You heard them say that measuring SEO success using the best rank trackers should be a continuous process, but you didn’t listen. You are now immersed in a sea of online business failure, and you don’t know what to do to get back on your feet.Well, I was there too. I had the best rank trackers in the market when I joined the online business bandwagon, but I never used them. They were just arsenals that I had because I had read in blogs that you need them if you want to succeed in SEO. Little did I know that I had to use them every day, if not every time.

Using the best trackers to measure the success of your SEO strategy is not something that you do on your birthday, and wait for your next birthday to do it. Rather, it is something that you should write at the top of your SEO strategy and make it a habit. It is an undertaking that many fear, bearing in mind that it could be overwhelming, but the payback you will get at the end of the day is doubtlessly worth the hassle.

Through the years I have been in the online business arena, I have learned the benefits of measuring SEO; hence I am used to doing it every day. Yes, it might seem weird, but instead of chanting or watching movies all day, one thing I really enjoy is seeing my metrics going up.

Apart from the notion that measuring SEO regularly is overwhelming, there is another misconception that makes people avoid measuring SEO success regularly – they believe that the best google rank trackers are expensive. Well, if this is what is hindering you from viewing your success or learning from your mistake, then you are wrong. You can work with cheap trackers and still get amazing results.

So, why should I never stop using my rank trackers to measure SEO success?

You have done a commendable job in keyword research, researched on your competition, written super-quality and original content, placed the keywords strategically in your content, used the keyword on the header…simply put, you have followed every basic step in SEO. Why then should you keep measuring SEO with Google rank trackers? Shouldn’t the search engines see the value of your content and rank it #1 on search result pages? To answer these questions, I need you to understand that in SEO, there is more than meets the eye!

I have, therefore, compiled some of the reasons why you need to keep using your cheap rank trackers to track the success of your SEO strategy. You want to gain a competitive edge over your competitors, right? Keep reading!

Your competitors measure their success too.

One of the main reasons why you should never stop measuring your SEO success is because your competitors will never stop doing it. Never!

In the world of online business, you can rarely come up with a new ideal. This is simply because the market is free for everyone, which means that there are millions of websites similar to yours that are fighting to gain a top spot on the first page of google search results.

Therefore, if you ignore your best rank trackers as I did when I set up my new website, then you can rest assured that your competitors will not ignore theirs; hence securing a top spot will be an uphill task for you.

Remember, effective click-through rates mostly commence on the first page of google search results. This is the main reason why your competitors will use whatever resources they have to remain ahead of you.

For this reason, never get tired of using the best rank trackers to measure the success of your SEO campaign. Learn your competition, and understand their strategy. If you find out that there is something they are doing better than you, why don’t you develop a counter strategy, or snatch theirs and make it better?

One rule of the jungle applies in SEO: survival for the fittest is key, and only the strongest survive. Be the strongest. Never stop measuring your SEO progress using your Google rank trackers, and the realization of business goals will never leave your path.

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Figure 2: Google Algorithm changes. (Source:

Search engines continuously change their algorithms.Before I learned the benefits of continuously measuring SEO success using google rank trackers, I used to sometimes see my website on the first page of google search results, and then, this success would flip through my fingers and vanish in hours. Then I would sit back and wonder, “What the heck just happened!”

I then realized that gone are the days when I could see myself at the top because I had used tens of links with the same anchor texts in my content. Google and other search engines have greatly evolved. Today, these search engines want to give the best value to users, and they are doing everything to eliminate black heart and deceptive SEO techniques by updating their algorithms.

Google, which is the most dominant search engine is fond of making several updates such as penguin, panda, and hummingbird, which is the latest update that affected millions of website across the internet.

Of course, these changes might not quite often, but when they do, they can strike your online business hard. This is why it is of utmost importance to regularly get metrics using your Google rank trackers so that you can establish any drop in your search rankings. This way, you will be able to update your strategy and ensure the search-engine friendliness of your site.

You will maintain page rankings.Quite confusing right?

As confusing as it looks, using your cheap rank trackers to measure the ranking of your site can a go a long way in maintaining your page ranking.

An SEO expert from Serpbook once told me that how a website ranks in search engines is largely dependent on how often the website owner conducts SEO activities. This made me realize that SEO is not something you do once and expect a miracle to occur. When you stop all SEO activities including monitoring your rankings, then you can be sure that your business will suffer, just ask the team at JumpFactor.

It is, therefore, prudent to keep tracking your traffic and ranking in multiple search engines. When you notice a drop in significant listings, you should know from the onset that there is an underlying issue that needs to be fixed, and you should get at the bottom of it as soon as possible. When you see that your competitors are enjoying high rankings, don’t get comfortable at the bottom. Try to find out what they are doing, and endeavor to do it better. With absolute consistency, you will find yourself at the top of the game in no time.

The marketplace is evolving fast.If you have been with me in the online arena for many years, you can agree with me that it has greatly evolved for the past few years, and this trend will continue for as long as the internet is around (that could mean forever, right)?

With this evolution, it could mean that the keywords you ranked last month are no longer trendy, and you need to look for a new one. Also, technology is churning new products, services, programs, and gadgets, which prompt online users to use new keywords to search for them. Therefore, using your Google rank trackers to check your rankings will help you determine why your old strategy is failing, and give you insights on how to develop new ones that will greatly contribute to renewed success.

Tip: SEO in itself, and tracking its success should be practiced with consistency.  What was relevant yesterday may not be relevant today; and this may require you to carry out regular keyword research, use the new keywords in your strategy, and track their success. If you see that they are not leading to more traffic and better rankings, you need to use better keyword research tools such as Serpbook which will help you determine what is relevant in your niche and what is not.

Search user behaviour is changingAnother reason why you need to regularly use your cheap rank trackers to get certain metrics concerning your site’s performance is that the search user behaviour is constantly changing. This means that a certain set of keywords that you found trend a few months ago may no longer be popular among your audience. If you don’t track your SEO performance thinking that those keywords you used previously are still creating a ‘wow’ factor in the minds of your audience and making your content, you will lose out business to your rivals who will discover new keywords and use them in the SEO strategy.

Establishing yourself as an authority in your industry needs time and commitment

The brands that you consider your main competitors didn’t establish their businesses by just posting content and retiring to sleep. No, SEO demands time and effort, and this is what brings success. The reason why you do not appear on the first page of the google search results is that you have probably considered using the best trackers as a waste of time, and you are not committed to finding out the root cause of your online woes.

I have come to discover that to establish yourself as an authority in your niche; you need to brace yourself for a tedious SEO process ahead. You need to constantly produce super-quality content that focuses on the reader but produced with the search engine in mind. Then, make sure you use your cheap rank trackers to check the stability of the SEO rankings for your site and fix any issues you find before they escalate into a crisis. Well, doing this is a vicious cycle, but the returns you will get in terms of generating traffic, leads, sales, profits, and reputation will be doubtlessly worth it.

In a nutshell, it is crucial to reiterate why it is important to use trackers to track the success of your SEO strategy. Remember, if your SEO campaign is well maintained and continuously monitored, you are assured of improved page rankings, updated knowledge of changes in search engine algorithms, and of course, you will always gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Regardless of the metrics you want to get regarding the ranking of your website, you might turn to various tools available online, but I highly recommend that you turn to cheap rank trackers embedded in Serpbook, which are affordable, reliable, and very easy to use. They have worked for me for years now, and I believe they will work even better for you.





Last modified: March 15, 2019



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