SEO has come a long way since its inception, with millions of website owners having mastered the intricate basics of optimizing a site for the target audience as well as for search engines, as depicted in the use of keyword rank tracker. As millions of websites continue to sprout online, it is undeniable that people all over the world appreciate the essence of SEO.

In my many decades of successfully running my website online, there are a few things I have learned that have allowed me to stay a couple of steps ahead of my competitors. Ideally, the competition is stiffer because of technology like the SEO keyword rank tracker, as well as the fact that many brands are fighting for a spot on the first page of Google. Do you want to survive and thrive through such tough environments? Then, here are 12 SEO lessons I learned over the decades that could help you.

Never try to outsmart Google

After grasping some expertise in using a keyword rank tracker, for example, it is easy for a website owner to think that they can outsmart Google. Webmasters begin to manipulate content and keywords in such a way to make Google rank their site higher, even though the quality is compromised.

If you spend a lot of your time finding loopholes in Google’s algorithm to exploit, you will waste time that could otherwise go toward properly optimizing your site. Instead, take advantage of the free rank tracker, among other SEO tools, to help you align your platform to the best SEO practices. You will soon realize that the essential thing in optimization is following through with the demands of Google, especially given the fact that Google so often changes its ranking algorithm. At the least of things, remember that Google cares for high quality and excellent user experience.

SEO strategies work differently for different sites

Before you get frustrated over some of your SEO efforts not paying off despite employing the free rank tracker, consider that the approach working for another website may not work for you. Among the underlying reasons are the differences in the target audience, the type of product and brand. Take an instance where the Keyword rank tracker points you toward the most suitable keywords, and instead of your site showing up on the first page for those searches, your competitors take it away.

Such is an indicator that perhaps your call-to-action, goals and target audience differed entirely from that of your competitors. Instead of focusing too much on copying and pasting what other websites are doing, try to learn from your previous strategies. After mastering the best SEO practices, keep adjusting them based on your experience, not that of other sites.

People’s searches are not like you expect them to be

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Every webmaster understands the need to study their target audience is ordered to be a relevant and timely solution to their needs adequately. It explains why the use of Keyword rank tracker is common. However, I have come to understand that people do not search for things the way you would expect them to. They are mostly not straightforward in stating their need because most of the times they are not even sure what particular problem they have at hand.

Your target audience knows which answers they are looking for, but that does not mean they know what to search for to get that response. At this point, you will also understand the value of a free rank tracker tool in your SEO endeavors. The best way to strategize for this is to keep adjusting your SEO strategies and approaches as you learn more about the dynamic behavior of your audience, even when it means giving up the use of your free rank tracker tool.

Creativity is a life-saver

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A lot of the best SEO practices stress on tactics and specific techniques, with is where a free rank tracker gains popularity, but tactics are not everything. As changes continue to occur from different dimensions, tactics can fail, but with creativity, you will always have an alternative to handling issues. For example, if your SEO keyword rank tracker does not entirely give you the terms you need, you can consult your social media followers with questions on what kind of content they would want from you.

Take auditing seriously

Whether or not you think your SEO efforts are paying off correctly, you must never overlook the significance of auditing your site. Like you would take your time with an SEO keyword rank tracker to find the perfect terms for generating relevant, high-quality content, consider re-evaluating your website periodically. The problem with most website owners is that they figure that since the current SEO strategies worked for them the previous year, say using the free rank tracker tool, they will continue to be as effective in the following years.

Quite the contrary, there are lots of changes you must anticipate in SEO, ranging from audience change to algorithmic changes by search engines. If you do not remain flexible in your strategies, you may never know when your efforts begin to fail you. This is why auditing your site is very vital because it allows you to track your progress, as you do with keywords using the keyword rank tracker. Try weekly or monthly check-ups to ensure to hunt down the loopholes that can sabotage your SEO operation, while re-evaluating the effectiveness of your tactics.

Read a lot

The easiest route to becoming a better writer is by being the best reader. The more content you expose your brain to, the more you can come up with better content that your target audience can enjoy. By reading articles from other bloggers, you get a different perspective of thing, giving you a new way of framing your content to better reach out to your target audience.

