When you find the keywords that you believe will help you rank high on multiple search engines, you probably expect to get instant results on your rank checker for a keyword. You want to see metrics that show you are an authority in your niche, and you are slowly becoming a market leader. Well, unless your site is as authoritative as New York Times, I can assure you what you are looking for doesn’t come as easy as you think!

Before you even check your online keyword rank checker, you need to realize that getting high rankings is an ongoing process. Even if you get the trendiest words and phrases in your industry, you will not get the best results on the local rank checker all the time. Sometimes, it will record high rankings on Google and other search engines. In other times, it will show a slight or significant drop in rankings.

To ensure that your SEO keyword rank checker tool gives you excellent results for a long time, all you need to do is take every aspect in your SEO strategy with utmost seriousness. Don’t research popular keywords and expect the rank checker for a keyword you got from Serpbook to show you the best metrics. You need to work, and above all, you need to practice patience. This vice pays in everything, but it pays more in SEO.

Sometimes, you wonder, “Why is my rank checker for a keyword showing my site is performing poorly despite doing everything I can to rank for a keyword?”

Some people will tell you to refurbish your entire SEO strategy, while others will tell you that you are doing everything wrong, and this is the reason why your local rank checker is showing you the worst metrics of your life.

Don’t lose hope yet; I understand your woes!

Many are the times my SEO rank checker online has shown me that I am not even close to the first page of google results. But I always find my way out. Therefore, if your SEO keyword rank checker tool is not giving you what you desire, you are in the right place! I certainly have a fix for you.

Below, I outline some of the steps I have followed to ensure every keyword I use results in high rankings on Google. So, do you want to see your dream metrics when you look at your rank checker for a keyword? Keep reading!

  1. Build the foundation

Look, can you build a house without first laying a strong foundation that will hold the entire structure together for years? This is one of the few impossibilities in life!

The same applies to SEO. If you do not lay the groundwork from the word go, rest assured that your online keyword rank checker will eventually show that your keywords are ranking poorly in search engines.

What about if you lay a foundation for your house, but leave very many gaps that will permit moisture, pests, and other elements in it? Well, the structure will be held for some time, but it will crumble if the mistakes done during installation are not fixed.

Even with SEO, if you do not build a good website, you will not get good metrics on the rank checker for a keyword for long.

To you gain a competitive edge from the start;

Develop a strong website

Without a doubt, a strong site will never show disappointments when you check its progress on a local rank checker. For this reason, look for a reputable website developer to build you a good site. When the site is ready, write good content and ensure you update it with content on a regular basis. Remember, the older your website gets and the more it gets high-authority links, the better.

To build a strong site, you will need to arm yourself with information; luckily, there is a lot of information online, that can help you with every detail you need to know about SEO. In fact, you don’t need to close this site after reading this post. I can assure you that there is a lot of information I have shared in the past, that might help you draw analytic reports on your SEO rank checker online software that will show you are way ahead of your competition.

Establish your networks

rank checker for a keyword

Before you even think of checking the ranking of your keywords on your rank checker for a keyword tool, ask yourself; who will I share my new content with?

If SEO success is your number one goal, it is time you started thinking about link building. Also, consider getting a blog following on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Join communities, platforms, and endeavor to answer questions using a link to your blog in Q&A forums such as Quora. Also, get tools that will help you develop mailing lists that you can use to get regular help using a link. This way, the metrics you get on your rank checker keyword will never disappoint.

Optimize your site for mobile

rank checker for a keyword

Figure 1: All device responsive site. (Source:https://www.conversioner.com)

Today, billions of people across the world don’t carry computers along to access the internet. Instead, they use their smartphones to find whatever information they are looking for online.

Therefore, if your website is not optimized for mobile, then it is not valuable. Before you launch your site, therefore, test it on different devices and make sure it works well. Otherwise, even search engines’ algorithms will not rank your site, and you might shed tears when you track your KPIs on your local rank checker.

As you build your site, also keep in mind that users will spend an average of 30 seconds in your site, and if it fails to load, then they will close it and get back to the search results. Therefore, ensure that the speed of your website is superb, and in the end, your overall SEO efforts will fetch fantastic results on the rank checker for a keyword.

