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Top Reasons Why Your Rank Tracking Free Software Is Showing Signs of SEO Collapse
Top Reasons Why Your Rank Tracking Free Software Is Showing Signs of SEO Collapse

You are looking at your rank tracking free software right now, but the metrics you are seeing are discouraging, and you are thinking of giving up the online business that you have worked really hard to set up.

Even after following all the tips I have previously stated in this blog, and other tricks and techniques you have read elsewhere, your rank tracking free systems are not giving you even a pinch of hope. It’s showing you that you are still lagging not just in Google, but also in other dominant search engines.

You know, a good rank tracking free tool never lies, so don’t blame it!

But, what could be the primary cause of the slump?

Well, having a website that attracts your prospect customers is essential. I believe that a site is a virtual customer service assistant who gives information about your brand 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you are providing the value that your audience is looking for, there is no reason why your search rank tracking software should indicate that you are not on the first page of google search results.… Read the rest

6 Simple SEO Tricks That Will Make Your Daily Rank Tracking Enjoyable
6 Simple SEO Tricks That Will Make Your Daily Rank Tracking Enjoyable

Having joined the online bandwagon, your ultimate goal is to smile every time you look at your daily rank tracking software, right?But then, getting the metrics, you desire on your best rank tracking tool is not easy. You need to put in a lot of work, and of course, do a lot of research so that you can ultimately achieve your objectives.

However, life is not always fair. You can put in a lot of effort into your SEO campaign, but the analytic reports you get from your keyword rank tracking software show that you are ranking poorly in multiple search engines.

  • You start asking yourself these questions:
  • Could my approach to SEO be wrong?
  • Am I targeting the right audience?
  • Is SEO for a chosen few?
  • Is my daily rank tracking software defective?
  • Will I ever gain a competitive edge in the online market?
  • Should I quit doing SEO once and for all?

But wait… don’t give up yet!Read the rest

5 Reasons Why Your Audience Is As Important As Your Rank Keyword Checker
5 Reasons Why Your Audience Is As Important As Your Rank Keyword Checker

Today, there is a lot of debate going on about keywords. The truth of the matter is, keywords are very important. As a website owner, blogger, webmaster, small business, or a large enterprise, doing regular keyword research and having a reliable rank keyword checker in your digital toolbox should be at the helm of your SEO strategy.

However, as you invest in a google rank keyword checker and a top-notch digital marketing strategy, you need to realize that there is something else just as important – your audience!

The Truth…

Without an audience, would there be a need to invest in SEO, and an online business in general? Well, I think the answer to this question is quite straightforward; it’s a NO!

Factually, if you do not understand your audience, you will not know which keywords to target; hence you will get depressing metrics on your Serps keyword checker whenever you track the progress of your keywords.

Unfortunately, most website owners and bloggers believe that with the right keywords and a Google rank keyword checker for monitoring purposes, they have the required traction to climb through the ranks in multiple search engines.… Read the rest

Top 5 SEO Trends for Better Metrics on Your Rank Tracking Tool In 2018
Top 5 SEO Trends for Better Metrics on Your Rank Tracking Tool In 2018

2018 is almost coming to an end, and this is the best time to look at your Google rank tracking tool and get analytic reports that will show you what you have achieved this year. Have you convinced search engines enough to rank you at the helm of search results? Have you been providing quality content that has made your organic traffic grow tremendously? Are you getting ROI, or is your SEO strategy proving to be a waste of time and resources?

Before the end of every year, I usually check my SEO rank tracking tool and determine whether I will end the year with a celebration, or I will spend my Christmas holiday doing a complete overhaul in my SEO strategy so that the coming year cannot be as frustrating. Well, even if I find out that I am doing great and I am in the verge of becoming a market leader, I am not the kind of person who will relax and wait for more wonders to happen.… Read the rest

Bing SEO Tips- How to Get the Best Results on the Bing Rank Tracker Software
Bing SEO Tips- How to Get the Best Results on the Bing Rank Tracker Software

As a webmaster, blogger, small business owner, large enterprise, or website owner, when was the last time you thought about Bing rankings? Have you ever imagined that you could get success on this search engine, and do you have a Bing rank tracker tools in your digital toolbox? I can guess your answer – No!

As an SEO expert, I know why most, if not all, website owners don’t care about checking Bing rankings on Bing rank tracking software. Look, Google is the dominant search engine, and it controls over 65% of the search engine market share. On the other hand, Bing controls less than 20%, which is far less than Google. Therefore, most people find it a waste of time focusing on the latter, while the former can yield better results and lead to the quick attainment of SEO goals.

