, the Google search update nowadays tires to understand the topic of web pages as opposed to simply trying to detect the use of keywords. As such, if you try the old and tired tactic of simply stuffing keywords in your content, Google will detect this and downrank your site.

So, how can you optimize your content of the Google Hummingbird update? It is simple, for every keyword that you use in the content, conduct a brief search on Google. At the bottom of the search results page, you will get a series of terms that are related to what you would have used.

Google calls them, ‘people also search for.’ These results are significant if you would like to optimize your content for this new update. You can incorporate some of them in your content to minimize the number of times that you use your primary keywords.

Using such alternatives helps the Google algorithm to learn additional information about your site within the shortest time possible. Moreover, when you use such words in your content, you make it more appealing than the way it was at first because of the way your readers interact with it when they visit your site. If you use this strategy and repeatedly check keywords ranking Google outcomes, you will see a difference.

  1. Add high-quality content to your images and infographics

Infographics can help you communicate a lot of information to your readers. On the one hand, they help to break the boredom that some readers experience when they must read textual content for long. Similarly, you can use such infographics to enhance the appearance of your site because they also break the monotony of large chunks of text.

On the other hand, if you use a lot of infographics on your site, you may not necessarily improve your SEO performance because Google does not read and understand them. The algorithm fails to understand what is contained in images and infographics. This means that for you to benefit from using infographics on your site, you must include a lot of text.

Typically, Google can effectively read and understand the text that you publish as your content. Therefore, remember to include a lot of high-quality content on your infographics to enable Google to read and interpret the content and reward you with higher rankings than before. Remember to repeatedly check keywords ranking google performance to evaluate the impact of the change.

  1. Optimize little-known keywords

As mentioned before, you can do a lot to improve your Google rank tracker tool by focusing on the use of keywords. Every Google rank tracker tool evaluates how your keyword use is effective. Sadly, many people fail to use their keywords to boost the performance of their sites as indicated on any standard Google rank tracker tool.

There are many keywords that your site ranks for, but you do not even know that they exist. Interestingly, you can dramatically improve your SEO performance by identifying such keywords and using them properly. It is essential to use this strategy because often, you will realize that you are ranking very highly for some keywords all by accident.

This means that if you can concentrate on the keywords and use them properly, then your SEO performance can improve tremendously.

Another way of explaining this is considering how you can use your underutilized resources or strengths. You may realise that by accident, you are good at doing something, or that many people say so. Therefore, it makes sense to concentrate on your underutilised potential and build it.

It is easy to identify such keywords and optimise them properly to improve your SEO performance. First, you need to visit the Google Search Console results page.

Once you are on your best page, examine all the keywords that you rank for. These are the keywords that boost your performance, according to how the audience finds and use them. Now, identify a few keywords that you have not been keen on, yet you realize that they have been boosting your SEO performance. Treat them more carefully than before and incorporate them in your content in the right manner. If you use this strategy appropriately and check keywords ranking google trends, you will see tremendous changes in your SEO performance within a short time.

  1. Take advantage of shoulder niches

Shoulder niches are fields that are closely related to yours. Some webmasters find it difficult to create content in their niches because the fields are simply dull. Take our example of writing a CV. The average buyer of your services may not be interested in reading articles about the best way of writing CVs and related issues. This is so because the person is only interested in the final product and not the process.

Moreover, the chances are that your average user finds the process of writing a professional resume very dull and that is why they would like someone else to do it for them.

However, if you start to write about job hunting skills, then the average user may find the topic interesting and useful. Moreover, your average client who requires resume writing services is likely to be a graduate who is looking for their first position or a young professional who is interested in getting a better job position than their current one.

You can capture and maintain the attention of all these different groups of individuals by blogging about job hunting skills. Within your content, share links to your site. For example, you can mention how vital having a professionally-done CV is within your content about job hunting skills and processes. If you check keywords ranking Google changes after this after applying this approach, you will see a difference.

  1. Define complex terms in your content

When people look for complex terms and content, they are searching for the definition first. For instance, try searching for simple words like, ‘Analysis Paralysis.’ What do you see? You have most likely found pages that contain content like, ‘What is analysis paralysis…’ right at the top of your search results.

What does this tell you? It clearly shows that you should include definitions of terms in your content. Moreover, it shows that rank tracker tools may not show you such in-depth information about how people search for content. The good news is that you can change things and build your Google rank tracker performance within a short time.

You can easily figure out the items that you need to define and the number of times you need to include the sentence that starts with the phrase, ‘What is…’

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In summary, you can improve your SEO performance, and check keywords ranking Google changes to monitor effects, by following any of the highly-actionable tips that I have provided in this post. The good news is that you do not have to be an expert to successfully use these tips. Moreover, most of the tips above require little time to be implemented. Therefore, take advantage of them today and start improving the SEO performance of your site.



Last modified: January 21, 2019



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