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Your site is probably on WordPress, which is the largest free open-source content management system based on MySQL and PHP. You have used it to manage your site, and you have followed every basic element you have read on the internet, but when you look at your ranking for a keyword in the google keyword ranker software, the results ruin your expectations.

But a lot has changed in WordPress over the past few years, and more change is expected as we come to the end of 2018.

This means, therefore, that some WordPress you used a few years ago and which results in smile-inducing metrics in the keyword rank checker tool will not necessarily work today.

SEO is continually in a flux as search engines continue to update their algorithm in a bid to provide more value to their ever-growing user populace. Therefore, as a website owner or digital marketer, you also need to update your ranking strategies if you want to stay relevant in the broad online market.

For example, several years ago, I could optimize my site for desktop viewing only, and still get the best metrics when I monitored my rankings for a keyword using the google keyword ranker software. But not today! OI have to put in a lot of work and ensure that my site is compatible with various screen sizes and devices, especially mobile devices. Mobile friendliness has become a critical ranking factor for Google and other search engines.

In the coming year, we are certainly going to see lots of changes in the field of SEO. This is the reason why in this post, I will talk about some strategies you can use to dominate WordPress, and record high ranking reports during your daily rank tracking with the keyword ranker tool. We shall discuss a few changes you will find in WordPress in 2018, and what to do about them so that you can achieve SEO success as we usher in 2019. Stop what you are doing and keep reading!

Make Google RankBrain happy at all times

keyword ranker

If you are a novice in the field of SEO, RankBrain is probably a new term to you. Well, this is a machine learning system used by Google to sort results. It is part of the artificial intelligence that has transformed the internet in this day and era. Well, this might surprise you, but Google RankBrain is among the top three ranking factors this dominant search engine uses to rank website.

This means one thing. If at all you want your keyword ranker tool to record high rankings in Google, you need to make the RankBrain happy. There is no argument about that!

How do you achieve this?

There are two main ways you can please the RankBrain. They are:

  1. Create engaging content that will increase a user’s time on page

If you can keep users for a long time in your site as they explore every detail in search of information that they deem valuable, Google RankBrain will be delighted and will reward you with high rankings, and you put a broad smile on your face every time you look at your Google keyword ranker tool.

The solid question is, how do you keep readers glued to your content for a long time?

Simple! Create engaging content. This means that you should not depend on articles alone. Where possible, make use of videos, audios, and podcasts to complement your content. Also, make sure you create a website with a responsive design, and ensure your pages are easy to navigate. With this, you can be assured of SEO success in no time.

If you have been recording high bounce rates on the rank tracking free software, you should know from the outset that Google RankBrain is not happy with your site, and this is why you are not on the first page of SERPs. But you can reverse this by increasing user engagement.

  1. Click-through rates

For Google RankBrain to rank your site, it will need to analyze the rate in which users click on your site in search results. You can improve your CTR by;

  • Using long-tail keywords that make it easy for users to find your content
  • Write concise but effective Meta descriptions
  • Have a schema markup in your site which is the key factor to a richer, and more interactive content on Google search results
  • Use quality images in your content and optimize them
  • Create a descriptive URL for every page

Well, they say that you cannot please everyone, but if you want to improve the ranking reports you get on your Google keyword ranker software, pleasing Google RankBrain is not an option. It is something that should be at the helm of your to-do list.

Prepare yourself for voice search

keyword ranker

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I am a lazy nerd, and I hate typing. Therefore, whenever I need specific information on the internet, I will just talk to my phone and boom! The results will pop up in a second.

Technology has greatly evolved, and now, search engines, specifically Google can understand the human language. Therefore, if you can use WordPress to optimize your site for voice search, your keyword ranker tool should record high rankings in no time.

Look, according to research, 40% of adults using the internet performed at least one voice search a day in 2016 alone. This simply means that about 20% of the total mobile searches that year were done through voice search.

By now, these numbers have significantly skyrocketed, and tech experts project that voice searches will continue to grow in the coming years.

This is a part of WordPress SEO that you need to prepare in 2018 so that you can get ready for its impact in the coming year. To do this, first read your content aloud, so that you can get a glimpse of what your target market will hear it. If you are using Yoast SEO, take a keen look at its readability panel, so that you be able to fix a host of issues that might compromise your content’s readability.

