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As a website owner, you desire to attract as many visitors as possible. You have put a lot of work into ensuring that your content quality is top-notch, and you have strategically used keywords that you believe will give you the most popular keyword rankings report when you check google keyword ranking. However, if you do not take steps necessary to make your site accessible to everyone, then rest assured that all your efforts will be in vain.

Remember, there are millions of internet users out there who depend on the accessibility of sites to get information. If your site takes long to load or is not accessible in the first place, know from the outset that your Serp keyword ranking will drop, and you might sooner or later be forced to rework on your entire SEO strategy if you don’t act fast.

The good news is that implementing accessibility is not rocket science. You will be able to work on it as long as you do intensive research and seek to understand why your site cannot be accessed by a section of your target audience. When you do this, you will be able to come up with plans that will help you correct mistakes that will make your site a haven for all visitors, and help you see great keyword rankings report the next time you check Google keyword ranking.

In today’s article, I will look at what website accessibility entails, and why it is crucial for any SEO strategy. I will also give you some accessibility tips that might help you record high Serp keyword rankings and get the best keyword ranking report whenever you check website ranking on Google.

What website accessibility entails

In simple terms, website accessibility means that everyone you target with your content should be able to visit your site, regardless of whether they have a physical condition that prevents them from doing so, or they do not have a hardware or software needed to perform specific actions.

When you are developing your content, you should know that the people who will help you record desirable Google keyword ranking report are not all fit to access information in the normal way. Some of them have impairments and special needs that makes it practically impossible to visit some sites. When you develop your website with such challenges in mind, you will make your site home to such people, and in return, they will reward you with increased organic traffic, while will, in turn, lead to better Serp keyword ranking for every keyword you use.

Some of the most common special needs that can prevent one from accessing sites include;

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  • Motor skills- some people have problems moving certain parts of their body, and there are those who cannot move at all
  • Vision- there is a section of your audience who have a partial or complete visual impairment
  • Cognitive disabilities- some conditions such as dyslexia or dementia can affect the cognitive ability of some people
  • Hearing- some people cannot hear completely or have reduced hearing ability.

If your goal is to make your Google keyword ranking report better than it was the previous time you monitored your site with the Serp keyword ranking software, you can embed assistive technology to your site such as using speech recognition software that has ability to convert speech into text, screen readers that convert text to speech, or making it easy to use alternative keyboards that can accommodate people with special needs.

With the above technologies in place, there is no reason why you should not design a website with everybody in mind, and ultimately ensure you record the Google keyword ranking report you have always desired.

Website accessibility should be at the helm of your to-do list

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From a humanistic perspective, making your website accessible ensures that you don’t shut the information in it for people living with disability.

However, doing this also comes with a range of SEO benefits. It goes a long way in expanding your audience, which means that if you provide information that your prospects will consider valuable, it will travel a longer distance, which means you will in no time record Serp keyword ranking reports that will show you are ranking high for all the keywords you use every time you monitor your Google keyword ranking.

The maths are pretty simple. If all users are able to access your site, it means your user base will expand exponentially, which will translate to more SEO success.

Apart from drawing keyword rankings report that shows you are ranking high on Google and other search engines, accessibility enhances the overall design and usability of your site. As a result, you will give your users a wonderful user experience they cannot find anywhere else, and they will have all the reason to come back to your site.

Another amazing benefit of enhancing website accessibility is a great way of beating your competition. Look – not many people know about this element that is very important in digital marketing. I am an SEO expert with ten years of concrete experience, but I only learned that accessibility could adversely impact the keyword rankings report I got from the website ranking checker three years ago. This is an unexplored field. Therefore, if you do it right, there is no doubt that your Serp keyword ranking checker will give you metrics that show you are way ahead of your competition. Getting a top position is not something that should be taken lightly. It is an honour that many people don’t get to enjoy!

Finally, some countries have laws in place which prohibits websites owners from developing sites that cannot be accessed by everyone. If you are in such a country, it means that making your site accessible will not only influence your Google keyword ranking, but it will make your business compliant to the laws of the land.

How to increase accessibility

Have you been looking for ways to increase the accessibility of your site, so that you can increase your market base and boost your Google keyword ranking? Well, all you need is to keep reading. Below are some proven ways you can use to improve the accessibility of your site.

  1. Make your site keyboard friendly

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Did you know that it is possible to make your site navigable without a mouse? Yes, there is a range of assistive technologies that make it possible to make a site purely keyboard-navigational.

When you make use of this technology, it will be very easy for your target audience to use the major elements within your site without requiring anything else other than a keyboard. This includes accessing links, content, pages, and any other major area within your site.

One of the most common ways of making sure that your site can be accessed without a mouse is through the tab key. In case your ultimate goal is to get a good keyword rankings report that will show you are a step ahead of your competition, ensure that all navigation and content within your site can be accessed via the tab key.

  1. Include an alt text in your images

Some people add images and leave them at that, simply because they assume that everybody will see it. However, you should know that there are people within your target audience who have eyesight problems, and they rely on text to get all the information they need. Therefore, filling this area can be crucial in enhancing accessibility.

But if you think that alt texts only helps in improving visibility, you need to think again!

Google doesn’t view images. It relies on image titles and alt texts to understand what your images are about. This means that adding an alt text can go a long way in improving your SEO, and it can be one of the ways of ensuring that you get high keyword ranking report when you monitor your google keyword ranking.

  1. Choose colours wisely

When I launched my first website, I used to include colours without making any considerations. I could put some green here, blue there, and red somewhere else. As long as my design was beautiful, I didn’t care much about colours.

This was a big mistake!

After several months of toiling to make sure I recorded an excellent keyword rankings report for every keyword I used, all I noticed was skyrocketing bounce rates, which raised a red flag that something was wrong somewhere, and it needed to be fixed as soon as possible.

But everything was fine. The performance of my site was superb. This left me wondering, what could be the problem?

I enquired from an expert, and I was astonished to find out that the use of colours was a contributing factor to my woes.

Yes, colours affect accessibility. Remember, colours mean different things to different people. Also, if you use very bright colours, your users might not distinguish different elements, and this might prompt them to leave your site; hence adversely affecting your Google keyword ranking.

The best way to go about this is to simply set a light colour against a light one, and make sure they don’t bleed into each other since this could compromise its overall beauty.

  1. Structure your content properly

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There are people who will write very good content, but since they don’t structure it in the right way, they end up keeping off readers who could become potential clients.

Using headers to structure your content will not only enhance accessibility, but it will also improve the flow of your ideas, and make your information easy to understand.

Also, remember to make your headers clear, so that people who depend on screen reading can understand them easily. This will also improve in-page navigation.

  1. Never use tables if there is no tabular data in your content

If you have data within your content, using a table is the best decision you can make. This is because all users, including those relying on assistive technology, will be able to understand a large amount of data with ease. But you also need to keep your tables simple and straightforward.

Nevertheless, never use tables for anything else apart from tabular data. Doing this might confuse your readers, especially those using assistive technology, and they might be forced to exit your site. When this happens, your Google keyword ranking will be compromised, not forgetting you might lose new and repeat business.

When creating content, think accessibility!

It is true that you should develop content with the mind that it should help you record great Google keyword rankings report on your keyword checker, but the most important thing you need to consider is your audience. Will they be able to access your site fully?

Create a website for all, and in no time, you will have the most authoritative site on the internet!







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