Today, there is a lot of debate going on about keywords. The truth of the matter is, keywords are very important. As a website owner, blogger, webmaster, small business, or a large enterprise, doing regular keyword research and having a reliable rank keyword checker in your digital toolbox should be at the helm of your SEO strategy.

However, as you invest in a google rank keyword checker and a top-notch digital marketing strategy, you need to realize that there is something else just as important – your audience!

The Truth…

Without an audience, would there be a need to invest in SEO, and an online business in general? Well, I think the answer to this question is quite straightforward; it’s a NO!

Factually, if you do not understand your audience, you will not know which keywords to target; hence you will get depressing metrics on your Serps keyword checker whenever you track the progress of your keywords.

Unfortunately, most website owners and bloggers believe that with the right keywords and a Google rank keyword checker for monitoring purposes, they have the required traction to climb through the ranks in multiple search engines. If this is the thought that always cross your mind, then its time I told you the painful truth.

Even if you hire the best freelance writer in the market to overstuff great content with the trendiest keywords, you will never find your way to the top if you don’t provide value to your audience.

Getting keywords that your serp keyword checker says have high search volumes will not get you top rankings, but targeting a specific and well-defined audience will.


Keywords can be compared with an epoxy coating on a concrete floor. The coating will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your floor, and give it a sense of your durability. But would the epoxy work without the actual concrete floor?

Your audience is the concrete floor. Without them, your keywords, keyword rank checker, and the overall efforts and resources you have invested in getting these words and phrases are useless.

I have been in the online market for quite a long time now, and I have come to learn that I will not get the metrics I desire in my Serp keyword checker if I don’t write quality content and place keywords strategically in it. But I have also learnt that I will not gain much if I don’t write the content and use keywords without putting my target market in mind.

To put things into perspective, here are some of the reasons why your audience is as important as your rank keyword checker, and at times even more important!

Good keyword research depends on how well you understand your audience

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Figure 2: Keyword Research. (Source:

The value that comes with keyword research, placement and selection of tools such as the Google rank keyword checker is influenced by how well you understand your audience.

Well, if you don’t use keywords in your content, getting desirable ranking analytic reports on your serps keyword checker will be a near impossibility. To know the keywords that will give you a competitive edge in your niche, you cannot ignore the power of knowing your audience.

One of the biggest mistakes I learnt from when I launched my first website is that I used to target the ‘general public.’ Well, I had a site that I used to sell plumbing materials, and the belief that everyone needed them for their homes and offices prompted me to target them in my content.

When I looked at my Serp keyword checker after a few days, I noted that my website; despite having what I thought was super-quality content was not even close to the first ten pages of google search results.

After a few months of getting heart-breaking metrics on my rank keyword checker, I decided to seek expert help. I remember one statement from one of my friends who was a customer assistant at Serpbook that changed my online business life, “If you target every Tom, Dick, and Harry in your SEO strategy, my friend, you are targeting no one, and your whole campaign is a waste of time.”

Look, the best way to succeed in SEO is by first knowing your audience, and then using your keyword research tool alongside a good Serp keyword checker to find the words and phrases they use to find products similar to yours on the internet.

There are lots of SEO tools that can help you in your keyword research mission, but experts recommend Serpbook which is easier to use, affordable, and has an embedded serps keyword checker that you can use to get all the metrics you need regarding the search volume and the rankings of every keyword you have used in multiple search engine.

Audiences make purchases

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Figure 3: audience retention plan. (Source:

As you spend a lot of time looking for keywords and a rank keyword checker that will help you with the tracking, keep in mind that your target audience is the one that is going to buy your products or services.

Therefore, as you develop your content, don’t put a lot of emphasis on using keywords that will help you rank high in various search engines. Remember, you might be ranked on the first page of the google search results, but if your content does not provide the value that your audience is looking for, then rest assured that you will not get ROI.

Create content that centers on client retention, bearing in mind that loyal customers do not only pay more, but they also share content on your website that helps generate new leads, conversions, and sales.

