In this 21st century of tremendous technological advancements, it is no longer feasible to operate a business without having a web presence. The digital platform is one that brings together millions of people from all over the world for information exchange. This way, businesses have an advantage of properly getting through to their audience with keywords from free keywords trackers and attaining better results on a free SERP tracker online.

As consumers are turning more and more to search engines for all their needs, business owners are beginning to understand the essence of having a website, practicing SEO, and ultimately mastering the use of search position trackers to better their experiences. A lot obviously goes into place to make a site successful, but before you can think about optimizing your business for your target audience and the free SERP tracker, the first thing should be to build a very well-designed and professional website. How then do you go about it? You may need the use of free keywords trackers later in your site, but to start, here is how to build a professional website for your business:

Determine the primary purpose of your business

When getting into the business, you must have laid out a clear business plan of what you intend your business to concern.

In the same way, before putting up any website, be clear with the primary purpose of your company on the online space before soliciting the help of tools like the free SERP tracker. For one, be very articulate and deliberate with what you want to achieve, for example, to make sales, to increase traffic, to get subscribers, among others. There are different types of business online, offering different services. If you are not careful, you can easily get swayed away by the activities of other companies that you lose track of your brand’s essence.

The primary purpose of your site will go a long way in ensuring you cater for the journey the user will go through when they visit your platform. The goal is to ensure that you are offering them swift navigation with the best user experience so that as you use the free SERP tracker online, it is not just about your rankings, but how favorable your platform is to people’s searches and queries.

Choose a domain name wisely

Domain names are small bits of a website, but ideally the most crucial. They introduce your platform to your target audience, not to mention, search engines. For the most part, the domain name will speak about what your site concerns while communicating about which niche industry your business will be existing under. At the least of things, consider the number of people that will have to interact with your site, including customers, competitors, investors, and other prospects.

For this reason, ensure that the URL you determine for your platform is descriptive and easy to type in and remember. For a business, the memorability of your site has a lot to contribute to your performance on a search position tracker as to matters of SERP. Depending with your primary goals, determine a domain name that will avoid customer confusion the best way possible, giving you best results on free SERP trackers.

Pro tip: Ensure you keep it short while steering clear of abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, and numbers. In the long-run, notice that this technique will be super beneficial for your results on a free SERP tracker online because it works well with SEO best practices.

Build your pages

Other than a static homepage, a good website should have additional web pages to it, if at all the goal is to rank high on free SERP trackers. Understanding that your business is not one-dimensional, there are several things you need to dedicate to your web pages. The different aspects can be about, contact us, content pages, to mention a few. When it comes to making your business site professional, you do not need too many web pages, but that does not mean you stick to just one or two.

Create pages and sub-pages for the main ones. The main categories in your content pages should capture your brand’s essence by having a blog feature that provides people with content. With such a spot, you can find the free keywords tracker useful for your website. More importantly, make sure you have an outstanding logo unique to your brand. If you do not already have a logo, hire a graphic designer and get it done. The logo stands in place of words, communicating more of what your company is about visually.

Additionally, watch out that all your web pages have a clear call-to-action. A call-to-action provides your visitors with more perspective on what you intend them to do when they are on your platform. Depending on your end-goal as a business, it could be, call us, hire us, learn more, sign up, share, among others. Consider also the need for each page to support the primary goal of the website. This way, when you are checking the free SERP tracker online, you have all your web pages to back you up.

Get a Personalized Business Email Address

As a business, you intend to reach out to as many people as possible. For the most part, this means that you must have a reliable communication channel for which to communicate. For a professional company website, it is necessary that you get a personalized email address. The thing with personalizing it is that you make it personal for your brand, maintaining a uniqueness that sets you apart from other brands in your niche industry.

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Figure 2 Gmail for business

That said, a personalized email address is one that captures your brand’s name. It would be less professional for your customers to see you using a Gmail or Yahoo email address, for example, [email protected]. Much as using free services like those from a free keyword tracker is convenient for anyone; it is professional to invest a little more on your image as a brand. The best suited personalized email address would look like [email protected].

Be particular with the website builder you determine

Before you can settle for a specific tool, even just a free SERP tracker online, you must learn how appropriate and convenient it would be for you and your business.

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Figure 3 website builders

There are several website builders to opt for, among them the best in the market,, Squarespace, Weebly, and WordPress. The main thing to emphasize when contracting a website builder is effectiveness more than the fancy tools and features that come with the different builders. For example, it is not so much about the free SERP tracker, but rather the results you receive thereof. Choose a builder that has an easy-to-use interface, not to mention, a high domain authority that will not be problematic for ranking when it is time to employ the search position tracker.

Choose a Website Template Design

Now that you are very particular about all you want, it is time to settle for a website template design that befits your brand. When choosing a template design, there is a consideration for the free themes offered by the different website builders. However, place more emphasis on finding a template that is not too refined for the user.

If your website is to be considered professional, then the target audience should find it easy to use your platform, and navigate from one point to the other in 5 clicks or less. Even when it comes to the search position tracker, the focus is always on user experience more than the beauty of the design. While you can still consider hiring a designer to come up with the perfect custom design for your site, if you can work with some of the templates on website builders, you should do just fine.

Find out what your competitors have, and match that by choosing a better template, like you would on a free SERP tracker. Put into consideration the niche industry you are in because that factor really matters in distinguishing a brand from the other. For example, a fashion business would not conventionally have a similar website design with a finance business.

Test and launch your site

Before you can say that you are done with your website, be sure to give it a test run. Some of your customization efforts on your website template design may not reflect as you intended them to. The more you customize your design, the more times you need to test it. Ensure that the core buttons, widget, and sidebars are very responsive. It is at this that you consider which plugins you want to choose for your platform.

Note that the plugins are mostly sourced from third-party providers. This means that you need to be careful that the services you get from it are needful, else they will cause you problems, the main one being, slowing down your site. As a newly launched site, you cannot afford to lag when it comes to speed. This is the importance of testing your site right when you are done with the customizations thereof. Realize how much impact this will have once you set out to use the free SERP tracker tool.

Link up your social networks

As a new website, you may struggle with visibility issues, and that will significantly affect your performance on search position tracker. Most of the time, business owners hide behind free keywords trackers as a means to attract the right audience. However, before you even start generating content for your site, it will look a lot more professional when you link your social networks to your platform.

If you are not in at least one social media platform, consider joining immediately. The advantage with social media platforms is that you can solicit some prime keywords to use on your site, even as you use the free keywords tracker. Additionally, it provides better access for people to reach your website, given that social media platforms have a very high domain authority, and this translates very well on the free SERP trackers.

Start creating content

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Figure 4 publishing your content on website

If it means anything to rank on the first page of SERP when you check the search position tracker, then creating content is something you want to get started on as soon as possible. Once you have tested your site and it’s good to go, there needs to be content flowing as often as you deem fit for your company. At first, coming up with great material might be challenging given that you are trying to break into a new market that has already gotten used to content from other brands. However, you can get started with an introductory article to notify people of your presence.

While at it, spend some time with a free keywords tracker, and gather a thing or two about what your target audience would be interested in consuming. At this, you can amass quite the traffic to get you to the highest rank on the search position tracker. Remember to use free keywords tracker when finding suitable keywords for your copy so you can get the right fit of words to target the right kind of audience for the best quality material.


Last modified: March 2, 2019



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