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Generally, a great marketing strategy is the key to a successful business and can lead to great rankings in the Google position checker. That does not negate the role of other factors in the operations of a company for a specific goal. However, it does carry a lot of weight in the sense that marketing is involved in the customer and product aspects of the business, which are the primary concerns of starting any business.

That said, the rise of technology has changed how marketing is done, so much that the traditional marketing methods are no longer popular. Businesses today are relying too much, if not entirely, on digital marketing to achieve their marketing goals. The Google position checker is one prominent way for business owners to keep track of their digital marketing effort. Even so, does digital marketing have a future worth investing in? Here is a look at some of the compelling reasons that can make you consider investing your time and resources in digital marketing:

The internet population keeps on growing

Have you not noticed that the internet is always crowded with all kinds of people? The facts and figures show that the internet population is significantly picking up every day, thanks to technology. Ideally, more and more people are gaining access to the virtual world through smartphones and other mobile devices that have made most things convenient.

With the average user spending around 6hours every day online, businesses must be intentional about growing their companies and businesses along with the digital world that keeps expanding. With a Google position checker, notice that the target audience has a lot to do with your performance on SERP. Therefore, for the good of your brand, be where your audience is. However, do not consider the growth of the internet audience as just for the users. It encompasses more because people have found flexibility in starting up their businesses online. With new websites being launched on the internet every day, you may need to start worrying about your performance when you check the Google position checker because the competition will get stiffer by the day.

The place of SEO

Any business on the virtual platform is practising SEO. So many aspects of SEO have made the experience of users on the internet so good, and this is not stopping soon. Even though you were disinterested in digital marketing, this era and time, there is no running from SEO. People are demanding for better each day, and search engines are all out to offer nothing short of that.

Every time, search engine update their algorithm, and as SEO takes into these changes, the brands online become better in their value proposition to the users. If you are left behind on this wave of change, then your business will struggle in the future. For example, you will notice that the highest population of customers in the whoever industry today, search for information online before considering to purchase a product. Therefore, if you have not embraced digital marketing and practised SEO, it means you cannot showcase your products to an interested audience, and that will reflect on the Google position checker.

Broad audience reach

With digital marketing, you reach a much broader audience than through other methods. Ideally, the internet is a place for all kinds of people from all over the world. This means that there is more potential in one piece of content you share via the digital platform to reach more people, than for numerous information you disseminate through other ways.

In fact, the potential is increased due to the concept of content sharability and social validation. The internet has become a network of people that rely on each other for information. Therefore, just when you thought your message was targeted for a specific audience, your audience becomes your promoters, giving you more coverage for your material.

The rise of social media

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If ever there is a powerhouse in the 21st century, social media is. Over time, the different social media platforms have revolutionized the interaction processes online. More than 80% of the internet population is on social media, and more so, in multiple channels.

If you know anything about digital marketing, you understand that social media is such a powerful tool in implementing digital marketing strategies. Ideally, you can thrive as a brand on social media platforms, without having to spend a lot of money on your digital marketing efforts. Therefore, if you do not have faith in digital marketing, then have a little faith in social media, given the impressive improvements that Facebook, among other platforms, has on brands all over.

Preciseness in targeting the audience

Digital marketing has more control over the type of audience to target with information than traditional marketing would ever have. The reason is that the digital marketing strategies allow for the marketers to segment the audience in the way they deem fit. As such, the Google position checker will report a better performance for the digital marketer than for the other one.

A lot of the times, traditional marketing is open in the sense that the target audience is not specific. Usually, marketers put together their marketing messages and disseminate them to a broad, unspecified audience, with the hope that those interested in the product will attend to the information. On the other hand, digital marketing is very strategic in communicating directly to a niche audience. In this sense, digital marketing has a higher conversion rate than traditional marketing methods. Several digital marketing tools make it possible to specify the geographical location, gender, purchasing power, among other specificities like the audience you want to send your messages to.

