To create a successful digital marketing campaign and gain maximum exposure that will make your keyword rank checker reveal that you are ranking high on google requires serious keyword research. Yes, regardless of the amount of money you have pumped into your SEO plan, you will not succeed if you don’t invest in the best tools and create ample time for this vital undertaking.

With everyone able to launch a blog and publish content in this digital era, you will find extensive information concerning how to do keyword research and get the best results in the online rank checker. Different bloggers will give you different information on what you need to do to succeed in SEO, and this leaves many perplexed, not knowing which advice they should follow. They end up choosing the wrong advice, and eventually, their keyword rank checker shows that they are not ranking for all the keywords they used.

If you have done keyword research before, you can bear witness that this exercise is not a stroll in the park. It is not one of those simple fixes you do, and they translate into improved results on your online rank checker. No! There is a lot of time, energy, and resources that go into it. But then you might ask, with all the information available online, which strategy should I follow to get the results I have always desired in my keyword rank checker?

Well, I will not call myself an SEO doctor, but somehow, I always have a fix for all your problems!

Since I have been in the online world for a long time, I have learned a lot of things through my own experience and a lot of research. Previously I used to follow a basic and well-laid plan that I had extracted from a certain website, and I believed that was the only way my Google keyword rank checker could show that my site was doing great in Google and other search engines.

Unfortunately, the Online SEO rank checker I had acquired from Serpbook, and one I still use to date showed fluctuating metrics which left me worried.

But then I found a way. One that worked well for me, and still works great for all sites I work on, whether mine or for my clients. They are top-guarded secrets that can yield sweet fruits on a Google keyword checker, which no one, including your most trusted SEO, will not tell you about. Are you ready to blow your mind? Keep reading!

Always use multiple sources to get your keywords

This is the secret number one. If there are metrics you have always been dreaming about and you want to see them in your Online SEO rank checker, don’t trust one source because you believe it’s the best. Get out of your comfort zone and look for more. It doesn’t hurt!

Well, to record the best ranking for a keyword on your google rank checker, you need the best-paid tools such as Serpbook and maybe a free tool such as Google keyword planner, but I can tell you for free – you will never beat your competitors who use multiple resources to get their keywords. This is a fact!

Well, tools like Serpbook provide the best potential keywords that you cannot get anywhere else in the market; thus it is highly recommended. However, owing to the fact that different keyword research tools use different data to fetch for keywords, it is advisable to have Serpbook, and a host of other arsenals, so that you cannot miss out on any popular keyword. With many potential keywords drawn from a number of tools, you can rest assured that there are fewer chances of your Online rank checker recording low rankings on google or any other search engine.

But wait, should you depend on Serpbook and other tools alone?

Good question! The answer to this question is negative!

Google autosuggestion feature is another resource you should pay keen attention to since it can help you find the most popular words and phrases people are searching for. For example, if your content will be based around SEO, all you will need to do is type the word “SEO” in the google search box, and the autosuggestion feature will give you the popular terms that people search for around this area a shown below:

rank keyword checker

Apart from Google autosuggestion, the related searches box at the bottom of Google search results is another resource you can use to get popular keywords that will result in excellent results in the google keyword rank checker. See below:

rank keyword checker


Create a blend of long-tail keywords and body keywords

This is secret number two. Well….don‘t blink yet. Keep reading because this can save you from the poor rankings you have been recording on your Online rank checker!

One of the biggest mistakes most of my clients make, and I believe you make sometimes is to target single-word keywords, which are commonly known as ‘head keywords.’ These words are specific, and highly competitive since they don’t in any way reflect the buyer’s intent. Therefore, if you are writing about SEO and you use the word ‘SEO’ in your content, the Google algorithm will not know what you are talking about, and this might be the cause of the low rankings you recorded last time on your keyword rank checker.

You want to win, and see reports on the Online SEO rank checker that show you are ahead of your competition, right?

The secret is simple, avoid head keywords, and instead create a perfect mix of long-tail and body keywords.