Good SEO is not about seeing rising metrics on your serps keyword checker and smiling all the way thinking that you have achieved your objective. No! I believe that good SEO is one aims at meeting the needs of the clients, while at the same time appealing for the search engines for rankings. Endeavor to gain more loyal customers, because they are way better than website traffic.

Through my years in the online market, I have learned that people who will come to your site in google are not necessarily attached to your brand, and they might leave the site at will before making a purchase. However, loyal customers will click your site every now and then and look for any new updates, and buy any newly introduced product.

Therefore, apart from acquiring keyword research tools, a Serp keyword checker, and a host of other SEO tools, you need to know that what pumps in money into your business is not the search engine but the loyal customers you build. Therefore, they are equally important!


Audience engagement is valuable

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Well, I will tell you something that you will rarely hear from your peers or read from the internet. SEO traffic is only great when the people forming the traffic actually care about what you say in your content.

Simply put, the efforts you put in keyword research to ensure you get great metrics in the rank keyword checker will prove to be beneficial if only there is engagement in the traffic.

From my experience, I can tell you that you can have massive traffic in your site, but there are no comments, social shares, or purchases, then the traffic is not proving beneficial to your business in any way.

Therefore, the visitors who will ensure that the keywords you use rank great in your Serp keyword checker are those who will react to your content.

As the rank keyword checker gives you the reports concerning the progress of your keywords and how they rank every page in search engines, your audience who have interacted with your brand will most definitely share the content with their peers, which will, in turn, improve your rankings and boost your business at the same time. Never ignore the importance of your audience!

Keywords without a target market are useless!

Imagine using keywords, without considering the needs of your audience. Even if you write the best content on the internet, you will doubtlessly not get the results you deserve on the serps keyword checker.

Look at this scenario:

You want to find information on “top 10 KPIs that you need to measure with your rank tracker.” When the google results are displayed, you click the first site that comes since you perceive it to be more authoritative. However, after perusing through the page, you find out that the article contains information that is out of question, and the topic has been used to lure you into buying and SEO service.

Without a doubt, you will leave the site within 10 seconds. This will hurt the domain authority of the site, and if you google the same phrases after some time, there are high chances that the site will not be on the first page of the google search results.

Look, if one visitor clicks off your site, nothing much can happen. But imagine how high bounce rates will affect your rankings if thousands of people clicked off!

Looking for the best Google rank keyword checker for the sake of getting keywords that will result in high rankings is useless. The trick to first determine your audience, and then come up with keywords that will certainly meet their needs.

I always tell my clients that if they are not using keywords that will help a target market draw value out of their site, they would better not use them, because an audience should come first at all times.

Audiences improve time on page

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Another reason why audiences are as important as your Google rank keyword checker is that they improve time on page.

This is a stat that search engines algorithms, especially Google’s take into consideration when ranking websites. The higher you’re the time on page, the better your site’s ranking.

The reason why I take my audiences with utmost regard is because they have on many instances helped me get the results I dream about in my rank keyword checker. I know that if a user stays in my site for 10 seconds or so, Google will treat my site as invaluable, and my rankings might suffer. On the bright side, however, if a user sticks around my site for some minutes, Google will treat it as engaging and super-valuable to its users; hence higher rankings.

Apart from getting a reliable Serp keyword checker, look for an SEO service provider who will make it possible for you to track your users’ time on page.

Final Thoughts

Remember, there are high chances that your audience will stick in your website for long since you provide them with value and at the same time, they can engage with your brand. They can determine the metrics you will get on your rank keyword checker or serps keyword checker; thus you should treat them as vital stakeholders in your business.

With the above reasons at your disposal, there is no reason why you should treat your rank keyword checker, serps keyword checker, and other SEO tools in your toolbox with more weight than your audience. Remember, the latter can influence both your rankings and business; hence they are twice as important!











Last modified: January 21, 2019



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