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When you check serps, I am certain that the first search engine you look at is Google.

This is a search engine that accounts for about 90% of the market share. This means that 90% of your target audience search for information in Google; thus it is the ultimate search engine that you should target in your SEO strategy.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t target and check Serps for other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, no! Well, you can target as many search engines as you want, but one of your primary goals should be to rank high on Google.

Ranking on this giant search engine is not easy!

check serps

When you search for information online and find the #top10 results in whatever niche, you are tempted to believe that getting the top spot is easy. But trust me, before a website owner records the high rankings on the Serp rank tracker software, there is a lot of work involved. In fact, some very many people lose hope along the way, because they consistently record metrics that show they are not even in the first 100 pages of google search results when they check serps.

The reason why most people give up on google is because of its constant changes to its algorithm. Since it is facing a considerable threat from other search engines such as Bing, Google tends to frequently revisit its ranking factors, in a bid to ensure it provides its users with the quality it deserves. Therefore, you might check Serps on your rank tracking free software today and find out that you are at the helm of the search results, but after a few days, you notice that your rankings have significantly dropped.

But patience and hard work pay in SEO!

Whenever you check serps and notice varying metrics, don’t lose hope! Work extra hard, and ultimately, you will be an authoritative brand that everyone will desire to associate with.

When commencing your SEO journey, you might believe that as long as you follow the basics you have read in blogs and apply a few tips here and there, you will eventually get results that show you are among the #top5 in google when you check serps in the Serp rank tracker software.

We cannot ignore the fact that the tips provided on the internet, including those that I write on this blog, can help you win in SEO. However, to gain a competitive edge in a market where your rivals always wait for the perfect opportunity to throw you out of business, you need tricks that Google will love.

I know you are shedding tears as you check serps because the analytic reports that your Serp rank tracker software is showing are disheartening. Don’t worry! Below are some tricks that will keep your site at the helm of Google search results, and ultimately give you a return on investment. Stop crying and continue reading!

  1. Develop long-form content
check serps

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If you lazy in developing content, rest assured that you will record poor rankings in google when you check serps in your serps rank tracker software.

Research has shown that there is a relationship between high rankings and long-form content (2000+ words).

Well, but if you cannot get to 2000+ words, don’t worry. Research has shown that most websites that appear on the top 10 pages of google search contain content of at least 1100 words.

Therefore, during content development, come up with the topic you want to write about, based on the needs of the reader. Then, do as much research as you can, and tackle the content in all angles. This way, Google will find your content valuable, and this is one of the factors that will contribute to metrics that show your site is among the top in google when you check serps.

In case you are not a great writer, don’t force it. The modern market has provided you with a range of options, the most recommended one is hiring a freelance writer from job boards such as Upwork. However, spinning articles from other websites should not be one of your options.

  1. Optimize your local presence

Local SEO is becoming a trend that is contributing to improved rankings, and this is a bandwagon that should not leave you behind if your desire is to record high rankings whenever you check serps.

There are various resources you can read both online and offline, which will help you a great deal in local SEO. Regardless of the direction, you decide to take, ensure that your site has the following features.

  • A lengthy and unique description that introduces your business to the target market
  • Several categories that give the reader a perception that your business is organized
  • In-depth information about the opening and closing times of your business
  • Images that are relevant to the content to make it appealing
  • Frequent updates on the happenings in your business and any changes that might affect service delivery to the clients
  • A local business address and local phone number that clients can use to reach you.

Super-tip: perhaps one of the most important features that should not luck in your local SEO is visible client reviews. According to tech experts, client reviews is one of the Google ranking factors especially when local SEO is involved. Therefore, if you want the best results when you check for serps, have several client reviews in your site and make them visible.

  1. Optimize for voice search
check serps

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Recent research indicates that Google voice searches have grown tremendously over the past few years. Some reports assert that voice searches in Google have risen by over 35 times since 2008. This tells you one think – there is a high probability that some of your target audience will use voice search to access faster results in google. Therefore, if you have not optimized your site for this unique search method, they will not find it, and you will record poor rankings when you check serps on your Serp rank tracker software.

There are many reasons why internet users use voice search. Some want to access results swiftly, others are unable to type on some devices especially mobile, while others are generally lazy to type.

As you optimize your site for mobile, optimize it for voice search. You will thank yourself later.

For the past few years, Google has been improved to understand ordered items, complex combinations, and superlatives.

The secret towards optimizing for voice search is to provide answers to direct questions. Therefore, instead of using keywords, use a natural language that people use when looking for information using this method of google search.

  1. Pay your way to the top

If you want good things in life, you need to know that most of them come with a price. Therefore, instead of waiting for months before your site can show up on the top when you check serps, why not pay for PPC ads?

But wait…

Does it mean that if I can pay for it, I don’t need to dedicate my time to writing quality content, keyword research, and doing everything else that will make my SEO strategy successful?

In case you are super-excited because this is what has run into your mind after reading the sub-heading ‘pay your way to the top,’ prepare yourself for a rude shock.

There are no shortcuts in Google. Even if you pay to get to the top, quality standards must be adhered to, lest your money will not help get what you want.

To qualify for a PPC ad, your site must contain relevant landing pages and a quality ad copy. If you want your site to get into the product listing ads space (especially if you are running an e-commerce store), your products must have high ratings from clients.

  1. Ensure your site is mobile optimized

check serps

If you have been in the online space for a long time like myself, you can attest to the fact that optimizing a site for mobile was not one of the Google’s ranking factors. But today it is!

As soon as your site is ready, do not release it to the market before testing its mobile usability. If you find that it is slow on this device that is used by millions of people across the world to access the internet, have the issue fixed as soon as possible. If you don’t, rest assured you will record low rankings and traffic every time you check serps on your Serp rank tracker software.

  1. Enhance the speed of your site

If your site takes more than four seconds to load, visitors will leave it and get back to search results, and your rank trackers will record low rankings thanks to high bounce rates.

You can use tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights to test the speed of your site. Act on the recommendations that this tool gives you regarding the speed of your site, and you might record great metrics when you check serps in your Serp rank tracker.

Where possible, use a .com domain

Research has indicated that most sites that appear in the top of Google search results have .com, as their top-level domain. Also, adding keywords in your URL is a great way to ensure great rankings when you check serps in the Serp rank tracker, but using it to promote your product is more important.

  1. Do some internal linking

Internal linking is one of the best ways you can use to direct your readers to related content or product within your website. Doing this will not only enhance the credibility of your site, but it will also go a long mile in increasing traffic for the pages you have linked.

To ensure that the search engine understands the pages you have linked to, and your content reads as natural as possible, use keyword-rich anchor text and link it to the page that you want to direct your readers. This will make sense to them and to the search engine as well.

  1. Use title tags

Make sure that you use unique, appealing, concise, and descriptive title tags that will tell the target audience and the search engine the contents of every single page on your website. You can make use of the HTML Improvements report feature embedded in the Google Webmaster which will inform you whether there are problems with title tags in your site. This feature will also give you recommendations on how to fix issues if any.

  1. Finally…Market your content

You have written content on your blog and website pages, and you have also positioned all your keywords strategically. But you cannot publish content and wait for a miracle to happen. To increase website traffic and get the results you desire when you check serps, do through content marketing.

Market your content by using different social media platforms, answer questions in Q&A forums such as Quora, engage in guest posting, and build high-quality links. Taking a holistic approach to creating super-valuable content and promoting it using different channels will go a long mile in increasing organic traffic in your site, which might result in more leads, conversion, sales, and profits. Ultimately, you will get a return on investment and value for your hard-earned money!









Last modified: January 21, 2019



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