Figure 1: source-
Figure 1: source-

You want to develop an SEO strategy that will give you the best results on your Google keyword rank checking software. But there is one big challenge…

You are the SEO of your business, and you have to take care of everything else. Therefore, you cannot get the time to develop the strategy yourself, and you will need a helping hand.

You decide to turn to your IT team. However, they are too busy developing apps and software that will keep the business running; hence it will take some time to have the strategy running – but you don’t have the time!

Luckily, you can outsource SEO services considering that there are thousands of SEO agencies in the modern market. You decide to work with the one you believe will give you the results you desire when you check keyword rankings on the rank checking software.

There is another challenge…the number of SEO experts available in today is overwhelming; hence you are perplexed, and you cannot determine one who will ensure results in the cheap keyword rank checking tool, from the one whose goal is to mint money from unsuspecting clients such as yourself.

Well, you need to know that not all SEO experts were made equal. There are those who are super-professional, while there are those who have no idea of what SEO is. All they want is money, and when they get it, they might offer shoddy services, or better still, run away without providing any services.

At one point in my SEO career, I decided to work with an SEO agency because I felt that I was paying too much to my team, but my Google keyword rank checking software kept showing that I was ranking poorly on all keywords I used. Simply put, I was not getting a return on investment.

I made one big mistake!

I went to the market and picked the first expert I came across. I worked with them for months, parting with hundreds of dollars in the process. If you think that I got the results I desired in the cheap keyword rank checking tool, you are wrong! In fact, my rankings kept dropping considerably. After a small investigation, I noticed that I was working with quacks!

When I fired them, I decided to take my time and hire the best SEO expert that I could find. There were specific qualities I was looking for, and when I got the ideal expert who had them all, today my blog rank checker shows that I am ranked among the #top 5 in various search engines.

I don’t want you to make a mistake I did some years back. I want your Google keyword rank checking software always to record success. Below, I present the qualities you need to look for in a good SEO expert. Keep reading!

  1. Experience

They say experience is the best teacher. This saying applies in many situations in life, and SEO is one of them.

If you want to hire an SEO expert who will do everything possible to ensure that you get metrics on your cheap keyword rank checking tool that show your keywords are on top of the game, you need to go for one who has passed the test of time.

Today, Google emphasizes the need for domain strength and page rankings – and this has led to the sprouting of thousands of SEO experts. But as I mentioned earlier, not all of them know what SEO is all about. Google and other search engines update their algorithms regularly, which means that tactics that give you great ranking reports on your YouTube rank checker and keyword checker could be the poison that damages your online reputation today. Therefore, a top SEO expert is one who is always on the loop with the happenings in the online world and is quick to know what gives results and what doesn’t. This skill can only be gained through experience.

Also, to get the analytic reports you have always wanted in your Google keyword rank checking tool, a good SEO expert needs to develop a personalized SEO strategy. No website is similar to another. What works for your site may not necessarily work for another. The expert of your dreams will be aware of this fact and will do whatever he can to make sure that he develops a strategy that will keep your site ahead of the competition.

If you go for a novice SEO expert, there is a high probability that he will be using the same SEO strategy for different sites, and this will have little or no impact to the ranking of your site. Worse still, this could damage the online credibility of the site you have worked hard to develop.

The bottom line is if you want to get an SEO expert who will make sure you always record the best reports in your cheap keyword rank checking software, go for one who has years of experience in the industry. I guarantee yourself you will always thank yourself.

  1. A portfolio of success

As the saying goes, ‘talk is cheap!’

When you are out in the market looking for an expert who will develop the best SEO strategy, every agency you come across will assure you that with them, you will always record top rankings in your cheap keyword rank checking software. But they will use word of mouth!

If your ultimate goal is to find an expert who will work for you with the utmost professionalism, ask for a portfolio of success.

A good SEO expert knows that with time, he will be asked of what he has done in the past as a proof that he can offer his clients with the best. Therefore, he will endeavor to keep a record of success, which can easily be retrieved when the need arises.

A newcomer in the field of SEO will depend on blog posts and website content that give various tactics and tips on how to do SEO. This is what they will use in your business. This is not a wrong move, though doing this is not a sure way of recording high rankings on different search engines on your keyword rank checking software. A good SEO expert will give you a few references you can contact before you sign a contract with them. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are working with a person who has satisfied other clients in the past, and you are sure that to maintain his reputation, he will most certainly do an excellent job for you.

  1. An understanding of various levels of SEO

If the expert you want to work with only understands basic SEO, rest assured that you will continue getting poor metrics on your Google keyword rank checking software.

A good SEO expert should have a deep understanding of these three facets of SEO:

Technical level- this involves the overall website architecture, search engine crawling and indexing. The best SEO expert should know what these are, how they work, and how to fix issues when they arise.

On-page SEO- this involves using HTML tags and keywords in such a way that they will lead to traffic and better rankings in a site.

Off-page SEO- a good SEO expert should build a relationship with other website owners, webmasters, and bloggers to build strong links for your website.

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A successful SEO strategy is one which creates a blend of the above faucets. A good SEO expert should know when to use each one of them in a bid to ensure that the clients get desirable results in the keyword rank checking software.

In addition, the best SEO expert is one who understands the technical limitations of your site and advises your web developers on what to do to fix particular issues that might ultimately hurt your rankings.

If you work with a new expert who doesn’t understand these three levels of SEO, Google might not be able to access every aspect of your content, and at the end of the day, all your efforts might seem futile.

  1. A clear understanding of your goals
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Whenever you are looking for a good SEO expert, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my SEO consultant understand what I need to achieve?
  • Do they appreciate my goals?
  • I want to focus on conversions, will they help me do it?
  • Will they raise my web pages within SERPs?
  • Will they increase my domain strength?
  • Will they look for keywords that will make me record better ranking reports in my keyword rank checking tool?

Since SEI is a vital element of your digital marketing strategy, work with an expert who appreciates your goals and helps you achieve them. If you work with a quack who makes your SEO strategy a get-rich-quick scheme, rest assured that you will not get value for money, and your overall SEO will be a disaster.

  1. Cutting-edge equipment

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When you visit multiple SEO consultants looking for the best to work with, one way to discern the good from the bad is by looking for the quality of the tools they use.

SEO agencies need a host of tools to work. They will need those that display rankings, those that enable them to list websites in various directories, and others that aid in keyword research.

There are many SEO tools in the online world, but if you are lucky to find one that uses Serpbook for all their SEO needs, consider working with them. This is one of the best tools in the market that can assure you maximum SEO success.

  1. Communication skills
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Imagine working with an SEO expert who will never give you feedback on anything. He will never answer to your queries, their seriousness notwithstanding. When you call to know how your site is doing on various search engines, he will ask you to call later since he is busy. Would you be happy to work with such a person? Certainly not!

A great SEO expert has excellent communication skills. He will tell you when something goes wrong, and when something to celebrate pops up. He will know how to work with different people, and how to use communication to get jobs completed effectively and efficiently.

A top SEO expert will never fail to answer your questions no matter what. He understands that he cannot do everything on his own; hence he will have to incorporate 2-way communication that will help him pass his concerns to the senior management of your business or your web developers. This fosters a strong working relationship between your team and that of the agency.

It doesn’t matter whether you are creating a new website or redesigning an existing one. If all you need is an SEO expert, who will guarantee you the best results in the keyword rank checking software, always go for the best. Look for the above qualities, carry your instincts along, and you will never go wrong in your choice.



Last modified: January 13, 2019



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