Have you been trying everything possible to improve your keyword ranking in Google without success? Are you one of those people who are on the verge of losing hope in SEO? Well, don’t worry! Below, I present some of the proven methods that will help you record the results you want in your Keyword ranking Google software when you Check keywords ranking Google

  1. Use high-quality and relevant content


keyword ranking Google

Content remains the most important factor that determines your Google keyword rankings and SEO ranking. You can improve your performance by using high-quality content on your site. This process begins by checking keyword ranking google performance. You can then use the keyword ranking Google tools to address weaknesses on your site and build your keyword ranking google position over time.

Gone are the days when publishers would focus on stuffing keywords in their content to improve their Google keyword rankings. Using this approach constitutes writing for the Google algorithm and not the human readers who interact with content on websites.

Nowadays, there is no alternative to producing and publishing high-quality content. Users would like to read articles that contain accurate and verifiable information. Thus, you need to link to other credible sites to build your respect as a publisher. Besides, you must ensure that your visitors can read and interact with your content very easily.

  1. Improve your page loading speed
Keyword ranking Google

Figure 1: Source- https://www.hobo-web.co.uk/your-website-design-should-load-in-4-seconds/

The results of various keyword ranking Google tools show that the speed at which your page loads affects how people view your site. Slow loading sites tend to perform poorly compared to those that load fast. Recently, Google announced new updates on how its algorithm will be assessing the performance of sites based on loading speeds.

Users who wish to maintain a positive performance need to ensure that their sites load within the recommended period. It is obvious that users tend to move on to other sites when one website takes a long time to load. Therefore, you should not only check keyword ranking google metrics but also analyze it in terms of your loading page speed.

You can improve your page loading speed by optimizing images, simplifying the code and removing all the unnecessary plugins that you may have installed on your site. Also, reducing the number of images on the home page and optimizing the code can improve the loading speed of your site; hence better results recorded in you Check keywords ranking Google.

  1. Include links to industry authorities

People tend to value the opinion of experts. The inane and obvious pronouncements of famous people can become important quotes whereas no one bothers about the wise sayings of little-known individuals.

You can cleverly utilize this to boost your keyword ranking google position. Identify the people who many consider authorities in your industries. In your website posts, include a few links to the sites of these influencers. When your viewers see this, they will tend to read your content because they will believe it is credible at first. Moreover, your readers may also share your content on their websites because they would be interested in the words of the expert.

Thus, by including a few links to authority sites in your industry, you can boost the keyword ranking google performance of your site.

  1. Link your low-rank pages within high ranking ones

Because the ranking performance of pages is uneven, you must optimize it accordingly. The best approach is to identify the pages that are performing poorly and finding out ways of improving their performance.

If you include links to the poorly performing pages within some of your best pages, then you can improve the SEO rank of the low-score pages. This approach is quite cheap and ideal for any publisher who would like to utilize their best-performing pages to boost the keyword ranking google performance of your other websites.

  1. Appeal to the emotions of your readers


Keyword ranking Google

The outcomes of using keyword ranking google tools do not show you how individuals engage with your content. However, the way users engage with your content is a result of the extent to which your posts appeal to their emotions.

Your online visitors are looking for content that they can associate with while reading. I mentioned in a previous point that it is worth using high-quality content. Whereas my focus was on ensuring that your content is accurate and links out to other important sites for credulity, I did not mention that you need to make reading your content fun.

People will share and reread the content that they find memorable. The best way of making your articles, videos, and any other kind of content that you post memorable is to appeal to the emotions of your audience. Write to the hearts of your readers by using human stories that they find credible. The readers will then share your content, thus boosting your website performance.

You can determine the impact of utilizing social media on your performance by constantly checking your Google keyword rankings at scheduled intervals.

  1. Replace all broken links associated with your site

To effectively use this strategy, you must identify all the broken links that lead to your site and those of the competition. The best way of doing this is utilizing specific tools that analyze all the links in any specific industry.

You can then send a list of all the broken links to the specific websites and ask the owners to replace the links with your resources. If the owners agree (and they often do), you will have taken advantage of broken links to build your credibility.

