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Wait, do you mean managerial traits can have an impact on the results I get on my google keyword rank checker?

This is probably the question that is running through your mind right now. Well, about two years ago, I was equally shocked when I came across this information. However, I did my own research, and I can tell you without a doubt that there are traits that we believe only affects the workplace, but the truth of the matter is that it can also affect the rankings we get on the Google search rank tracker.

This information that has been proven by the tech giant itself! Years ago, this company published in-depth research on what makes a good manager, and recent technological studies have demonstrated that these traits can actually have an impact on your google site rank checker.

Therefore, when you are out there harassing your employees and letting your authority known, you may have an answer as to why you are recording a considerable drop in rankings on your Google keyword rank checker tool at the end of this article.

Learn from Google and become a successful manager who will ensure success is recorded in the google search rank tracker at all times. Read some of the traits that will make you a winning manager.

  1. Be a team player

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If you believe that you will draw the best analytic reports in your Google keyword rank checker tool as a lone ranger, you as a lone ranger, think again.

A good manager is one who understands that people have different skills and integrates them to come up with a plan that will result in a win-win situation at the end of the day.

When developing an SEO plan, don’t do it on your own. Involve all your team members, and let each one of them contribute. Ensure that every suggestion given by an individual is taken into consideration. By doing this, you will make your staff develop a sense of belonging to the project, which will go a long way in bringing the positive results you have been yearning for in the google site rank checker.

  1. Have the necessary technical skills to advise your team
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As a manager, you probably sit behind your desk all day giving directions. This is wrong, and it can adversely affect the results you get on your Google keyword rank checker tool.

If you have an outreach, link prospector, content development, and ICT team, it is good to have the skills that each team has, so that you can be able to offer advice to them whenever a need arises.

I don’t mean that you need to become a jack of all trades and master of none. No! I mean that having basic knowledge in everything can help you determine the direction your SEO strategy will take, and this can assist in recording the success you need in the Google search rank tracker.

For example, if some issues are causing your sites to load slowly, you can advise your developer on what to do to fix it, instead of letting him do it without your input. Also, if your content team is developing content that results into high bounce rates, you can advise them on what to do to produce evergreen content that will lead to the recording of long-term success on the Google keyword rank checker tool.

If you know everything that goes in the different departments in your company rest assured that nothing will ever go wrong, and if it does, you will be there to help fix it in a bid to ensure your Google site rank checker records high rankings.

  1. Possess strong decision making

According to Google, a good manager should understand that employees’ opinions are critical, but on the other hand, employees need to know that the manager has the mandate of making solid decisions.

Therefore, be a strong decision maker. Although you will involve your team in developing an SEO strategy, you know the strategy that can result in better reports on the google search rank tracker. Even if you find that employees are against a particular tactic that you firmly believe will be a goldmine for your business, make a decision without fear of contradiction.

But then, tech experts advice managers to inform their employees what decisions they make and why they make them. Using your persuasion skills, you will be able to convince your staff why the decision will help record better ranking reports on the google site rank checker; hence they will execute them whole-heartedly.

  1. Have a clear vision

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The biggest mistake that managers make and which cost them poor metrics on the Google keyword rank checker tool is that they proceed with an SEO strategy without a clear plan and vision.

Before you kick-start your SEO journey, ask yourself the following questions;

  • What do I want to achieve with on my SEO strategy?
  • What strategy do you have for your team, and what rewards will they get if long-term success is recorded in the google site rank checker?
  • What are the short-term goals and short-term goals for your SEO strategy?
  • What are some of the factors that might affect your SEO plan, and what can you do to counter them?

With a clear vision, your team members will work in harmony, and your Google keyword rank checker might reveal SEO success in no time.

  1. Discusses performance and support career development

If you want to achieve the results of your dreams in the google search rank tracker, never fear discussing performance with your employees. Let them know of your expectations, and discuss ways that you believe will help them fulfill them. When you do this, you will encourage them to work and achieve both their personal and organizational goals.

Apart from discussing performance, supporting career development is another trick that can help you acquire analytic reports on your Google keyword rank checker that show you are enjoying high rankings on Google and other search engines.

You can become a member of a professional body, and ensure your employees get actively involved in training and workshop organized by this organization in a bid to enhance career development and help them build networks.

Also, you can organize regular on the job and off the job training that will arm your team members with the latest SEO techniques, which will help them achieve more in their current job and their future endeavors.

Encouraging career development will make the employees feel as though your organization as a second home; hence they will work hard to ensure maximum achievement of business goals, recording metrics in the keyword checker that shows you are on top of the online game being one of them.

  1. Have good communication skills

Are you a good communicator? Do you encourage a faultless 2-way communication in your organization? Do you communicate changes to your SEO strategy in time, or do bombard your team with changes that might affect their performance without preparing them psychologically? Do you listen whenever there is a problem, and endeavor to solve it as soon as possible through communication?

Well, if the answer to all these questions is negative, you have the answer as to why your google search rank tracker has been showing disheartening metrics since you embarked on SEO.

Whenever there is an issue in your business, the first people to know should be your employees. Also, create a forum in which they can engage with each other, and develop relationships that will foster business growth.

Studies have also shown that a good manager is one who listens. If you listen to others, they feel valued, and this can enhance performance. Therefore, whenever your team members come to you with issues, don’t dismiss them simply because you are the boss. Listen to them, give your advice and use your authority to solve problems and not to intimidate. When you do this, you will go a long way in ensuring every individual work hard towards a goal, which can eventually enhance excellent results in the Google keyword rank tracker tools.

  1. Be result-oriented and productive

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As a manager, your search rank tracker will not show that you are an authority in the online space if you don’t have a clear goal. Also, it will not show that you have gained massive traffic over time if you are not productive.

Business research has revealed that employees hate working for a lazy boss. If you come to work late, there are high chances that some of your employees will not take your business venture seriously. This means that they will not work as hard as they should, and your site might lag in terms of rankings.

As a manager, be a role model. If there are some things you need to be done to enhance the visibility of your site, follow up and ensure they are affected. Don’t boss people around if you want to be a success. Get up and work, and your team members will follow suit.

  1. Create a conducive working environment

If you create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in your company, your employees will work because they are afraid they might lose their job, but not because they want to achieve a goal.

Well, you might achieve the SEO goals you desire, but considering that employee turnover will be high, the success will most probably be short-lived.

Be a manager who creates a good working environment for your team members and shows concern for their overall well-being and individual success.  This will create an ‘our’ factor in your business, and your team members will do everything they can to ensure maximum attainment of your SEO goals.

  1. Empower and avoid micromanagement

Micromanagement is one mistake done by many managers, and which frustrates and discourages employees.

Be a manager who empowers your team, and encourages them every day to work towards a specific goal. Give them the resources they need to work and reward hard work. This way, the results you have always wanted to see on your Google keyword rank checker will come by thanks to hard work and determination.

  1. Have coaching skills

Finally, employees love a boss who coaches them, and not one who intimidates them. Don’t leave them to do their job and expect the best results. Instead, give them feedback and guide them through the areas they find challenging. This is detrimental in career advancement, and in ensuring the team members are committed to achieving a particular goal.

Remember, the above traits were tested on Google’s internal managers, and they proved to be highly effective. Therefore, if you adopt them, you might go a long way in ensuring you record the success you deserve in the Google keyword rank checker and Serp rank checker which might result in leads, conversions, and sales.




Last modified: January 21, 2019



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