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Figure 1: Source-

If you know anything about SEO, then it is not news to you that it can get so overwhelming. For the most part, Google keeps changing its algorithm from time to time, which demands that an SEO practitioner is on his/her toes to grasp the latest from the world of SEO. At one time, you may be busy to check search engine rankings online, then shortly discover that your performance is not as great because Google just performed an update that does not favor all your SEO efforts.

Fortunately, it is nothing to give up on, given there are several successful brands that have thrived because of SEO. There were many ways to optimize your website, how is it that you optimize your blog posts for SEO? To get your blog to the much-coveted first page of search engines, here are a couple of ways to go about your blogging endeavors:

Feature engaging visuals

If you are very much interested in getting better results when you monitor search engine rank or check search engine rankings, then it is time to start doing more visually. Most people in the world are visual beings in their learning beings. It is, in fact, cited that because of too much reliance on technology, that our attention spans are plummeting each day. That said, you have to be on top of your game in your visual representation of information, so much that your target audience gets more than enough information to consume.

Since it is already established by SEO experts that images are very compelling – even more than copy – take it upon yourself to diversify your use of images. Let them range from infographics to memes. Experiment with different visual content to keep things fresh and exciting. However, be careful to attribute your image sources, that is, for when you have not taken the pictures yourself, or designed the artwork originally.

Optimize your images

Figure 2 Image correlation with high rankings

It is one thing to throw in a bunch of pictures on your blog, but that does not always translate to higher rankings. If your search engine ranking report software gives you any different results, then be intentional with making the best out of your visual elements. Optimizing an image pretty much works like optimizing copy. The secret is in making them ready for your target audience, as well as for search engines.

The Alt Title and description of your images are not just blanks, but opportunities for you to use up your keywords for better results when you check search engine rankings. Add your primary keywords to the description as a way to provide more information on what the media is about. Even though the Alt title doesn’t feel as impactful in your searches, it plays a major informative role on HTML view, making it a lot easier for Google bots to crawl the media and rank your blog appropriately. Also, keep your images in the appropriate sizes, in that they are not too big or too small to mess with their pixel. Remember that when your media are too large, then your blog site will take a lot longer to open, which negates the whole point of optimizing your website.

Publish excellent quality content

Regardless of which era it is, there will never be a substitute for unique quality content. Your entire reason for existing online as a blogger is to provide material that people can consume, and not only that but enjoy. Before you check search engine rankings online, ask yourself, have I been posting excellent quality for my readers? The trick about high-quality content is not only in the art of writing. You have to check in with your audience regularly. Build up momentum with your audience to let them know when to expect a post from you. From this, you encourage them to be consistent visitors on your site.

Engage in content marketing only when you are sure of the professionalism you have gained is generating superb copies, keeping them consistent as regards frequency, and most importantly, keeping them fresh, current, informative, entertaining and engaging. At this point, there is no shame in using a search engine ranking report software to check search engine rankings, because you can already anticipate great results.

Get your keywords right

The only way to survive in a very competitive environment as the internet is by ensuring you have a way to get through to your target audience. Some so many bloggers have amazing material to share with their audiences, and if you are not careful, all your audience will be snatched by them, one after the other. Getting the right keywords is about letting search engines know which kind of audience to send your way. It provides a common ground for you and your audience to have a conversation.

Before you monitor search engine rank, deliberate on getting a keyword tool like Google Keyword tool, such a tool would help you in coming up with the ideal terms you can use. However, that is not all you need to do. Customize the terms you find into long-tail keywords, and even incorporate your personal touch on them. This way, you eliminate too much competition on the keywords you choose, and also, you narrow down on the type of audience you demand your site.

Optimize your Metadata

Metadata came to rescue most website owners from themselves, but unfortunately, most of them are yet to learn their essence. They provide perspective for your platform, but more so, are the gateway to which your target audience will find a way to your site.

Consider the meta description as one of the most important areas to include your primary keywords. Ensure you keep the meta description brief and specific to the task at hand, which explains why it would be necessary to include a call-to-action while at it. Further, optimize your H1 tags and title tags to add your keywords as well, so much that your work is a segmentation of all you are trying to communicate with your audience. With optimized metadata, you will find that your results when your check search engine rankings online are always uplifting.

Spice up your headline

Figure 3 H1 tags screenshot

You do want your target audience to be glued on your blog, right? The best way to get the attention of people, even those disinterested in such material as yours, is to keep your headlines as catchy as possible. Just from that, when you check search engine rankings, you will notice an improvement. The idea is to tap into the emotions of your readers, enough to prick their curiosity and leave them thirsty for more.

Remember that your articles will be shared all over social media platforms, moving from one person to the other. If you want your audience to feel comfortable in sharing your post with their friends, then the headlines have to be juicy. Focus on popular keywords that have a high rating in your industry. Following that, keep your headlines grounded to what your audience like. You can use humor, rhetoric questions, suggestive phrases, facts, but most importantly, uphold the element of suspense. The advantage with catch headlines is that they get you more click-through rates, and if you have excellent content to back them up, then you are already winning in SEO.

Beef up your word count

Figure 4 word count stats

Isn’t it amazing that the word count of your articles has a role in the kind of results you determine when you check search engine rankings? Well, according to what SEO experts have gathered over time, by a significant margin, long-form content outperforms short-form content. Ideally, is your posts are 500 words, and below, you have a problem on your hands. Therefore, the more words you have on a blog article, the higher you rank on search engines, evident when you check search engine rankings. This is because you provide a lot more information for search engines and users to work with on your platform.

For the audience, the more content there is, the more time they get to spend on your site. What Google and other search engines get from this is that your site has a good user experience, which is why your visitors spend a lot of time on it. On the other hand, more words provide the crawling bots with more information to index your site for, which is how you are most likely to appear on top of SERP.

Mention Relevant Influencers

You cannot scale to the top all on your own. Sometimes, the best way around getting to the first page of search engines is through using people’s fame to increase your visibility. Ideally, different sites do much better than you, not to mention, relevant influencers in your field. Instead of analyzing a whole topic on your own, bring in different perspectives from authoritative people.

When people can find traces of relevant and popular influencer names on your blog, then they are more inclined to visit your page. You will notice the impact of these techniques when you monitor search engine rank. This is even the best way to generate the perfect blogging karma. It becomes a lot easier for you to get recognition, but more so, to build up backlinks.


Speaking of backlinks, link building has a very special place in matters of SEO. The SEO experts who monitor search engine rank have realized that sites with a strong link structure have top rankings. It is not because their material is better than most, but that they have mastered the art of building a network of links that attribute to great reading material for the audience.

Gather links from credible sources, even from fellow bloggers in your industry. The idea is to push like material that can benefit the audience while building your credibility by acknowledging other people in your industry. Ideally, much as the links you incorporate matter, the most significant factor is the incoming links. They say more about you than you could about yourself, and when Google is out indexing site, it will discover many of your articles through other sites, which builds your brand even more. Next time you monitor search engine rank, you will not be as disappointed.

Link to your articles

It is one thing to have a link structure that points out to other sites, but it is a whole new idea to link to yourself. Internal linking allows you to refresh the minds of your audience of the existence of other of your blog articles. It also gives search engines more pages to crawl for information they can use to index and rank your platform. If you haven’t been doing this, then you have been missing out a great deal. No wonder whenever you think to check search engine rankings on the search engine ranking report software you get overwhelmed! Take time to love and appreciate all you have been able to achieve, and link to it.

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