Body keywords are those that contain 2-3 words. They are more specific and contain more buyer-intent that head keywords. On the other hand, long-tail keywords, on the other hand, are those that have more than four words. They are super-specific, less competitive, and communicate the buyers’ intent. Well, long-tail keywords alone will not necessarily help you record high traffic on your Google keyword rank checker, but they have high chances of converting.

To mine the internet gold that you have always wished for, use body and long-tail keywords and make them sound as natural as you can. Then, look at your Online SEO rank checker and see the difference yourself!

Group your potential keywords according to buyer intent

rank keyword checker

Figure 1: Keywords with intent. (Source:

When you come across the words and phrases that you believe will save the deteriorating metrics you are recording in your Google keyword rank checker, it is time to group them according to the intent of your target market.

Essentially, user intent is categorized into three major categories.

  1. Transactional
  2. Informational
  • Navigational

Well, as an SEO expert, I advise you to ignore the third category and

For example, if the users will be finding something like ‘how to find the most durable show,’ then you will need to classify your keywords under informational intent. However, if the buyer is looking for ‘the best shoes in 2018,’ classify the keywords under the transactional category.

But here is the trick

As you create the content strategy for your website, create a balance between transactional and informational keywords. Simply put, create a blend of these categories, and in no time, your Google keyword rank checker will show that you are ranking high on your keywords in google and other dominant search engines.

Always use keywords naturally. Don’t write like a robot.

This is what most small business owners forget. Instead of writing their content for the reader, they do it for the search engine, and this is why they lose it all. Read the following:

“Buying the best pair of shoes is a prudent decision. If you get the best pair of shoes, you will doubtlessly make heads turn. The best pair of shoes can also make you a fashion star. Don’t waste your time with cheap shoes, but rather, but the best pair of shoes since the best pair of shoes…”

This is boring, right? The keyword is ‘best pair of shoes, but the fact that it is overused and doesn’t appear naturally makes the piece boring, and I can assure you your Online rank checker will not record the best rankings of this is the type of content you develop.

Look, if you are a star in writing, you can use a keyword, and a reader will not know which keyword you are targeting, but the search engine will.

Let’s start here, which keyword am I targeting in this post? I am pretty sure you don’t know!

This is the secret, write for the reader, but think about the search engine. Focus on what the user wants to hear, and the rankings you have been yearning for will be recorded in your Online rank checker sooner or later.

Take your time!


Yes, to get keywords that will record the best results in the keyword rank checker, don’t rush. Take your time and find the best!

In case you are too excited to launch your new website, you will undoubtedly target the wrong keywords, or find yourself in a situation where you are competing with the wrong industry. Eventually, your Online SEO rank checker will show you that your site is not ranking high in Google.

Do your keyword research before you write your content. Take all the time you need. Sometimes, I even take a few weeks doing keyword research, and the results of my hard work are displayed every time I monitor my site on my Online rank checker.

Tip: to get results that show you are ranking for a keyword on your keyword rank checker, research keywords before writing your content and optimize them when writing the content. This way, they will sound natural, and this might increase your chances of getting traffic and ranking high.


Research, the keyword strategy of your competitors

rank keyword checker

Figure 2: competitor-based keyword research. (Source:

Yes, your Online SEO rank checker will show you that your site is ranked ahead of your competition if you actually ‘stalk’ the competitor!

Yes, to succeed in every aspect of SEO, keyword research included, never ignore your rivals. Always know what they are up to regarding your keyword usage. You can use tools such as Serpbook, which comes with an easy-to-use keyword rank checker to research your competition. Look at the strategies they use to find the words and phrases that make them rank better than you. Also, check how they place the keywords in their content for maximum results.

When you do this, endeavor to make your research strategy better. Borrow a few techniques from them, but be unique in your own way. In no time, your Online rank checker might reveal that you are on top of google search results, and the rivals will spend sleepless nights trying to stay ahead of you.

There you have it! These are some of the secrets that can help you get the results you desire in your keyword rank checker. Now that you have unearthed them, why don’t you use them to your advantage?







Last modified: January 21, 2019



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