Once you become a regular reader of other people’s works and publications within your industry, it becomes a lot easier for you not only to write great content but also be better in using the keyword rank tracker to find the perfect keywords for your web pages. It is also the safest way to avoid plagiarising people’s work because then you are very aware of the kind of material that other people are already sharing with the public. This technique also allows you to borrow a couple of methods from your competitors so you can become better than them.

Relationship building goes a long way

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In my decades of practicing SEO, I have met different people in different positions as regards a company set up. Interacting with various parties in the same industry as I always brought in fresher ideas to work with, as well as provide new opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and even competitions. As regards SEO, you cannot avoid relationship build, because if anything, the establishment of relations is highly encouraged.

The kinds of ties you keep with your audiences, customers, competitors, and other brands go a long way in ascertaining the success of your SEO strategies. At the least of things, these relationships are your tickets to earning links from other sites, not to mention, capitalizing on referral traffic. Regardless of how good you are with the free rank tracker tool, if you do not keep your relationships in check, then you will be selling yourself short as to matters SEO success.

Social media platforms have become search engines

Today things have changed, thanks to technology, so much that social media is not just about finding long lost friends and hooking up. These platforms have become very fundamental in conducting most online practices, and that mainly includes searching for information. Statistics show that when people cannot find a brand online, they render the brand as non-existence. This could still be the case, even when your brand strongly exists on Google searches, or Bing and Yahoo.

Essentially, people are willing to believe any information they find on social media, and if you do not beat them to it, it is highly likely for them to fabricate any information they deem fit as regards your brand. In this light, it is necessary that you make it a priority to remain active on social media platforms, more so, YouTube, which is now the second largest search platform online. You can even use your SEO keyword rank tracker to come up with terms you can use as hashtags and primary keywords for your content on social media platforms.

Your competitors are your friends

Much as you may feel like your competitors are out to get you, when it comes to SEO, consider them as friends. There is to learn from their technique, particularly in finding how they handle their audiences and their method for keyword use in their content. For example, do they use the SEO keyword rank tracker to find keywords or not? Make sure you keep them as your friends, so you can always have someone to mirror from when sharing your marketing campaigns.

Navigation matters a lot

From Google’s algorithm for ranking, you must know by now that the user experience of your site goes a long way in determining your position on SERP. However, I must emphasize that my experiences in SEO have taught me that navigation matters a lot. People need to move from one point to another comfortably, and from page to the next on your platform with ease. Do not be deceived that the Keyword rank tracker is the only solution to all your SEO problems. You must make an effort to make your website highly navigable.

You must make your site very user-friendly as well as search friendly so much that your audience does not have a hard time finding the information they want. This goes for your drop-down menus, widgets, and sidebars. They must be in clear font, in appropriate positions, and responsive. Make sure that the essential information is presented before the other details. These few tweaks could bring you a significant difference in your traffic flow as well as SERP position.

Feedback and reviews matter

In SEO, it matters a lot what your audience think about your brand. While you may not be after social validation as a brand, the fact that you are operating online means that you need to have your audience’s trust in the kind of mannerisms you project through the content you share, the people you interact with, and the way you respond to feedback.

Other than using the keyword rank tracker to address the needs of your audience directly, you can consider their feedback as important. When your audience reaches out to you, they are trying to make themselves matter to your brand. The way you handle the feedback, especially the negative comments, can mean the difference between a high traffic flow of loyal customers, and a shaky audience base. Make sure you seek reviews from your audience and keep up with their feedback if you are interested in succeeding in SEO.

Don’t obsess over rankings and traffic

Overall, you could be doing pretty well with your optimization process, but still not get the results you want. While it could get discouraging and frustrating, understand that SEO takes time, which means months and not days, as well as consistent efforts. In another light, you may also be ranking for some keywords, but not all of them. This means that if you keep employing the use of free rank tracker tool soon enough, you will yield positive results. Be patient with yourself as you allow your ranking and traffic flow to improve with time.


Last modified: January 21, 2019



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