Figure 1: SEO facts. (Source:
Figure 1: SEO facts. (Source:

Since you had laid what you believe is one of the best SEO campaigns, you have opened your Google rank checker, and you want to analyze how your site is doing on multiple search engines.This is a good move! SEO is a great digital marketing strategy that can speed up the realization of your business goals. However, before you start using your rank checker online as a beginner or advanced online marketer, you need to know that SEO is a vice that contains some of the most top-guarded secrets.

I once believed that SEO was a bit straightforward. I would follow all the advice I read in blogs and other sites and hope to get desirable results on my rank checker tool. But with time, I came across some stats and found out some SEO facts that made me start looking at the search engine industry from a different angle.

Today, I share with you some facts that you probably didn’t know, and which you need to keep in mind before you log in to your google rank checker. Learning helped me improve not only my SEO but also my entire digital marketing strategy.

As they say, sharing is caring. Therefore, I present to you some shocking facts that will make you rethink your SEO strategy!

Some search engines don’t use links as a ranking factor

Since you want your Google rank checker tool to generate reports that show you have high rankings in multiple search engines, you have used thousands of dollars to source for quality links. However, you can see high rankings on Google, and not on a few other search engines such as Yandex, the largest search engine in Russia.

Don’t panic! Not all search engines use links as a ranking factor; this is a fact!

Before you hire a team of outreach of experts to source quality links for you, first determine the search engine that you want to rank in. Of course, most website owners target Google, bearing in mind that it has the largest chunk of the search engine market share. Although doing this will not be a mistake, it will be unwise bearing in mind that a section of your target audience may be using other search engines such as Yandex.

Your rank checker online will show you the search engines in which your site is enjoying high rankings and those that you aren’t. With this information, you will be able to develop strategies that will befit those ‘link-free’ search engines that you are rank poorly on.

Even with Google, don’t be tempted to believe that you will always get encouraging ranking reports on your Google rank tracker tool if you fill your content with links. The algorithm of this search engine will consider your site spam if you don’t use high-authority links that it considers valuable to its users. In fact, some tech experts project that Google’s algorithm might exclude backlinks. Therefore, it is prudent to enhance the trustworthiness of your domain using facts and not links.


Content is king, but quality is key.

Google rank checker

You can write as much content as you can, but you will be surprised when your rank checker online shows that your site is neither on the first nor the second page of the Google search results.

What I am simply saying is that before you check your Google rank checker tool, you need to distinguish between the quantity of content and its quality.

When I set up my first website, my main goal was to rank high on Google and other search engines; hence my strategy was to provide as much content as I could. I could upload a new article every day, but a rank checker online I had acquired from Google kept recording a few clicks and low rankings.

Since I had invested a lot of time, energy, and resources on my campaign, I could not take the disappointment. Just when I was almost giving up, an expert in Serpbook perused through my site, and he requested me to look at the quality of the articles I was writing. He said quantity is essential, but quality information is the food people eat online.

So, have you been writing content blindly every day, hoping that your google rank checker tool will give you the smile-inducing metrics as I did? Well, it is high time you went back to the drawing board and reorganize your strategy.

What do you do?

When writing content, first ensure that you understand what your audience wants to hear. Then, research on the keywords they use to get similar content online and tailor your content around them. This way, you will capture their attention and even persuade them to share the information you provide since they will consider it super-valuable.

Some SEO experts will tell you that the best way to get better results on your Google rank checker online is to update your site regularly. Although this is true, don’t forget to update it with quality. This is what will make you gain a competitive edge in your niche!

Your audience is more important than your keywords.

Google rank checker

Figure 2: Audience Analysis. (Source:

As a person targeting high rankings on different search engines, it is common and understandable to look for popular keywords that will lead to a swift realization of your goal.

But as you look for these words and phrases, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who am I targeting with my content?
  • Will the words and phrases yield to great results on Google rank checker tool if I don’t target a market?
  • Who will ultimately buy my products and/or services?

The above questions tell you one thing – you cannot have an SEO strategy without people in it!

For this reason, writing for your audience is more important than writing for the search engine. The people you target are the ones who will contribute to organic traffic, high rankings, leads, conversions, increased sales, and profits. This means business success, right?

When planning to develop content, first do thorough research about your audience. Identify their demographics, and provide information that will suit their needs and preferences.

Well, when you write for the search engine, you might get the results you want on the Google rank checker tool – but for how long? Will people click through your site, or will they bounce back? How much time will people spend on your site? Needless to say, an SEO strategy, regardless of how good it is, is useless if it doesn’t have a target market!

To be safe and make sure you stay ahead of your competition, write for the reader, but put the search engine into consideration. Provide the value that your audience needs, but place keywords they will use to find your content strategically and in a natural way. When you do this, keep checking your Google rank checker online, and there is no doubt it will record high rankings in no time.

A brief and persuasive Meta description will increase your click-through rates

If you have been writing Meta descriptions, but have been getting heart-breaking metrics on your Google rank checker, then it is either too long, or it is not appealing to the emotions of your target audience.

Let’s look at the roof of your house. It is the first thing that people see, and develop a first impression about the entire premise right? The same case applies to a Meta description. It is the first text that users see, which helps them get an idea of what they will find in your page once they click it.

Even though this element might not influence your rankings, it can go a long mile in increasing clicks, which may eventually result in leads, conversions, and sales.

I advise my clients to have a unique Meta description for every page on their site. For a fact, it is better not to have a Meta description than duplicate one for all your pages.

Ensure that all your Meta descriptions are unique, and they communicate directly to your audience. Make them brief, because Google will cut off a Meta description with ellipses if it is more than 155 characters.

Endeavor to write emotionally-charged meta-descriptions, and with time, reports in your Google rank checker online will show an increased number of visitors to your site.

75% of the clicks in Google go to the top 5 results

Google rank checker

Figure 3: 75% of users don’t scroll past the first page of search results. (Source:

As you check your Google rank checker, are you ranked among the top 5 in Google search results?

If not, here is the fact,

75% of the total clicks in Google go to the sites that appear among the top 5 in search results. This tells you that you need to focus on building your site’s architecture and providing quality content that will get you to the top.

As an SEO expert, I advise you to pick a niche and commit yourself to it. Don’t be a Jack of all trades and a master of none. When you identify an industry, look for the most popular keywords that people use to find information similar to yours. Also, it could pay a lot if you look at your competitors’ SEO strategy, and try to make yours better.

You might look at your rank checker tool and find your site has ranked #9 on google results and call for a celebration. Not yet! The closer you get to the top, the better. Do not rest until you get a share of the clicks that are enjoyed by the #top5 sites.

High rankings don’t happen overnight.

You started your website a few days ago, and you cannot keep calm until your google rank checker shows that you are at the helm of Google search results. Things don’t work that way!

In SEO, you need to practice patience. Be consistent, and provide the quality that your target audience needs. Look for the best keywords, and use them strategically in your post. Don’t use low-quality links on your content, and ensure you optimize every image you use and every article you write. With time, the visibility of your brand will flourish, and you will become an SEO icon that everyone will desire to be associated with. You will smile every time you look at your Google rank checker, and business success will be part of you.

Another shocking fact is that even the facts mentioned above, and the tips, tricks, and techniques you read elsewhere will not bring instant success on your Google rank checker. Always stay on the loop with the latest trends in digital marketing, invest time and resources in inbound marketing, create super-quality content, and SEO success will come knocking.










Last modified: January 13, 2019



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