As you check Serp ranking for your website, I would like us to talk about something that has been a source of pain for many for a long time – SEO tricks.

When starting off an SEO campaign, what most people do is that they will turn to various websites and blogs for SEO tricks that will help record great results when they check Serps ranking in the Google rank tracker.

Since I take full responsibility in my actions, I admit that I provide tips and tricks on this blog, like the blog post I recently published on the tricks to get better results on the Bing rank tracker. However, the problem with most digital marketers is that they take tricks as an easy way to get at the helm of Google results, an assertion that is far from the truth.

Look – I recently lost 20 pounds in less than a month, and my friends came running to me, complimenting me for my new looks. But what astonished me was the fact that most of them were streaming to my house, not to visit or complement, but to ask and investigate whether I had some weight loss tricks hidden somewhere, or whether I was using some illegal pills to achieve my body goals. But losing weight lies in exercising and eating well. Yes, there is no shortcut about it, and that’s what I tell people every day!

The same case applies to SEO. If you want to draw analytic reports that show you are on the top when you check Serps ranking with your Google rank tracker, don’t perceive the tricks you find on reputable blogs such as this one to be an easy way to success.

SEO is not magic

For a fact, most people hate results that come slow. You probably want to see the best results when you check Serps ranking a week after you launch your website. This is our nature. We want to achieve greater heights without putting a lot of work into our SEO strategy. We want to see ourselves at the helm of Google search results without sweating or spending a lot of time and resources. This is why more often than not, you will find yourself typing things like “10 tricks to record swift success when I Check Serps ranking” in the Google search box.

When you finally get the tricks in some weird blogs, you will implement them as soon as you can. Unfortunately, you will still notice that you are not in the neither in the first nor in the 10th page of Google search results when you check Serp ranking in the Google rank tracker months after your site goes live. This is when you learn that SEO is not magic. After consulting experts and reading information from credible and authoritative blogs, you learn that SEO is not magic!

A few years ago, I didn’t believe that SEO was difficult. I knew tricks that could help me win no matter what. One of the things I did was to fill my content with links, and engage in page rank sculpting. The good news is, these funny methods worked! When I check Serp ranking on the Google rank tracker, all I did was smile because I was way ahead of my rivals. But the bad news is, the results didn’t last. Within a few days, I was not anywhere near the 5th page of search results. In about two months, Google detected my site as spam, and it was de-indexed. What a loss! I mourned all day. But I learnt it the hard way – SEO is not a stroll in the park!

Focus on long-term gains not short-term success

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If you check Serps ranking on your Google rank tracker and you find that you are among the #top5 sites in Google, revisit your strategy and check whether you used some funny tricks to get there. If you did, rest assured that you will fall with a thud in no time. If you invested time, money, energy and used legit ways to feature at the top, recording excellent results when you check Serp ranking will come slowly, but when you do, you will maintain the status quo for a long time.

The problem with shortcuts is that when they work, it becomes incredibly difficult for people to leave them until a disaster strikes. I have friends and clients who have relied on black hat SEO strategies for a long time, and they got addicted to them until the sites they had worked hard to set up.

When you check Serp ranking and notice that your competitors have outranked you in various search engines because they are using thousands of spammy links in their content, don’t follow suit. Rather, do what is considered legal by the Google algorithm, and with a blend of patience and hard work, you will doubtlessly get ahead of them when Google discovers their mischievous deeds and punish their sites.

“But then, a high level of morality will not lead to business success. Besides, tricks have worked for many people, and they might work for my site.”
Well, I get your point! However, why focus on short-term gains? You know SEO is a continuous process, right? Why don’t you adopt techniques that will take time to manifest success when you check Serp ranking, other than those that will place food on the table for a few days before leading to regrettable and expensive consequences?

Use tricks, but algorithmic updates will come for your site!

The main problem with using some SEO tricks you find on the internet is that they are geared towards getting your site at the helm of Google search results even if it doesn’t deserve a top spot.

Since all you need is to record massive traffic and high rankings when you check Serps ranking on the Google rank tracker, you keep doing what works for you, even if it doesn’t follow the laid out SEO guidelines or give your target a good customer experience.

