You have read and heeded to every SEO advice you come across, but your cheap keyword checker seems not to recognize your efforts, and it is still showing that you are not ranking high on all the keywords you use.

Well, this should not give you sleepless nights because as I always say, SEO is not magic, and it will never give you the results you dream about overnight. You need to practice patience and blend it with hard work.

But sometimes, you find that you are doing a lot, but months later, your free keyword checker indicates that your site is yet to be ranked on the first page of Google search results, which is without a doubt the ultimate goal of every SEO.

This is something that has happened to me in the past, and it is an ordeal that I cannot wish someone else to go through. I remember I once launched a site that stayed for a year without ranking on the first page of google search results for almost a year! Yes, 12 months of hard work that never paid.

But I reworked my strategy using a few tactics I learnt, and eventually, my fast keyword checker showed that I was ranking high for all the keywords I had used. Though success took long to come by, I finally took delight in it, though I was on the verge of giving up.

Therefore, if you have been burning the midnight oil looking for keywords you believe will show good results when you monitor them using the cheap keyword checker you recently acquired from Serpbook, learn to wait, and your resilience and tolerance will never go unrewarded.

However, you don’t have to wait for a year to get results as I did. No! I outline the tactics I used below, and I believe if you use them correctly, they should help you get desirable results the next time you get analytic reports from your free keyword checker.

  1. Maintain strong content
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Figure 1. Maintain a strong content strategy. (Source:

No matter what you do to make sure you get high rankings on Google and other dominant search engines, I assure you that you will never succeed if you don’t focus on offering the value that your target market is looking for.

You might get the best keyword research tools that will give you popular keywords that can wow your fast keyword checker, but if you use them in low-quality content, be prepared for a rough journey ahead.

Remember, the more you deliver strong content in your site, the more users will trust your site, and the better your online credibility and reputation will be.

Advanced content is not only capable of driving massive traffic to your site, but it can also result in leads, conversions, and sales. Simply put, content is king, and it is and will remain the most critical factor in SEO.

Whenever you want to develop content that will skyrocket the numbers in your cheap keyword checker, think about your audience. Put yourself in their place, and ask yourself the type of content you would love to read. Doing this will enhance a positive user experience, which will lure search engines to award you with high rankings, and your click-through rates will increase tremendously.

Don’t use keywords just because you have to. It is wise not even to let your readers know the keyword you are targeting in your content. Position keywords naturally, and write original, compelling, and readable content. Then, look at your free keyword checker and smile at your progress!

  1. Use images in your content

Imagine reading a 2,000-word long article without any graphics in it. Boring, right? If it is boring to you, what makes you think that it will interest your reader?

You might be using images to market your content on social media, but your efforts will not yield much if you fail to use them in your blog posts or website pages.

When writing your content, don’t just think about Google, SEO, and Bing. You also want your fast keyword checker to show that you are ranking high on image-based search engines such as Google Images, right? To achieve this, you have no option but to use quality images in your text!

But the cheap keyword checker will not show that your images are helping you rank on search engines if you don’t optimize them. Therefore, you need to help the search engine spiders find these images. You can do this by using your focus keyword as the alt-text of every image. This will tell help the search engine in understanding the images.

Whenever you post an image, you will be asked to provide a description, alt text, caption, and title. To record the best results in your rank tracker and cheap keyword checker, write a description that Google understands, and be assured that you will reap high rankings from your images.

You can get high-quality images from loyalty-free sites such as Pixabay, from other related blogs (make sure you cite the source), or you can create your own graphics using tools such as Canva and Photoshop.

  1. Do through keyword research

Look – how do you expect your free keyword checker to show that your page is ranking for a keyword if you don’t look for popular words and phrases to use?

Factually, you cannot succeed in SEO if you don’t do keyword research. Let no one lie to you!

Keywords are the concrete that makes every other aspect of SEO. To get the best rankings, you have to write your content around terms that people use to search for similar information in your niche. Therefore, spend ample time figuring out the words and phrases that your target audience is using.

One sure-fire way of getting the results you have always wanted in your fast keyword checker is to look at the terms that your competitors are ranking for. Doing this is simple. Take the URL of a competing site that ranks better than yours and paste it in reputable tools such as Serpbook, which will give you the keywords the site is already ranking for. This tool will also give you alternative keywords that are probably not known to your competitors; thus giving you a competitive edge.

  1. Boost your site’s load speed

In case you have done thorough research and developed unique and popular keywords, but your cheap keyword checker still shows that you are ranking poorly for the keywords, check your site’s loading speed.

If it takes more than three seconds to load, know that high bounce rates are affecting your rankings!

You can use tools such as Google PageSpeed to test the speed of your site, and it will give you recommendations that can help you improve it and give your audience an exceptional experience.

Also, your hosting company might be the problem, and you might consider making some changes which might make a difference.

Optimizing the size of the images you have used in your content might also help improve your site load speed. The bottom line is, search engines want to give their users the best experiences; thus ensuring that your site loads fast enough might help you record high rankings on your free keyword checker.

  1. Talk to specialists in the field

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When I was stuck for a year without getting smile-inducing metrics on my fast keyword checker, I talked to an expert from a reputable SEO company, and here I am giving you advice on SEO!

In everything you do, remember that there is power in networking.

In the world we live in, we need each other to succeed. Remember that SEO experts have made it in the field, and if you want to join their league, seek help from them. I know that you might be forced to part away with a few bucks as consultation fee, but the insights you get will be worth every dime.

Tap into their marketing skills and knowledge by asking them as many questions as you can, and seek as much information as you need.

  1. Make use of WordPress SEO plugins

WordPress is a popular site hosting system, and if you are in it, making use of a host of SEO plugins available might help you get the success you want to attain in the cheap keyword checker.

One of the most recommended SEO plugins is Yoast SEO, which has helped many experts, including myself, get the top spot in the Google search results.

This plugin gives you an analysis of your SEO and content, by showing you the errors in both and giving you insights on how to fix them. If you have the budget, you can purchase Yoast premium which contains extra features such as a redirect manager, internal linking suggestions, and multiple keywords.

  1. Build backlinks
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Figure 2. Building High-quality Backlinks. (Source:

To maximise the results you get from your free keyword checker, build outbound and inbound links with sites in your niche. With internal links, you will be able to drive more traffic to other pages in your site, and external links will help your content travel a longer distance.

However, be warned that Google’s updated algorithm doesn’t show mercy to sites jammed with low-quality links. Remember, search engines have a mandate to offer their users with a great experience, and if you help them with this, be assured that you will enjoy high rankings. If you are lured to getting poor links, your sites might be deindexed sooner or later.

In every piece of content you publish, I advise that you take your time and look for three quality links from the authoritative sites. They will add on to the high ranking metrics you record on your fast keyword checker!


  1. Use videos in your content

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Today, videos have become result-fetching content. It is no wonder YouTube videos are dominating Google search results.

A prudent way to ensure that your YouTube videos contribute to the overall ranking of your site is through writing a compelling description.

The reason why most people don’t get the best out of their YouTube videos is because they either leave the description box blank, or they add a few words that add no value.

For your video, write a long description that contains your focus keywords. Remember, Google cannot watch a video; thus it will rely on the description to determine its value.

Writing compelling and emotionally-charged descriptions to your video descriptions that contain your focus keywords will go a long mile in making a considerable difference to your rankings.

Fetching analytic reports on your that show you are ranking high for all the keywords you use is not a vicious cycle with these tips at your disposal. Act on each one of them, and I will be more than delighted to find your site at the helm of Google search results. Best of Luck!








Last modified: January 21, 2019



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