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It is the dream of every website owner to have considerable traffic flowing on their site at every time. Top brands pride in their ability to retain the loyalty of their audience over a long time, which translates to the high domain authority that gives them relevance in their industry. To compete with such brands, your goal should be centered around attracting new visitors on your platform, while retaining the existing ones.

Generally, there is no magic formula in getting SEO right. Which then raises the question, why do top brands seem always to have the online traffic flowing their way? As a website owner, you must know by now how to use the Google SEO checker, after which the insights should inform your future actions in improving your SEO efforts. Even then, to attract massive traffic requires intentional efforts enforced in the simplest ways. Below are some of the ways to increase traffic to your website.

Write better headers

People are drawn to strongly articulated headers that are interesting and eye-catching, as well as relevant to the content in question. It is a header that lets your audience know more on what the topic concerns. Before anyone can find interest in what you have to offer, they must be drawn to your work first.

Ideally, the headers you come up with must be interesting, and to get there, you may need to employ the use of the Google SEO checker, which gives you access to information on the progress of your optimization efforts. In the long run, you will end up optimizing your headers to align them to your SEO techniques, which includes adding relevant keywords, using questions to increase audience engagement, but more importantly, provokes people’s emotions.

Embrace long-tail keywords

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Keywords are the heart of audiences as they capture the very words that people use to find the information they want. In the optimization process, keywords are very vital to the success of the entire SEO strategy. The Google SEO checker can quickly point you toward some of the areas your SEO efforts are failing you, and if you do not get your keywords right, then that could be the whole reason your traffic flow is very frustrating.

When people are typing in words on search engines, they are trying to frame their need or problem in the best way possible. This means that if you want your site to be a solution to people’s problem, you must be in a position to correctly understand what they searchers intents were for specific key terms. In this case, it becomes more effective to lean toward the use of long-tail keywords because they are more descriptive, and therefore will provide the relevant solution to the appropriate query.

Be straightforward

A lot of the times, website owners think that the target audiences are overly concerned with gaining information that they do not care about the way it is passed to them. Quite the contrary, people, prefer a well-articulated piece of work, with clarity in ideologies and as straightforward as possible.

It is not enough that the Google SEO checker guide you through the best practices of website optimization, but also that you keep your traffic audience in perfect sync with your work. This means that your content must be free from the redundancy of thoughts, but most importantly of keywords. Do not fill up your page with keywords too much that it becomes unnatural. Not only will it be distasteful to your target audience, but will also sabotage your chances of ranking top on SERP.

Retain originality

One of the biggest risks a website owner can play around with when operating online is that of copying what other sites are doing. The technique is often familiar among small brands trying to carve a space for themselves amidst the stiff competition.

The challenge with this is that your ranking on search engines will be compromised, mostly because Google and other search engines do not fancy imitation and the absence of originality. The results from Google SEO checker will signal that your site is not performing well amongst your competitors.

Further, audiences are busy looking for fresh and unique material to consume online. If they find your website full of information they could get from other prominent sites, what makes you think they will click on your platform? If you are really interested in drawing massive traffic your way, ensure you come up with an appropriate balance between your curative and your original content.

Increase your word count

It is unlikely that people would view long-form content as suitable for higher rankings and mega traffic flow. The truth is that long-form content increases the time that a visitor spends on your website. When this happens, then it communicates to google and other search engines that your site is worth a look at, regarding valuable content and great user experience. At such times the Google SEO checker will denote a great performance in your optimization endeavors.

The more the number of words you incorporate in your work, the more information there is for people to find your site relevant, which gives your leverage over your competitors. For this reason, keep your word count at, at least 1000 words to 2000 maximum.

Use images

There is no telling the impact that images can have on a piece of work, given the popularity of visual communication in today’s world. The Google SEO checker provides you with intel on the performance of a post with and without an image. In most cases, close to 90% of the posts with images attract a high traffic flow than those without the pictures.

