Digital marketing has for a long time made a significant contribution to the number of conversions and sales that businesses are making. Unlike the traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing, more so SEO, has taken a more targeted approach which has seen the success of these businesses. Marketers have employed different SEO strategies in their marketing efforts. Such include keyword research, social media marketing and SEO analysis to mention a few. Software like keyword search ranking tool has made it possible for webmasters to point out whether or not the keywords they are using are doing something for their keyword search ranking. It goes on and on.

You should, however, note that there are some things in your website that are letting down your SEO efforts. Your keyword SERP might be doing so well, but then some things will shadow that. For you to get the most out of SERP keyword, the following are things that you should keep away from your website.

  1. Stock photos

Why are experts against stock photos? Well, they might be of the best quality and alluring. However, you need to be using pictures that have relevance to your brand. With that, you can easily insert keywords in your captions for keyword search ranking and to keep your audience coming for more. Yes, stock photos are readily available. However, laziness has never meant any good for your SEO. You need to go the extra mile to create or source photos that are relevant to your content or brand.

Stock photos will not help the users or bring the reports that you deserve on keyword search ranking tool. Note that using images is not just routine. If you are committed to finding the best, there is so much in store for you.

  1. Press releases and links

You need to understand that press releases will not work for you as you may anticipate them to. Webmasters tend to focus on creating too many links for the releases. As much as they might use keywords in this, it does not mean that it will boost your keyword SERP. You should, however, devote more efforts to reviews and call to action. This way, you will be able to identify the points you have been missing and drive quality traffic at the same time.

Besides, wouldn’t you instead use keywords in your backlinks for best keyword SERP results?

  1. Outdated content

You need to get rid of this as soon as now! For one, obsolete content can be very misleading. For instance, you might have discontinued a product, but your site shows that it is still there. That is not the only concern. For the service businesses, you might have made changes to your service offering, but then your content still vouches for the same old. You have no idea of how much this hurts your site’s credibility: which you may well know contributes to customer loyalty.

Are you using excellent keywords and getting impressive keyword search ranking as per your keyword search ranking tool but still wonder why your overall SERP ranking isn’t working out as good? Well, old content might be the culprit. Updated content will positively impact your ranking, conversions, and sales too.

  1. Excessive popups

Popups must be the most annoying things while browsing. You have probably had an encounter with them and can attest to this fact. While you can use them to boost your keyword search ranking, you need to know that not all ways are the right ways to use them. Note that for your SERP keyword to have a positive impact on your conversions and sales, the user experience needs to be great too. Excessive keywords do the opposite of enhancing user experience when users visit your site.

You do not have to get rid of all the popups, but there is a right way to use them. One is that you should not just use the same keywords on all customers. Remember that the different customers are in various stages in the buying cycle and that calls for different types of popups. Also, as you analyse other SEO metrics, you need to analyse the popups too to see if they are at all useful, if they are not, then there is no point in having them around.

You are also allowed to use keywords to spike the users’ interest. This might also impact the SERP keyword reports you will be getting in your keyword search ranking tool. You need to be smart about the popups.

  1. Crawl errors

Has your site been for a long time doing great with keyword SERP, then all of a sudden your keyword search ranking drops? Crawl errors might be the culprit. Crawl errors are something that you need to remove from your site. Presence of crawl errors means that the search engine bots cannot find your site. For that, your site shall not be indexed or get a keyword search ranking. It also means that the users will not be able to find you. This will in turn negatively affect your traffic and conversions.

It is therefore essential that you monitor your site for crawl errors and fix them in good time.

  1. Duplicate content

Do you want to get better keyword search ranking tool and overall SEO results? You need to remove duplicate content from your site. Duplicate content will affect your SERP keyword ranking and will result in you to losing traffic. While you might not get penalised by Google for duplicate content, your SEO will get hurt. Why? This is because the bots and users will be confused. Google will be torn between which site should be ranked for specific keywords. As a result, you will miss out on keyword search ranking.

It is not also fair for the creators of the original content; they also risk missing out on SERP keyword ranking despite their handwork in creating the content. If you are duplicating content intentionally, you need to understand that it is a total waste of time. You will have no chance of creating the keywords that will give you something positive on keyword search ranking tool and you are less likely to rank for duplicate content. It is, therefore, wiser if you took the time to create original content that you will rank for.

  1. Poor site architecture

Note that the user experience is detrimental. For you to get a good keyword SERP ranking on your keyword search ranking tool, you need to provide the users with a great user experience when they visit your pages. It all goes down to having a great site architecture. The catch is that there is so much you can do with this to enhance your SERP keyword ranking too. For instance, you can use target keywords in internal links for keyword search ranking.

Poorly written CTAs also results in poor site navigation. You need to take care of that too.

  1. Too many redirects

If you have too many redirects on your site, then you are hurting your SEO. If you have been getting SERP keyword ranking for a particular page, if it malfunctions, you might still need to keep the page active for keyword search ranking. As such, you can do redirects to take the users to the page on a different URL. What you might not notice at times is that you might be overdoing them, which will do your SEO more harm than good. While your keyword SERP ranking might be doing well, your server response time and page load speed might be doing terrible.

Multiple redirects will slow down your site. One thing will lead to another, and you will lose traffic due to the poor user experience.

  1. Stuffed keywords

There are no doubts about the fact that appropriately used keywords will boost your keyword search ranking. You need to know that the reverse is also true. Talking about keywords stuffing, you need to understand that gone are the days that keyword SERP ranking for keyword density was a thing. Keyword stuffing will not give your page a higher keyword search ranking. You need to get rid of the stuffed keywords and find better ways for SERP keyword ranking.

Remember that your site’s role is to engage and educate the users. Keyword stuffing gives them a bad user experience and does not offer them any value. It will create a bad user experience for your audience, and instead of giving you a high keyword SERP ranking, it will send your traffic away and increase your bounce rate and at the same time lowering your keyword search ranking.

  1. Click-baity headlines

If you have a couple of click-bait headlines on your website, you need to do away with them. Click-baiting refers to the use of headlines with the aim of attracting traffic in ways that are not truthful.  SERP keyword ranking is much more than clicks. It is more about being helpful to the users and creating engagement. Therefore, if you use keywords for click-baiting, then it is worth noting that you are less likely to get the reports you are looking forward to in keyword search ranking.

Click-baiting will have you losing the trust of your audience and having a high bounce rate for not giving your audience value.

  1. Bad backlinks

It is true that backlinks can boost your SERP keyword and overall ranking. However, it is crucial to note that not all backlinks can do that for you. There are the quality backlinks that will get you the ranks that you want, but then there are the bad backlinks.

Bad links will eat up your website. You should remove them as early as yesterday! Bad backlinks include links that come from spammy sites.

  1. Images that take forever to load

Images will have a positive impact on your SERP keyword ranking and enhance engagement. For that to happen, however, you need to use the right images, especially ones that do not take more than four seconds to load. Do not let them cause a high bounce rate for your site and affect your keyword SERP ranking at the end of the day.

Remove the images and replace them with ones that have been optimised for a good page loading speed. The images you should be wary of are the ones that have large image files and ones with old image formats. Also, if you have too many images in your suite, you need to get rid of ones that you do not need.

Above are things that might be killing your SEO without your knowledge. There are more things like irrelevant and outdated keywords that you also need to do away with as they do not enhance your keyword SERP ranking. If you keep these things away from your site, there will be a notable improvement in both your site and keyword SERP ranking.

Last modified: March 2, 2019



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