The additional links to your site will help to increase the level of traffic to your website and its keyword ranking google outcomes over time.

  1. Use appropriate structure for content

It is proper to organize content using tables of contents and other features to boost google keyword rankings. Ensure that you break your articles into small blocks separated by headings and subheadings.

It is surprising that many publishers ignore the use of header tags when writing online content. This practice undermines the keyword ranking google results. However, effective utilization of the tags can be a very powerful method of improving the SEO performance of a site.

Normally, you can use the header to tags to tell the Google algorithm which content your site is more important than the others. Thus, the algorithm will follow the cues and crawl pages that you mark as more important than the others.

Moreover, proper use of header tags helps readers to follow and process content easily. People find such content snackable because they read and process small bits within a short time as opposed to spending hours reading a complex article.

  1. Publish original content

Keyword ranking Google

Search engines have always been strict about the originality of content that web owners publish. For example, Google severely punishes any website that publishes unoriginal content. All the other leading search engines also penalize websites that publish content which is not original.

Such punishments normally undermine your SEO performance because if they are imposed, then Google will watch your site closely in the future. The company will also force you to remove the content because of its policies.

If you use any of the keyword ranking google tools appropriately, you will realize fluctuations in your Google keyword rankings.

On the other hand, publishing original content helps you to avoid the punishment that is associated with plagiarism. Users are always looking for content that is original and relevant to their needs. Search engines also approve content that is original and meets the needs of their clients. Therefore, ensure that you manage your content development process efficiently to prevent the publication of unoriginal content.

Having such a content management plan will enhance the keyword ranking google outcome of your website.

  1. Make your website mobile-responsive

Mobile responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Experts agree that currently, more than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Some companies are now adopting the concept of M-Commerce as an evolution of E-Commerce.

You need to take advantage of the growing trend in which people are browsing the web using their mobile devices by making your site responsive to mobile devices. Treat this issue as a priority as opposed to creating a dedicated mobile application. Although a mobile application is more focused than a website, the process of developing and maintaining the apps is very demanding.

However, before you decide to develop mobile applications, it is wise to make your website very responsive to the mobile. Your clients need to find the mobile viewing version of your site perfect for them to keep visiting the site while using their mobile phones to browse the internet.

You can evaluate the effect of optimizing your website for mobile viewing by using check keyword ranking google tools. Such tools provide additional information on general keyword ranking google returns and how you can improve your performance.

  1. Leverage the power of social media

A lot of traffic to websites arises from social media; therefore, you can use it to optimize your keyword ranking google results. Individuals who like your content may share it on their social media pages. Their friends may then interact with the content and follow the provided link to reach your website.

Alternatively, you may get traffic from social media because of sharing your blog posts on a variety of social media platforms. For example, if you use your plugin tools to share content on different platforms, you may get returns from fellow users who are interested in your content and would like to read more of the posts.

Therefore, make sure that you utilize your social media presence to generate traffic to your site by encouraging people to share your content. Also, ensure that you share every post with your friends on social media platforms to generate buzz and increase conversion rates.

  1. Utilize multimedia

Multimedia can improve your social media performance because visitors like pages that contain images, graphics, and other forms of media in addition to text. Therefore, websites that contain a lot of textual content at the expense of graphics tend to attract fewer visitors than those which have a combination of textual and graphical content.

A word of caution regarding the use of graphical content is in order: ensure that you optimize your images for SEO.

You can use the ‘ALT image tag’ to help your users get information about your images even when, for any reason, their browsers fail to load them. Also, use appropriate images that appeal to the interests of your users to improve your SEO performance.

If you use keyword ranking google tools after making the changes, you will see small but positive changes in your keyword ranking google performance. The changes usually arise from the way your viewers interact with the content on your site. As many visitors access and spend time on your site, your Google keyword rankings increase.

In conclusion, although there are many strategies that you can use to build your keyword ranking google, performance, some of the most effective ones include using original and high-quality content, optimizing social media, and increasing the loading speed of your pages. It is necessary to use appropriate tools to check keyword ranking Google outcomes of your site.


Last modified: January 10, 2019



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