Also, to ensure that voice search helps you record great rankings for every keyword you use when you check your site in the Google keyword ranker software, research for long-tail keywords. In fact, if you can use questions and full sentences as keywords, the better. This is mainly because most people using voice searches are not necessarily looking for random articles, but seeking answers to specific inquiries.

For your keyword ranker tool to show that you have secured position #1 in Google serps, provide accurate and factual answers to every question you use as a keyword. This will also go a long mile in improving your content and domain authority.

Get ready for mobile-first indexing

Is your site optimized for mobile? If you still believe that Google looks at your site in the eyes of the desktop user, this could be the main reason why you are recording poor rankings in your Google keyword ranker software.

Google announced in 2016 that it will commence on a mobile-first indexing. This means that if your site is not properly accessible in mobile devices, you might not only suffer low rankings, but your site might also be entirely disregarded. After the efforts, resources, and time you have put into your SEO strategy I believe this is the last thing you would want for your site.

Although mobile-first indexing has not yet commenced, it is essential for you to know that Google has started testing the index, and it might be launched any time from now. Therefore, get your WordPress website ready, and who knows, your Google keyword ranker software might reveal you are ahead of all your competitors in Google SERPs in no time.

Include a structured data in your site

Structured data is simple the schema markup. This is what I am referring to when I talk about structured data.

Basically, schema markup makes it easy for search engines to understand your site deeply; hence making it possible for them to display more information in search results.

Using rich snippets can also help you record increased click-through rates in your keyword ranker tool by more than 30%. This is highly crucial for WordPress SEO in 2018.

But you might ask, do all sites need structured data?

The answer is no. if you have a typical blog and use a WordPress plugin such as Yoast SEO or All-in-one SEO to optimize it for social media and search, you don’t need a schema markup.

Nevertheless, if you are running a site that publishes news, products, or reviews, I strongly advise that you include structured data in it. This is what will contribute to the results you desire to see in the keyword ranker tool as we enter 2019.

Focus on visual content

keyword ranker

Well, providing content in terms of articles isn’t a bad idea. In fact, if you use popular keywords that are capable of producing the best results in the keyword ranker, this type of content can result into massive organic traffic, increased leads, conversions, and sales.

But here is the problem. Everyone is written content in bulk! And they are all focusing on providing quality. This means that competition for the #top5 spots is stiff. To be unique and continually record high rankings for all your keywords in the keyword ranker, therefore, why don’t you focus on visual content?

Tech experts estimate that by 2021 80% of all web traffic will be credited to video content. Therefore, it is time you start creating videos, optimizing them, and uploading them on YouTube. In a few days, look at your YouTube rank checker and note the difference!

This doesn’t mean that you should stop writing articles. No! Create relevant videos and embed them in your content. This will ensure that you simply kill two birds with one stone. i.e., you will improve your site rankings and YouTube rankings at the same time.

Continue publishing quality content

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Even if you swing into action and implement all the WordPress strategies we have mentioned above, rest assured that you will not see catapulted ranking reports in your ranking checker if you don’t continue making your content the king of your SEO plan. Besides, no one cares about the technical changes you have made in your site if it is not interesting –even the search engine!

As far as content is concerned, it is important to note that Google is now focusing on ranking long-form content. Therefore, if you want to provide value that will in no time result in better ranking reports when you check for ranking for a keyword in the keyword ranker, write the content of about 1700-2000 words. Ensure that you include your focused keywords in a natural way so that search engines cannot perceive that your content is machine-written and award it with poor rankings.

Final thoughts

As technology advances, the field of SEO also changes. The coming year will see some major changes, and as digital marketers and website owners, we will have no option but to adapt to them.

The strategies mentioned above might not be new to WordPress SEO. If you have been adhering to them, then your keyword ranker is probably recording a top position for you in Google serps. If you have been ignoring some of these trends, it’s never too late! Implement them, and enjoy the SEO success you have been dreaming about. The time to dominate WordPress SEO is now!





Last modified: November 23, 2018



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