Then all of a sudden, your fishy ways of getting SEO success gets noticed by Google and other dominant search engines. Before you can devise your next move, an algorithmic update takes place, and the smile you put on your face when you check Serps ranking on the Google rank tracker turns into tears when you see that the traffic and high rankings you enjoyed have been completely wiped out in minutes.

My goal is not to scare you, but if you over-rely on SEO tricks and you don’t build a concrete SEO foundation from the outset, you will be forced to spend a lot of time and money solving issues that arise when Google updates its algorithm and discovers all your tricks, and this might give you disheartening analytic reports when you check Serp ranking.

Fact: SEO is a daunting task!

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The reason why most people will decide to stick to SEO tricks that bring fast results is because SEO is one of the most difficult tasks. Yes, as I said earlier, you will not get long-term results when you check Serp position in the Serp rank checker if you are not ready to toil.

Look – it is more difficult to regularly writing quality content for your blog, fix speed issues with your site, optimise for mobile, position keywords naturally in the content, build relationships to get high-authority links, and repair crummy code than it is to simply spin articles and use hundreds of links in it. Either way, both of them will give great results when you check Serp position, but the former will yield sweet fruits for longer. The latter might cost you your site in the long run!

But why get frequent algorithmic beatings from Google while you can outrank your competitors using legit SEO techniques and get great ranking reports when you check Serp position?

SEO is hard. But if you get used to working, you will find out that legit methods are easier and more result-oriented when you check Serp ranking than the tricks you are enticed to use.

Legit SEO tactics that will make you win

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Well, after reading the information above, you have noted that you have been using some dodgy ways to get to the top of Google search results. They have been working wonders for you and you can prove that when you check Serp position, but now you know that Google will soon find out, and you might be kicked out of business.

To save you from such a situation that has happened to me in the past, below are some legit tactics that will help you win:

  1. Do thorough keyword research

Keyword research is without doubt one of the most important elements of any SEO campaign. First and foremost, look for a keyword research tool that will help you with this ordeal. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, I recommend that you use Serpbook which is not only astoundingly affordable, but it also features a user interface that is very easy to use. Additionally, this tool will present you with the trendiest keywords and their alternative terms that your competitors might not know. This tool also has a feature that can help you check Serp ranking.

When you find the words and phrases that your clients use to find information or products similar to yours, and centre your content on them. However, make sure they appear naturally, or else readers will perceive that the content was written by a robot and you will suffer high bounce rates that might affect the results you get when you check Serp ranking.

  1. Fix all issues in your site

To ensure you are getting the best results when you check Serp position of your site, fix any issue that might affect the functionality of your site. Whether it’s a crawl problem, mobile compatibility, or any other problem affecting the speed of your site, fix it before you launch your website. This will go a long way in giving your clients a fantastic customer experience, and in return, you will record high traffic when you check Serp ranking.

  1. Create valuable content

Content is king. If you want your site to remain relevant for a long time, write compelling content that will provide value to your readers and encourage them to share it. Also, do through research and provide quality long-form content and break it down into headings, a move that will lure Google to rank it high.

  1. Build relationships
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Another legit way to ensure you get the results you desire in the SEO rank checker is to build relationships with other website owners, webmasters, and bloggers so that you can get quality links for your site. Sometimes, you will be forced to pay for the links, but ultimately, the success you will record when you check Serp ranking will be worth every dime.


  1. Give your target audience an excellent user experience

Your target audience should be the most important element in your SEO campaign. Make sure you provide them with the information they needs, and enhance the speed of your site so that they can find it without any hitch. Also, be aware of the fact that most of your readers will access your site through mobile devices; hence you should optimize your site for all devices. Finally, learn new trends that can improve user experience such as optimizing your site for voice search, and at the end of the day, you will have yourself to thank when you record high rankings as you check Serp position.

Just like weight loss, getting superb SEO results on when you check Serp ranking will not manifest as fast as you expect. This should not bait you into using SEO tricks. No. work hard, and you will get long term results at the end of the day. As your competitors get punished for using short cuts to gain a top spot in Google, they will take months fixing issues as you enjoy high rankings and booming business. Be wise!






Last modified: November 13, 2018



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