If you want to mine the internet gold, never be in a hurry to complete this step. Build your foundation slowly, and ensure you have tested everything on the website as a customer before it goes live.

  1. Do thorough keyword research.

rank checker for a keyword

When I developed the first content for my first website about five years ago, I believed that I knew the keyword I wanted to target. I didn’t do any keyword research. I went ahead and strategically placed it throughout my content, in the title, description, and in the URL. I thought I had won, but even after a few weeks, my online keyword rank checker was showing I had not ranked for the keyword.

This teaches you one thing. Even if you know the words and phrases you want to target, always proof your instincts right, or your rank checker for a keyword might disappoint you even months after you publish your content.

When doing keyword research, get the best tools for this exercise. In this case, I recommend Serpbook which is not only easy to use, but also comes with a local rank checker and an SEO rank checker online tool.

You got your keyword research tool?

Now, make these considerations when doing the actual research to guarantee you get the best:

Go for keywords that are relevant to your niche

You need to know that rankings without traffic are good as dead. Therefore, if you get good keywords that are not related to your industry, you might get high rankings, but your rank checker for a keyword and local rank checker will record low traffic. Is this worth your time, energy, and resources? Make sure you find the keywords that internet users use to get information, products, or services in your industry.

Focus on long-tail keywords

Although long-tail keywords don’t too high search volumes, they are super-specific and have a high probability to convert.

Therefore, if you want your SEO keyword rank checker tool to record high ranking for a keyword, consider these less-competitive keywords!

Get secondary keywords

Apart from your focus keyword, look for other phrases closely related to it. They will be of great help when you are optimizing your content. They might be what you are lucking to record high rankings on your local rank checker!

  1. Research your competition

One step you should never skip if you want your rank checker for a keyword to record high rankings for your keywords is to research your competition. Look at:

  • How their title tags incorporate their focus keywords
  • Whether their URLs contain their focus keyword
  • The authority of the sites
  • The type of content they are ranking on
  • The speed of their site
  • Their overall site architecture
  • The keywords they are ranking on

Once you get the information you need about your rivals, you can proceed to think of ways you can use to make your strategy stronger than theirs. You can steal a few techniques from them which might change the poor results you got from the online keyword rank checker.


  1. Plan your content strategy

When you have known what your competitor is up to, plan a good content plan. In this stage, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do I want to spend on content development?
  • Will I write content for myself, or will I outsource?
  • How long should it take to create the content I need?
  • What are some content development tricks can I use to beat my competition?
  • Do I have the budget and other resources for this exercise?
  • Once you answer these questions, move to the next step.
  1. Execute the content strategy
rank checker for a keyword

Figure 2. Features of good content. (Source:https://www.slideshare.net)

Create the best content for your site! The value you create will highly determine the reports you get from your rank checker for a keyword. Remember, even search engine are looking for high-quality content which will be useful to their readers.

Don’t overstuff your content because you want to rank. Instead, use keywords naturally, write original content, be factual, and eventually, the metrics you always wished for will be recorded in your SEO keyword rank checker online tool.

Don’t forget one rule of the thumb: don’t apply keyword optimization after writing content because your content might sound as though a robot wrote it. Rather, do it as you write your content. This way, you will sound natural, and readers might fall in love with your content, which might later result into high traffic recorded on the online keyword rank checker, leads, conversions, sales, and profits!

  1. Publish and promote

Once you are sure that you have followed every step to the letter, it is time to publish your content. During this stage, you might use your PR to reach out to various parties who may be interested in your content. This might bring in some traffic from the outset.

However, for maximum success of your SEO strategy and to eventually get metrics on your rank checker for a keyword that shows you are ranking for the keywords you used on various search engines, promote your content through;

  • Your business social media accounts
  • Incorporate social widgets or social buttons to encourage independent sharing
  • Link building

When you get social shares and page views, you will attain high-authority links which will, later on, result in high rankings.

  1. Finally…analyze your success

This is now the step where you can pick your rank checker for a keyword with confidence. Monitor your keywords closely, and if you find one that is making your page rankings suffer, consider replacing it with a more popular and less-competitive one.

Regardless of the industry you are in, these essential steps will help you win. Don’t procrastinate your SEO plans. Start now!






Last modified: January 21, 2019



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