Today, you are advised to invest in a good website ranking checker online tool, or find a dependable website ranking free software so that you can continuously monitor your site. But you keep asking yourself: since I have executed the best SEO campaign on the internet, why then should I spend a lot of my time trying to check website ranking on Google, while I am assured I will get top rankings on Google and other search engines?

Website monitoring is an important exercise that is often overlooked. You will find a business owner who has acquired some of the best website ranking checker online software, but since he has reached a comfort zone and he believes that he is doing well since he is finding his site at the helm when he searches keywords on google, he will ignore this undertaking and concentrate on anything else that matters to his business. This is where most people go wrong.

Remember, having a top position in Google is not permanent. You might enjoy high ranking reports you get form your website ranking free software today, but when you check the same tool tomorrow, you might be surprised to find out that your site is not even in the first page of Google SERPs.

This happens due to many reasons. First, your rivals are not happy that you are ahead of them, and they will not back down simply because you have taken an early lead. No, they will do everything in their capacity to ensure they get you to the bottom, and they wouldn’t mind throwing you out of business. This prompts them to come up with unique strategies, and if they work for them, then Google will love their sites more, and you might be back to the drawing board before you know it.

Secondly, Google keeps updating its algorithm in a bid to offer its users with the best experience and ensure they are getting the value they are looking for. For this reason, there could be a trick that you might have used to record high rankings on your website ranking free software, which will be discovered by this update and your rankings might drop significantly.

What I am trying to say is that it is critical to make your website ranking checker online tool your best friend, and constantly monitor your site. This will help you discover a myriad of problems that pose a potential threat to your rankings and SEO strategy in general, and tackle them before they escalate into a crisis.

I usually check website ranking on Google for all the websites I work on, whether mine or for my clients because I know this exercise comes in handy with many benefits including;

  1. Helps verify the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign

You might have the best SEO campaign in your industry, but you will not gain much from it if you don’t constantly monitor its effectiveness.

If you use your website ranking checker online to check website ranking on Google, you will find out the traffic you have gained in a certain period, determine user behavior, and determine whether or not your strategy is working, or you need to have a fresh a look at it and fix some areas.

Additionally, when you check website ranking on Google, you will be able to identify areas in your site that are adversely affecting user experience, and fix them as soon as possible before they become big issues that might lead to increased bounce rates, which in turn affects your overall rankings.

Frequently using your website ranking checker online tool can help you determine the areas that lead to more leads and conversions and focus on them more for increased business success. You will also see the elements in your strategy that are not yielding much and eliminate them to enhance more user engagement which is a crucial determinant of online success.

Simply put, you will be able to closely monitor the success of your SEO strategy is you regularly check website ranking on Google. Even if you are the busiest person in the world, make this your daily bread. I can sure you that the returns it will tag along with it will be worth every minute you spend glued to your website ranking free software.

  1. Helps you optimize your site’s performance

check website ranking on Google

Your site’s performance is a critical ranking factor used by Google and other search engines to rank sites. If you don’t check website ranking on Google, you will not be able to determine the various issues that are making you record disheartening analytic reports in your website ranking checker online tool. I believe that those people who join the online bandwagon and abandon it along the way are those who are too lazy to use their site ranking tools to check website ranking on Google and discover performance problems that could threaten the credibility of their sites.

When you use the best website ranking free software for your daily rank tracking needs, it will give you helpful insights that can help you enhance the performance of your site, and create an environment where your target market will get the value they want, and delight in an astounding user experience they have not found anywhere else; hence prompting Google to reward you with high rankings.

  1. Helps you know your audience

Did you know that you can better understand your audience if you check website ranking on Google?

When doing this, you will find the audiences’ search patterns, which will help you determine whether your strategy is working for them, or you need to do some adjustments to fulfill their diverse needs.

In your digital marketing plan, your audience should always be at the top of the list. The search engine will just give you the rankings, while the audience is real people who will give your business. Therefore, monitor your site closely, so that you can identify any changes in your audience search behavior, determine if there are more popular keywords that can make your content more discoverable, and uncover the reasons why a high number of your website ranking free software is recording increased bounce rates. This way, you will be able to develop solutions that will make your site a haven that every person interested in your industry will escape to.

  1. Prevent shopping cart abandonment

There are a host of reasons why online shoppers abandon a shopping cart including:

  • A frustrating and sophisticated checkout process
  • High shipping costs, or charges listed late
  • Forced to create an account before checking out
  • Few payment options
  • Discovery of a potential threat to personal details
  • Scanty or no product information
  • High price tags on products
  • A desire to compare prices

If your e-commerce site faces lots of shopping cart abandonment, your overall rankings might be adversely affected, not forgetting that this might place your online reputation at stake. Therefore, if you use your website ranking checker tool to check website ranking on Google, you will be able to find out the main causes of this ugly ordeal in your site and fix them in a bid to prevent it, and ensure you keep enjoying the good rankings, and above all, you stay ahead of the competition.

  1. You will know when your website is down before your clients

check website ranking on Google

Yes, when you constantly monitor your site, you will be able to find out why your website is down before your prospects do. This seems like a straightforward idea but one that is very important. With this, it means that you cannot only manage the issues as soon as possible before it gets out of hand, but it also means you will be able to manage user experience.

When you learn of a problem before your clients, you will be able to communicate beforehand through social media or other channels of communication your use to communicate with them and explain the issue. Then, tell them that your technical team is in full control, and the bugs should be fixed in no time. This will go a long mile in helping you manage your business reputation. On the flipside, if your clients notice a problem before you do, they will blog and tweet about it and put your business in bad light. The bottom line is, constantly monitor your site’s rankings!

  1. Monitoring is like an insurance cover to your site!

If your site is down, but you are in the dark because you don’t care about using your website ranking free software to monitor its progress, you might lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Every minute you save can mean money saved. Therefore, web monitoring is an affordable service that can help you save your business’ reputation that you have worked hard to build, as well as protect revenues as a result of unforeseen downtime.

  1. Helps in customer acquisition and retention

If your website that ranks well at the moment suddenly gets a problem and falls, there are high chances that you will lose existing customers and ruin your chances of acquiring new ones. For this reason, it is increasingly important to check website ranking on Google, so that you can be able to fix issues jeopardizing the performance of your site. If your site works fine and provides your existing clients with the value they are looking for, they will doubtlessly share your content, which will lead to the acquisition of new business. This will not only lead to the anticipated business success but will also result in attainment of your business goals and objectives.

  1. Help you improve your marketing campaign

By constantly using your keyword ranking tool to monitor the success of your site in multiple search engines, you will discover new things along the way that will help you come up with the best strategies that will further improve your marketing strategy, and ultimately realize increased leads, conversions, sales, and profits.

  1. Help you improve PageSpeed
check website ranking Google

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If you have a slow website today, it means you are losing clients at a very fast rate. In this era, people expect lightning speed sites. This means that if your site takes a couple of seconds (more than three seconds to be precise) to load, you are losing customers.

When you regularly check website ranking on Google, you will be able to find out why your site is slow using Google PageSpeed Insights and use the recommendations you get to fix them. To maintain a strong online presence, you will also fix technical issues that might be the cause of the problem, and enhance the user experience in your site.

If you have been ignoring monitoring your site, it is time you realized how important it is, and make it a daily exercise. If you are genuinely busy and you cannot do it yourself, look for someone trustworthy to do it for you, but keep checking it yourself once in a while.


Last modified: January 21, 2019



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