Figure 1: Daily Rank Tracking. (Source: )
Figure 1: Daily Rank Tracking. (Source: )

Having joined the online bandwagon, your ultimate goal is to smile every time you look at your daily rank tracking software, right?But then, getting the metrics, you desire on your best rank tracking tool is not easy. You need to put in a lot of work, and of course, do a lot of research so that you can ultimately achieve your objectives.

However, life is not always fair. You can put in a lot of effort into your SEO campaign, but the analytic reports you get from your keyword rank tracking software show that you are ranking poorly in multiple search engines.

  • You start asking yourself these questions:
  • Could my approach to SEO be wrong?
  • Am I targeting the right audience?
  • Is SEO for a chosen few?
  • Is my daily rank tracking software defective?
  • Will I ever gain a competitive edge in the online market?
  • Should I quit doing SEO once and for all?

But wait… don’t give up yet!

Daily rank tracking

Some of the marketing gurus and reputable brands you see did not have it easy either on their journey to the top!

I might not be one of the digital marketing experts you look up to (you might not even know me), but I can tell you that I sometimes used to shed tears when the best rank tracking tool I had in my toolbox could tell me that my site was not even in the 10th page of Google’s search results, despite the resources and time I spent on my SEO campaign.

Look, I never gave up. Today, I am dining on the same table with some brands I once thought were way out of my league. Believe it or not, I sometimes rank better than them!

The secret is to embrace daily rank tracking and take note of every progress you make and appreciate it regardless of how small it is. Also, invest in a reliable keyword rank tracking tool that will give you the metrics you need in regards to the keywords you have used in your content.

Still not getting exciting metrics on your daily rank tracking tool?

You have done everything I have advised above, but even your best rank tracking tool keeps on showing you off-putting metrics?

Stop fretting and keep reading!

Below, I analyze simple SEO tricks that will keep you at the top of the game. Trust me, you might label them simple and basic, but if you ignore them, the SEO strategy you hold dearly might suffer!

  1. Optimize and compress images

One reason why your best rank tracking tool is showing poor rankings of your site in multiple search engine is because your site is slow. If you have read any of my blog posts, you must have come across one statement that I say with confidence: if your website takes more than three seconds to load, it will get few or no clicks at all!

In case you have diagnosed every possible issue that could make your site slow without success, I will give you the real culprit – your images are not compressed, neither are they optimized for SEO.

Therefore, to get the metrics of your dreams in your daily rank tracking software, ensure that you resize your images to the correct size and resolution (you can get the recommended sizes on the internet or from your SEO agency depending on the architecture of your blog).

Additional tip: remember, the quality of the images you use in your site influences its overall appeal. Therefore, use tools such as Canva or Photoshop to come up with graphics that have the potential to attract visitors to your site!

  1. Write valuable content
Daily rank tracking

Figure 2: Valuable content metrics. (Source:

This goes without saying – any SEO efforts that do not provide value to the end user are useless!

Although you might need your keywords to rank and a good keyword rank tracking tool to check rankings more than anything else, you need your audience more, since they are the ones who buy your products, and ultimately contribute to business success.

For this reason, make sure serve your target audience with content they cannot find anywhere else, and I promise you that daily rank tracking will be a party for you! It will be worth a celebration!

When it comes to developing content, never make the mistake of writing for the search engine. No! Determine what your audience want to hear, and write what will meet their needs and preferences.


If you write for the search engine, you might get the rankings you want, but if users click off from your site in their numbers, will you achieve your goals at the end of the day?

The bottom line is, write original, error-free, and audience-oriented content. Also, avoid plagiarizing material since Google might impose severe penalties on your site. Even if you write content that has been written hundreds of times, endeavor to own it, and make it yours.

Additional Tip: if you are not a good writer, take advantage of various job boards such as Upwork, and hire a professional writer to do the work for you.

  1. Test multiple hosting providers

Daily rank tracking

You have heard that Hosting Company B is excellent, and you have chosen to work with it. After a while, you notice that your site is super-slow, and your daily rank tracking software is recording high bounce rates, which is in turn affecting your overall rankings.

