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It may come as a surprise, but it is worth noting that every second Google receives 40,000 search queries. If you sum it up to the numbers received in a day and a month, it is mind-boggling. If you have a website, what does it mean for your business? Those are leads and conversions. However, you need also to realise that you are not the only business that has an online presence. There is immense competition. Businesses are all fighting to have keyword position checker in Google showing something positive.

What that means is that your SEO needs to be unmatched for you to get good reports on keyword position checker online software. Amazing SEO means that you will be able to connect with your audience in a way that no other method would allow. When talking of SEO, it is essential for you to remember that organic traffic has a significant role to play.

Google keyword position checker tool is more likely to show better ranks if your traffic is organically generated. But what is the fuss about? Well, organic traffic gives you better ranking online, implies that your brand has credibility and it is an excellent way of inbound marketing. Remember that the core goal is to create steady traffic that gives your business leads that are later converted into sales.

Which tactics should you use to increase your organic page ranking and keyword ranking on keyword position checker tool? The following are strategies that you could use to increase your organic page ranking


  1. Content is king
Keyword Rank Checker In Google

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Content will always be emphasised. It is just not content: quality content. Quality content entails material that is relevant and useful to the users. Quality content goes all the way from the use of relevant keywords. If you adhere to that, then you are bound to get satisfactory reports on keyword position checker in Google. The reverse is also true. Content that is meaningless will only increase your page’s bounce rates and lower the dwell time: which you are well aware will affect your page ranking negatively. High bounce rate means that you have not given the users value.

To attract more traffic to your site, you need to ensure that your content is relevant and fresh at any given time. More so, they will be compelled to come back. Something else that you may not have known is that if users feel that your content is excellent, they will bookmark it and consequently improve your SEO ranking.

  1. Optimise your loading speed

You might have unique keywords that have the potential to decorate keyword position checker online software. However, if you are unable to optimise your page loading speed, you will interfere with that. If your page takes more than four seconds to load, the users will exit and go for a different page. What does that do to your site? The bounce rates will increase, and as aforementioned, Google will judge you by that.

Do not let the page loading speed weigh down on the work that you are doing on Keyword position checker in Google. Optimising your page loading speed will require you to enable image compression, get rid of unnecessary redirects and leverage the browser cache. Improving your page loading speed will keep the users coming and stay, increasing your dwell time: which unlike the bounce rates will mean well for your SEO ranking.

  1. Improve formatting

Many are the times that you will find that most web owners do not give much care to the user-friendliness of their websites. Well, it has everything to do with increased dwell time and subsequent visits. When the user experience is unmatched, the visitors will tend to spend more time on your website. You should be mindful of the architecture of your website. Does it give the users an easy time navigating your site? If not, you need to consider revising your format to provide the users with an easy and enjoyable time while on your website.

Ensure that everything is organised and neat. You can start by having shorter paragraphs, ample space in lines separating the paragraphs and the ideal font size to ensure that the users can easily read your content. Together with the proper use of keywords, you will rank for a high dwell time, high traffic and keywords on keyword position checker online.

  1. Authenticity

It goes without saying. In all occasions, you will always be rewarded for being original. SEO is no different. Having duplicate content, for instance, will attract penalties. Remember that you can never shine by having someone’s voice. Have your individuality in SEO and your site will reap for that. Originality starts using keywords.

Look at it this way; there is a keyword that you and other seven competitors in your niche are using. What that means is that the eight of you will be competing to be ranked using that keyword. However, if you can create your keyword, you will be competing with no one. If you check on Google keyword position checker tool, you will find that you are at the top of the list.

Do not be tempted to use content from another site. You will be doing your SEO more harm than good. To be safe, you can also use plagiarism checkers to ensure that there is no similar content online.

  1. Use images

Do you want to rank for organic traffic? Then you need to incorporate images if you haven’t already. Why are images important in SEO? As the saying goes, pictures speak louder than words. It is true. People tend to be more attracted by visuals. Content that has images tends to attract more users than only text content does.

To boost your SEO, you also need to optimise your images. How do you go about it? Well, you can start with using quality images. Anything less will make you look bad. Also, it is essential to optimise the file size so that it does not interfere with your page loading speed.

  1. Header tags

What are header tags? Header tags are simply headings in your SEO. You might be top on Google keyword position checker tool, but working on a header tag will make your site benefit more. You should not leave your wall looking plain. Header tags improve the readability of your content. More so, use of keywords in your header tags will automatically improve your search rankings. It means better reports on keyword position checker tool.

Provided you use the proper header tags, the users will keep coming back for more.

  1. Meta description

Keyword Rank Checker In Google

For you to get hold of that organic traffic, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of Meta description. Why? It gives the first impression of your site. If you can do an excellent job with it, visitors will start flocking your page. The Meta description is the sneak peek of your website that appears in the search results.

If you work smart around this, you will reap the benefits even on a keyword position checker tool. How so? Note that a good Meta description is inclusive of a keyword. Also, it shouldn’t be too long. Around 155 words is a good length, however, ensure that it does not miss anything that’s in the content. Why not take advantage of an opportunity to rank on keyword position checker in Google and at the same time create steady traffic. Remember that a Meta description gives the first impression. Therefore, grammatical errors and typos are not acceptable.

  1. Readability

One, you need to use a language that your audience will understand. Regardless of the intellect that your audience holds, there is no need to use complex terms that will make the users go back to the dictionary now and then. Instead, you can focus on using quality keywords as they will give you good reports on keyword position checker in Google.

Together with good site architecture, you will be able to attract and retain traffic. How do you improve a site’s readability? Make your content easy to read and understand. Use of images, a good font, detail and short paragraphs will go a long way in making your content readable.

  1. Outbound links
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Outbound links are the links that originate from your site pointing to other authority sites. What is the advantage of creating outbound links? It improves the authority of your site. More so, it helps the search engine understand your content. It also makes your website trustworthy. If you can link to authority sites, you are also likely to benefit from social media share. Outbound linking to authority sites will also give you something for your keyword position checker tool and keyword position checker in Google.

Did you also know that you could get backlinks for your outbound links? Well, now you know. If a web owner notices that you have been linking to their site, the chances are high that he will also link to your site. Again, the use of backlinks is an excellent way of attracting organic traffic and creating authority for your site. You should, however, be careful when selecting a site to link to. If you pick a spammy site, it will only hurt your SEO.  More so, the site has to be relevant to your niche. It is the only way you will be able to attract quality traffic: that is more likely to turn to conversions.

  1. Invest in Keyword research

The sites that have good positions in keyword position checker in Google have invested a significant amount of time in doing keyword research. If you did the same today, you would have a testimony to give on keyword position checker in Google.

Keyword research helps you know the types of keywords that your competitors are using and the ones that they are ranking for. It also gives you ideas on creating your keywords which will also give you an upper hand in keyword position checker in Google. To make your work easy, you can employ keyword research tools.

If you can do proper keyword research you will: increase your conversions, know how to use keywords better, prioritise your time and get a deeper insight into the marketing trend.

Keywords remain an important subject when it comes to SEO and organic traffic. It is for that reason that websites are looking to impressing keyword position checker in Google by employing the best keyword practices. You should, however, incorporate the ten points above for your site to rank organically. Many benefits come with organic traffic, as opposed to paid ads. One is the cost advantage, there is also the aspect of credibility and having the edge over the competition by blocking their pages on search results.




Last modified: January 12, 2019



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