Local SEO is a different game from traditional SEO campaigns. The primary goal of local SEO efforts is to build your Google keywords rank performance in the eyes of local users. Therefore, you concentrate on establishing and maintaining a positive image among local users as opposed to universal ones. Here are a few tips to help you change your local SEO game and increase your conversions.

  1. Take advantage of local listings.

Google indicates that four out of every five individuals who conduct searches online look for local businesses and services. What does this information tell you if you know how to check website keywords rankings? There are many benefits of including your business name, address, and phone number in local business listings.

Including these crucial details in local business listings and directories makes it easy for people to find out basic information about your business. This builds your Google keywords rank as indicated in the Google keywords rank metrics. Moreover, it speeds up the process of potential customers visiting your site or calling you directly to inquire about your products. The result is that your Google keywords rank position improves tremendously, and you get more conversions.

It is critical to ensure that your details are consistent in all the listings and local business directories that you appear. Given that you would be interested in appearing in as many directories as possible, it follows that if your details are inconsistent, then some individuals may not take you seriously. Thus, using this approach enhances your Google keywords rank metrics.

  1. Optimise the Google My Business Feature

Keywords ranking reports show that taking advantage of Google listing improves your SEO performance. If you know how to check website keywords rankings, then you know that Google Business is an important feature that you can take advantage of and grow your local SEO performance. Here is how the process works. You need to consult Google and initiate the verification process to show that you are the real owner of a specific business that appears online.

The company will send a postcard containing a unique PIN number to the physical address of your business. Once the verification process is complete, you will have all the rights to manage the page.

Here is where the real work starts.

You need to optimise that page so that you can take advantage of the exposure to grow traffic to your site and increase your Google keyword rank position. The best way of doing so is providing all the required information. For example, clearly indicate your opening and closing hours, services, and any other details that Google will prompt you to submit.

Once this process is complete, you will start seeing real results in the form of increased traffic to your website. You can verify this easily if you know how to check website keywords rankings and read keywords ranking reports.

  1. Manage online reviews of your business

Google keywords ranking reports and Google keywords rank metrics outcomes show that people nowadays take online reviews of businesses and services as seriously as personal recommendations. When customers make comments about your business on your Google My Business page or the official Facebook page, many people end up reading and acting on the comments.

It is easy for potential customers to make inquiries based on a positive review of your business that they would have read online. This has a direct bearing on your Google keywords rank performance. On the other hand, if the potential clients read negative reviews about your business, they may easily avoid making a commitment. Similarly, such comments hurt your Google keywords rank performance as indicated in keywords ranking reports.

There are many ways of managing your online reputation. For example, you can use some commonly-available social media management tools to track comments about your brand on social media platforms.

Alternatively, you can use reputation management software programs to help you trigger clients to leave behind reviews and manage the nature of the comments of clients and any other person who comments on your brand.

Additionally, you need to learn how to check website keywords rankings appropriately to monitor your Google keyword rank metrics and improve the Google keywords rank position with time.

  1. Build and use local links and citations

One of the most important Google keyword rank metrics is the number and quality of links. Unlike standard SEO campaigns, local ones do not heavily rely on high-authority sites. You do not need to build links with established sites in your niche to make your local SEO campaign succeed. Usually, the secret to the success of local SEO campaigns is to establish and manage links to and from local websites that are related to your products and services.

It is easy to establish such links and build your Google keywords rank position as indicated on credible keywords ranking reports. First, take advantage of local online forums to interact with your peers in the area. Typically, many such forums already exist. You only must search for them and choose what works for you.

If no such forum exists in your local area, then you can create one by reaching out to your local peers. Once you have taken this step, it will be easy to get links and citations by some of the best organisations that operate in the area.

The reason for using this strategy is to help potential clients get as much information about you as possible from multiple sources. Mostly, clients tend to trust firms that many others think they do a good job. Therefore, when your local peers mention you, this gesture is likely to have a positive impact on your SEO campaigns in the long term.