Like I always tell my clients, hosting a website is not like buying a product online where referrals matter. The best way to know the ideal company for you is by trying it out!

This might seem like an expensive venture, but which will pay a big buck in the end when you start seeing improved ranking reports from your keyword rank tracking tool.

If you don’t have the time and resources for this undertaking, don’t worry, I have a fix for you! Try finding out where your main competitors host their sites.

After you do this, test a few hosting service providers and compare the speed with that of your competitors. Then, go for the best choice and remember, don’t leave your instinct behind!

Additional tip: if your goal is to make daily rank tracking a fun event, don’t compromise quality for cost. Never go for a hosting provider because he is cheap, instead, go for one who will give you the quality you deserve.

  1. Include a call to action in your Meta description

You have probably heard that writing an emotionally-charged Meta description that contains your focus keyword can contribute to the success of your SEO campaign, and you have probably bought the idea. This is a commendable step! But to get the results you desire in your best rank tracking tool, include a call to action in it!

Remember, the Meta description is what your focus audience see before they even click your site. It is, therefore wise to make it as persuasive as possible. This can only be achieved if you try to speak directly to the reader, and convince him that the information he is about to read will have a positive impact on his life and that of the people around him.

Nevertheless, one problem remains!

There is a limit to the number of characters you can use in a Meta description. Some of the best SEO plugins such as Yoast will have a maximum of 155 characters. This means that you need to sum up all the information you want to give your audience in a few words without losing the meaning.

Additional Tip: to ensure that your Meta description contributes to the best rank tracking, take time and articulate your thoughts. Practice empathy, and determine what you would love to hear if you were in the reader’s place. Think about the emotions of your audience and appeal to them. With this, you will never go wrong in your strategy.

  1. Use outbound links

Some website owners believe that using outbound links is a way of promoting their competitors, but what they don’t realize is that doing this can go a long mile in improving the authority of their sites.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to refer to other bloggers in your content. The value of your site will be determined by how you help users find factual answers to their questions.

When you create the value that your clients want, there is no doubt that your keyword rank tracking tool will give you the metrics you have been praying for every day.

Also, using outbound links makes your target audience believe that your content is based on the well-researched information; hence they might share it, and in turn, you might get traffic, leads, conversions, and sales from people you had not targeted in the first place. Isn’t that cool?

Creating a mutually beneficial relationship with your audience should be one of the core objectives in your SEO campaign, and this can be done through the provision of information that users deem beneficial to them.

Additional tip: to make outbound links make your daily rank tracking enjoyable, don’t stuff your content with useless links since this might attract penalties from Google. Instead, look for high-authority links, which will enhance the authority, value, and reliability of your site.

  1. Promote your content

Daily rank tracking

I can tell you with confidence that even if you write super-quality content, your daily rank tracking software will not generate the results you desire if you relax on promoting your content.

Getting high rankings on search engines does not come easy, just like the best things in life. You have to work for it.

As far as I am concerned, getting backlinks is an old-school way of promoting content, but still very effective. Therefore, if you want your daily rank tracking to be a source of happiness, give interviews, build partnerships with webmasters, join communities and thematic groups on Google+ and LinkedIn and keep commenting on other posts. When the need arises, pay to get backlinks. I know of companies who record high traffic and enjoy top rankings on search engines, but they spend thousands of dollars to get backlinks. This is what makes the best rank tracking!

Additional tip: getting backlinks that will make your daily rank tracking outstanding is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, to minimize stress and maximize effectiveness, hire a team of outreach experts to get the links for you, and a few writers to deliver the content. The results you will get on the best rank tracking software will be worth every penny spent, and every effort put.

These tricks are simple but highly effective. They are capable of helping you achieve an enjoyable daily rank tracking; thus you should not give them a blind eye and go for sophisticated techniques which might not pay off anyway. Once you embrace them, invest in reliable daily rank tracking tools, and you will doubtlessly thank yourself later!













Last modified: January 13, 2019



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