Every SEO expert will tell you that the secret to being a successful SEO agency lies in your ability to become better at leveraging revenue per client. Ideally, the percentage of getting your product to a new customer is a lot lower than that of selling it to one of your existing customers. Like you would use keyword tracking tools to target specific keyword for a specific audience when it comes to marketing, it counts that you consider targeting clients who already know you.

As an SEO agency, you have to be a master in chasing new leads, perfecting SEO strategies, as well as acquiring new customers. However, to get the best out of your effort, the technique is to increase the revenue you get per client. This way, better bang for your buck. Even so, it is easier said than done. You may have it easy with your keyword tracking tool, say, the search engine keyword tracking software, but on matters of earning as much as possible from one customer, you need a lot. Here are different ways to get it done:

Pitch for ROI and not so many rankings

keyword tracking tool

Figure 1 ROI

The biggest mistake SEO agencies make promising their clients a high ranking on top of search engines. Even with the prowess in the use of keyword tracking tools, ranking on top of SERP has a lot to it. It is more than just manipulating the keyword tracking software to optimize keywords for your target audience. Therefore, even with continuous efforts, a website may not always appear on the first page of searches.

Such a promise leaves your clients feeling ungratified by your services, which can thereby frustrate your desire to earn more revenue per client. Instead, every time you are out pitching, ensure you anchor on ROI. The good thing with SEO is that it has very many ways of measuring success. Just from the use of a keyword tracking software, you can target keywords that have a high response rate as concerns click-through rates,  traffic flow, engagement level, brand mentions, backlinks, to mention a few. Emphasize the fact that they do not have to spend too much money to have so many markers of improved profit margins. For example, with high traffic flow, sales will go high, and that means more profit for the business in question.

Ask your customers for referrals

There is no better way to learn about the use of keyword tracking tools other than using them. In the same way, the best way to get the most from your customers is to talk to them about it. Ideally, you may have had a lot of luck with one of your clients, but more comes when you can earn referrals from them. The thing about the digital audience is that social validation goes a long way. It is why social media is a big thing in modern society. In a sense, peer-to-peer marketing is far more effective than any other form of marketing there is. For example, if you are an SEO concerned over which keyword tracking tools to use, you would happily consider a search engine keyword tracking software recommended to you by a friend.

In the same way, if you can get your current customer base to refer their friends to you, then you are getting a lot more revenue from them. A good word from a happy customer goes a long way in ensuring the success of your marketing efforts. Most of the time, you do not have to put in the work in marketing, only in satisfying your current customers. If it means the use of search engine keyword tracking software enough to get the best keywords to address the needs of your audience, then do it until your audience are gratified with your services. From here, it shouldn’t be too hard to ask for referrals.

Stay in close touch with your customers

The after-service experience matters to most people more than the service itself. Even after your job is done, do not be in a rush to trash those contacts and connections you worked so hard to get. The search engine keyword tracking software can grant you access to the right target audience, but it cannot sustain those relationships for you.

For one, know that there are lots of SEO agencies online, waiting to capitalize on any loose end to make your clients their own. That said, do not give them any room to win your customers over. The only way is by ensuring the communication between your agency, and your clients do not stop. It is about letting them know about any trends in the world of SEO, whether in the keyword tracking tools or the algorithmic updates by Google. Such updates may seem simple to you, but it lets them know that you care about more than just earning money off of their backs. It also allows them to consider your agency any time they have a matter arise regarding the best SEO practice.

Cross-selling products and services

keyword tracking tool

Figure 2 Cross-selling

Other than bombarding your customers with a variety of what you have to offer, making them feel like they need an upgrade to a higher-value version of your service, you can choose otherwise. Cross-selling is about letting your audience know that you can offer other complementary services. For example, if your SEO services were based on quality content creation, you can tell them that you also provide search engine keyword tracking.