Limitless opportunities

The virtual world has opened up so many opportunities for business owners to indulge. Distance, size, and time are no longer a hindering factor in matters of digital marketing. You can reach out to an international audience is a single tweet. A meme can go viral and bring your brand unlimited attention. This is not so much the case with traditional means.

With ‘viralization’, it is practically possible to achieve all marketing goals just from the comfort of your office or home. All you need is to come up with creative ways to generate information that is worth people’s attention, and in no time, the Google position checker will put a smile on your face with an impressive result.

Keeping up with competition

Competition is a factor that concerns all types of businesses, small and big alike. The whole idea of putting in marketing efforts and keeping track of your performance with the Google position checker is to beat the competition and retain a domineering position in your industry.

While marketing is not the only driving force to beat your competitors, it is at the core. The thing with digital marketing is that it is scalable and flexible to incorporate new trends and techniques that give you a competitive edge over your competitors. If your competitors are busy with digital marketing and you are not, then you know they have a wider audience reach, more online presence, more brand visibility, and better results on the Google position checker.


What is marketing without a measurability factor? Would it mean anything if you cannot tell how well or bad you have been doing given all the resources you have invested in marketing for your business? Well, the good news about digital marketing is that it is a lot easier to measure than any traditional marketing efforts. Every single digital marketing you put forth has a scale against which to measure it.

For example, you can use the Google position checker to check your position on Google’s SERP. Technically, the behaviour of your target audience, whether it is in terms of comments, likes, shares, or purchases, you can analyse your success. Some tools can even give you analytical results in real time for all your efforts.

More audience engagement

As search engines continue to be more humanlike, like Google’s RankBrain, audiences are getting served with a lot more value and excellent user experience. Part of the whole experience and value includes high audience engagement. People do not want to feel like they are being subjected to promotional materials and advertisements all the time. Therefore, as users are seeking for a personal connection with brands, brands are aggressive with improving audience engagement.

Business owners consider the interactive nature of the internet as the perfect opportunity to gather information from the audience for better value offer. Ideally, through feedback channels and consistent content sharing, top brands can gather actionable insights to inform the next digital marketing decisions, including the kind of content to share.

Additionally, technology has provided more ways to engage the audience. At the center of it, chatbots are becoming very popular among brands, they have transitioned digital marketing into a networking and relationship building phenomena, which puts the audience more at ease with the brand owners. This kind of interactivity is an extension of an improvement in Artificial intelligence. When the audience felt more understood and considered, their reception of information and response to call-to-action imposed by brands becomes a lot positive. At the end of the day, a lot of audience engagement has a positive impact on the results on Google position checker.

More sales

As a business owner, the sale you drive from all your efforts matters a lot. If you want to rank better next time you check a Google position checker and improve your sales by a significant margin, then concentrate on digital marketing. Just owning a website will accord you more sales because your site acts as your virtual and permanent salesperson. Being on the virtual world is the perfect way to let your customers find you with ease, make inquiries, and for all you know, make purchases.

However, if you want to drive sales with your digital marketing efforts, you must come out clear and be intentional about communicating that intent to your target audience. The one way to get this done is by having clear call-to-action for all the posts and marketing campaigns you send out. Still, even without too much effort, you will still be impressed with the results on Google position checker, because people today always turn to the internet before making any purchases.

The rise of video content

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Figure 3 time spent watching video

If you thought technology had not changed things enough, then you have undermined the place of video content in the 21st century. Internet users have picked up an obsession for visual material, and by far that involves videos. Accordingly, different channels for video content, including the most popular ones like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook Live, have made it a lot easier for all users to access content.

Further, you find that mobile technology has made it even more convenient for people to watch videos from anywhere, whether in an office, at home, or on a bus. Your performance on a Google position checker is a lot higher with video content than without. Therefore, investing in digital marketing is about providing more diversity in the content you share with your audience, to keep them engaged, entertained, and informed.

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Figure 4 internet video traffic

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