Well, I will not dispute the fact that Google is the giant in the field of SEO, but then, what you should keep in mind without caring much about the search engine market share is that Bing is the second most popular search engine, which means that ranking on Bing matter!… Read the rest

7 Factors You Need To Evaluate With SEO Rank Tracking Tools
7 Factors You Need To Evaluate With SEO Rank Tracking Tools

So, you have started an SEO campaign, whether by yourself or with the help of an SEO agency. You have done everything pretty well, and you believe that you will get ultimate success at the end of it all. You have hired the best freelancers who have come up with the best content, and your keywords research tool has given you the best keywords that you have strategically placed in the content. Well…simply put, everything is okay. However, how sure are you that your campaign is working? How do you know that you will stay ahead of your competition? How will know your ranking in google and other search engines? Well, there is only one way to find out all these – through SEO rank tracking!

Tracking the progress of your SEO campaign, which you have probably pumped in a lot of time and resources is highly essential. As I always say, SEO is not a one-time thing. You might check your SEO rank tracking tools, and you get very impressive metrics that show you are at the helm of the google search results, but these metrics might head south the next time you look at your keyword rank tracking software.… Read the rest

6 Things You Need To Know As You Check Ranking for a Keyword

Check ranking for a keyword

Sometimes, I find it difficult to wait for things to yield results, especially those that should I have invested in, and I expect a return on investment from them. One such thing is SEO. When I carry out a campaign, I keep looking at my rank trackers, because all I want is results! I also check ranking for a keyword when I use it, and if it fails to yield much, I will go back to the drawing board and research on the words and phrases that will bring speedy results.

As an expert in SEO, I know that my SEO campaign, regardless of how good it is can prove to be useless if I target the wrong keywords. Therefore, I take keyword research with utmost seriousness. This is the path you need to take. Before writing your content, you need to come up with a list of keywords that have high search volumes, and that possess less competition. Luckily for you, many keyword research tools can help you with this undertaking, with Serpbook being the most recommended.… Read the rest

4 SEO Myths That Can Ruin Your Rank Tracking Efforts
4 SEO Myths That Can Ruin Your Rank Tracking Efforts

Rank tracking using the best rank tracking tools is essential regardless of the SEO strategy you have adopted. But then, there are a variety of myths and misconceptions that are committed to pulling you down.

Just like anything else around the world, SEO is surrounded by myths and misconceptions. Experts will tell you that these lies are, mostly born out of fear and ignorance, but I will confidently tell you that many of them emanate from people who were in a mission to get quick results with their SEO strategy, but it dawned to them that nothing good comes easy, and exceptional rankings are not excluded. If you believe outrageous things you hear about SEO, I can bet with my life that the business you toiled to start will suffer, and you will neither have the zeal nor the time for tracking.

I cannot lie to you that I hate quick results. No! I am human, and I fully understand that time is short.… Read the rest

5 Keyword Research Tips for Excellent Results on Keyword Ranking Tracker
5 Keyword Research Tips for Excellent Results on Keyword Ranking Tracker

When you are looking for something online, there are specific words that you type on search engines so that you can get the results you desire, these words and phrases are called keywords, you know that, right? What you probably don’t know is that getting these words and phrases is not an easy task. If you are planning to own a website, you will have to do a lot of work to get the right keywords that will give admirable results on Google keyword ranking tracker.

As an SEO expert, I can tell you for free that even if you write great content and not include keywords, search engines will not index your site, and you will get disheartening metrics on app ranking tracker, and you might give up on the online business you worked hard to start.

I sometimes get clients who come to me complaining that they have used all SEO techniques they have learnt, but their sites rank terribly in Google.… Read the rest

The 5 Amazing Benefits of Ranking Tracking

SEO has never been as important as it is in the 21st century. This is mainly because this man’s best innovation of all times has provided a platform where people can start businesses without much of a hassle and make more money than they would with physical stores. also, the internet has become a major marketing media for people with physical stores, who use their websites to get free traffic, which in no time results into a boom in conversions, sales, and later business success. Simply put, the internet has created a win-win for everyone. But to take advantage of this, you don’t just advertise your products and sit. You need to develop a killer SEO strategy, and make tracking your daily bread.

Based on my experience, I can attest to the fact that SEO ranking tracking can be a pain in the neck. Before I knew of the benefits it would bring to my business, I used to do it once in a blue moon, or never do it at all.… Read the rest