Sometimes, you do not even need to tell your audience about complementary services or products. A simple statement like, ‘customers who bought this also bought,’ or ‘people also searched for,’ is a great way to get it done. The beauty of this technique is that it provides people with ideas of what more they could need. Sometimes, even the customer doesn’t know what they need until you tell them about it.

Work with Bundles

When you are too simplistic in approach, you stand to lose more than you gain. Working in bundles means that you break down your work in clearly distinguished tasks. It provides a lot more perspective on how many tasks you are working on to achieve the overall successful SEO. For instance, make sure your clients are aware of your use of search engines keyword tracking software, along with Google Analytics and other tools, for different roles. You will end up selling multiple services instead of just one. These are more revenue points for you.

Therefore, next time you are approaching a client as an SEO agency, do not go in with a wholesome concept of SEO. Break it down to link building, content marketing, content generation, social media management, web design, graphic design, keyword research using the keyword tracking tools, JavaScript coding, to mention a few. Other than giving you revenue points, it shows your clients how versed and thorough you are in handling all the different processes of SEO, which again works to your advantage.

Automatically renew your contracts

keyword tracking tool

Once you are past the stage of getting your client happy, your concern is in how you retain them, because the keyword tracking tool cannot do it for you. For the most part, happy customers tend to come back for the same services. If then, you have worked with a particular customer for a long while, they get too used to your services and the results thereof. However, if you are not careful, with time, they may start taking your work for granted. For example, once they know which keyword tracking tools you use, they may feel like they can do without you. This is the last thing you want.

Therefore, instead of always bringing up your contracts for renewal, how about you automate them? The moment people feel like renewing a contract means spending more; they may prefer to carry on without you. But when the processes are automated, they will have high regard for your services, not to mention, your mastery of the keyword tracking tool. As a matter of fact, you must be firm on your ground rules the moment they sign the initial contract. Let them understand that the contract changes when there are inconsistencies in achieving the intended goals and meeting objectives. Other than that, you retain your work status quo regarding improving your client’s business.

Be a niche SEO agency

Most SEO agencies think it is wise to play safe by being a generalist. While this may seem to attract you more customers from different fields, it does you a lot of harm in the long-run. Ideally, given that there are so many SEO agencies in the market, nothing makes your brand stand out. Why would a customer come looking for a general practitioner while there are tons of agencies that specialize in an industry?

More so, as a niche SEO agency, it commands a certain authority. People can trust you on sensitive matters about the target industry. For example, for a client to trust you with generating content and using a keyword tracking tool to find ideal keywords for their site, you must be versed in that area. As a one dimensional SEO agency regarding a niche industry, you exude a certain level of professionalism and understanding of the needs of that field.

Offer something for free

Everyone loves free things. Like you merry when you bump into a free keyword tracking tool, your clients need that feeling too. Sometimes agencies are too focused on making money that they overlook the long-term effects of gifting their customers. If you want to cement the relationships you have with your customers, then making them feeling nice once in a while is an idea you should quickly take up.

Top brands have for a while capitalized on this move as a way to retain their customers and earn more from them. For example, you can opt for a keyword tracking tool that is free, instead of having them pay a monthly fee. Such a thought will give them the impression that you care more for their optimization success more than earning money from them.

Celebrate big and small wins

keyword tracking tool

Figure 4 Celebrate wins

Any relationship requires warmth at different intervals to keep it going. The relationship with your client over a long while means that they become a consistent source of revenue for you. Therefore, you cannot afford to lose them by being a pessimist all the time. After you have conquered an SEO hurdle, make that a reason to celebrate.

Celebrate when you hit your target, or when you surpass your optimization expectations. If you were having trouble handling the keyword tracking tool and you finally figured it out, celebrate it with your customer as a win. When you outshine your competitor, gain more followers on social media, up the rank on Google SERP, get positive feedback from target audiences, among other instances, celebrate that success. Ideally, people are more motivated to keep working on something when they have positive results to show for it.

Last modified: March 2, 2019



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