The logic behind this is that people are more intrigued visually before they are intellectual. This implies that people will see first before they can read to interpret meaning. Therefore, if your work is always accompanied by high-quality images, for example, photographs, memes, infographics, among others, then your traffic flow will improve by a significant percentage.

Keep your audience highly engaged

While striving to increase the number of visitors on your site, you can bank on the method of letting your current audience do the job for you. All you need to do is ensure that your existing audience is gratified by the kind of service you offer them, enough to recommend your platform to their circles.

The concept of social validation is one that could realize very positive results from the Google SEO checker for your website. Since people want to feel valued as part of the success story of your brand, the only way to achieve this is by keeping them highly engaged. You can accomplish this through methods like asking open ended-questions, organizing for competitions and giveaways, engaging in personal conversation, sharing audience-generated posts, among others.

Be active on social media

According to Google SEO checker, your optimization may be paying off, but your traffic may not be as consistent as possible. Various techniques help you maintain your website as conducive for your target audience, but to reach out to a broader audience, you must determine to expand your territories.

Ideally, social media platforms capture the most significant percentage of the internet population with distinct demographics. Such platforms converge people of different walks of life interested in entertainment, socialization and information exchange. Should you choose to capitalize on social media, you expose your brand to a broader audience. The best news with being an active social media user is that social media platforms have today become search engines on themselves, which means your brand’s visibility is consequently boosted. The more traction your brand gains on social media platforms, the higher the chances of improving the traffic on your website by a significant percentage.

Post frequently

‘Out of sight; out of mind.’ This saying rings true even on matters SEO. People are too busy looking for new material to consume online, that they do not have room to remember the name of your domain. In essence, if your target audience is to recognize your brand and rank you as relevant in that particular field, you have to give them reasons to do so, and in this case, it means sharing quality material frequently, but more importantly.

If you want the Google SEO checker to give your pleasing insights and reports, then you must be intentional in keeping the flow of your posts consistent. This means ensuring the time of the day, the day of the week, and the number of weeks in a month, in which you post, remain consistent. The best way to keep up with this kind of pressure is to automate scheduled posts.

Get your timing right

Let’s say you are consistent in the way you share your content, but still, the results from Google SEO checker are still not as excellent. Could it be that your timing is always wrong? What most people fail to realize is that the nature of the targeted audience differs from one brand to another. If some website owners are flourishing by posting their marketing campaigns in the morning hours, it does not mean it will work the same for you.

People fail to acknowledge that the time you choose to post your work should be closely equivalent to the time that your target audience is most likely to be online. If you embrace this technique, you will not only capture your existing audience accurately, but you will also increase the probability of other people finding your content relevant to them, hence boosting your traffic margins.

Advertise and promote your campaigns

You may be living under the assumption that perhaps your messages are not good enough to attract massive traffic, only to realize that you have been wrong the entire time. Usually, people’s timelines are flooded with too much information, among other things that act as a distraction to the primary course of searching for particular information.

While you may be deliberate on niching your marketing campaigns for a specific audience, it is not guaranteed that they will see your posts. Instead of waiting for the odds to work for your favour, opt for advertising every once in a while. Advertising increases your audience reach by a significant percentage, calling for more attention to your brand. With customized advertising as in Facebook advertising, you can reach out to audiences of a particular gender, location, age, purchasing power, among others. From there, the report you retrieve from the Google SEO checker will not be as frustrating as before.

Capitalize on referral traffic

Even while Google SEO checker insists on the essence of link-earning in SEO, the whole process of trying to persuade website to link back to your platform can be tedious, and somewhat overwhelming. Instead of this process, you can choose to capitalize on referral traffic, where the kind of content you generate lures website owners to link back to you.

This kind of know-how requires in-depth research and sobriety in compiling well-articulated ideas in your copies while maintaining originality. The secret is in identifying unexplored yet popular topic matters, then doing a great job in developing content along those lines.

Generally, driving traffic to your website is one thing, but for the traffic to be consistent and to keep increasing, you must ensure these efforts are sustained with the same degree of enthusiasm.

Last modified: January 13, 2019



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