  1. Use appropriate review sites

Many sites are dedicated to reviewing specific products and services. When clients are looking for the best product, they tend to start by looking for available online reviews.

Potential clients find such sites attractive because the reviews are usually comprehensive and authoritative. Individuals tend to take detailed reviews very seriously.

You can take advantage of this trend by ensuring that some of the leading review sites cover your products and services in their review posts. This tactic is likely to build your reputation among would-be clients and increase your sales over time.

  1. Monitor local searches

I think that this should have been the first point. You cannot fight a battle that you do not understand. In this case, you cannot perform flawlessly in your local area if you do not follow the trends.

The best way of understanding the local SEO landscape is to study all the results and monitor them for a while. You can do this by using any of the readily available tools. The tools help you to track the performance of leading firms based on specific vital metrics.

This approach is essential in two ways: first, it enhances your credibility in the field because you will be able to respond to threats and take advantage of threats. Second, using this approach helps you to gain a lot of valuable information about the way in which your site performs.

Once you have accurate information on these and many other related issues, you will be able to build your local SEO performance within very short timeframes.

  1. Use content marketing

Figure 1: Source- http://www.charlesadesina.com/business-development/strategy-chronicles-content-marketing

Content marketing still works for businesses that would like to perform well locally. The basis of content marketing is that a company can increase traffic and even conversion by providing to its audience meaningful and relevant content.

Most businesses run blogs that provide relevant and useful information to the audience. Typically, the content does not replace the company’s products. Users who consume the content tend to learn more about the services offered by the organisation. As a result, they are likely to contact the firm for the products if a need arises.

You can use content marketing to improve the local SEO performance of your organisation. The best way of doing it is to share your content on social media platforms. Local users who access your content may interact with and share it within their networks. This simple action may increase your level of exposure, traffic, and even conversion.

  1. Optimise your content

Content optimisation entails using proper keywords and presenting the content in ways that appeal to the readers. Although these strategies related to conventional SEO campaigns, they can still be used effectively in local SEO campaigns.

The principle of content optimisation remains unchanged. For example, you need to do a lot of keyword research before you write your content. Proper utilisation of keywords helps you to create content that matches what your online visitors are already looking for.

Also, you need to include graphics and other forms of media in your content. People tend to engage with such content more than when they get only textual content on websites.

But simply incorporating visual content forms in your articles is not enough. You need to present the content in ways that people will find interesting and easy to read. For example, include a lot of bullet points in your texts to enhance the ease of your readers mastering relevant issues that you raise in your articles.

Also, ensure that you present the most important information first. The tactic of burying the lead does not work effectively in content marketing because people who read your content are looking for specific information.

Moreover, your readers do not have the time to read a lot of content for a long time. Therefore, you should ensure that you make your point within the shortest time possible.

  1. Optimise your website for mobile viewing

Many people are accessing the internet using their mobile devices and not desktop computers. This simple change in the behaviour of people has a significant effect on the Google keywords rank performance of websites.

For example, many website owners now must ensure that their sites are ideal for mobile viewing to compete effectively. If your website is not suitable for mobile viewing, then you are likely to lose a lot of traffic from people who are using their mobile devices to browse the web.

This is likely to hurt your Google keywords rank position because many visitors will spend less time on your site when they realised that it is not optimised for mobile viewing.

Therefore, to maintain your Google keywords rank performance, optimise your site for mobile viewing.


Finally, you need to monitor your progress to ensure that the Google keywords rank position of your site improves according to plan. The best way of tracking your Google keywords rank performance is by generating and reading the keywords ranking reports on your site. There are many ways of generating the keywords ranking reports of all types. If you know how to check website keywords rankings for your site, then you can easily track and improve your Google keywords rank performance at the local level. This approach is the heart of improving your local SEO performance.


Last modified: January 21, 2019



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