Figure 1: Drop in search visits. (Source
Figure 1: Drop in search visits. (Source

You are looking at your rank tracking free software right now, but the metrics you are seeing are discouraging, and you are thinking of giving up the online business that you have worked really hard to set up.

Even after following all the tips I have previously stated in this blog, and other tricks and techniques you have read elsewhere, your rank tracking free systems are not giving you even a pinch of hope. It’s showing you that you are still lagging not just in Google, but also in other dominant search engines.

You know, a good rank tracking free tool never lies, so don’t blame it!

But, what could be the primary cause of the slump?

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Figure 2: Drop in serp rankings. (Source:

Well, having a website that attracts your prospect customers is essential. I believe that a site is a virtual customer service assistant who gives information about your brand 24 hours a day seven days a week. If you are providing the value that your audience is looking for, there is no reason why your search rank tracking software should indicate that you are not on the first page of google search results.

Therefore, if you are getting stress-inducing metrics on the SEO rank tracking systems, there is definitely an issue in your strategy that needs to be addressed.

The good news is, being on the verge of SEO collapse is something that can happen to everyone, even the most reputable brands on the internet.

Even as an award-winning SEO expert, I have had my share of disheartening moments. I sometimes do everything that I know to ensure my sites stay at the helm of the google search results, but when I look at my rank tracking free tools, I get analytic reports that reveal that some sites are not even in the second page of Google reports.

The Trick

Never give up! Nearing SEO collapse was not made for a chosen few or a few who have chosen, but it is something that can happen to any brand as I mentioned earlier.

Below, I outline some of the main reason why your rank tracking free tool is showing a drop in your rankings. Read carefully and notice an issue with your site. I bet it is on the list!

  1. Your hosting is poor

When I decided to host my first website, I wanted to cut a lot on costs; therefore, I spent a lot of time in the market looking for the cheapest hosting company I could get.

Eventually, I came across one and hosted the site with excitement. But months later, I was recording high bounce rates on my SEO rank tracking software, which made me realize that my site was not providing value to my client.

On testing the website, I noticed that it was super-slow, and some pages could not load on mobile devices.

Looking at my search rank tracking software, I found out that I was not even on the 10th page of Google rankings, and this made me lament even more. It was not until an expert from Serpbook informed me that I was working with the wrong host. Yes, the hosting company was the cause of all my tribulations.

Now that you went for the most affordable hosting company, then you have the answer to why you are getting metrics on your SEO rank tracking systems that show you are nearing collapse!

In case your website has a slow loading speed, I can assure you that very few visitors will wait for the loading to complete. In fact, 98% of them will leave the site after 3 seconds and get back to the search results.

When it comes to a hosting issue, it doesn’t matter the quality of content you have written or the quality of your SEO strategy. Your rank tracking free tools will reveal to you poor rankings on multiple search engines!

To be safe, test different hosting companies and settle with the one you believe will work best for you. I know doing this can be pricey, but it will pay off at the end of the day.

As they say, cheap is expensive. Don’t go for hosting providers who provide pieces that are too good to be true. Therefore, ensure you choose the best that you can afford. When the speed of your site is improved, you will doubtlessly see changing metrics in your SEO rank tracking software.

  1. You are not doing regular updates on your site

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Do you trust outdated information? Can you confidently refer to an article that was written about one year ago? I assume your answer is no!

For a fact, online users hate old news. They hate it when they have to read the same thing over and over again. Therefore, if the last time you updated your content was a few months ago, then you have one major culprit that castigating poor metrics in your search rank tracking software.

You may think that since you are running an eCommerce store, all you need are images of your products and a brief description and high rankings will come knocking. In the years I have been in the online world, I have learnt that clients love content.

So, what do you do?

For you to ensure that you have a site that is not considered outdated by your target audience, commit yourself to provide quality content on a regular basis. Even if you are running an online store, create a blog section, and fill it with ‘how to,’ ‘tips’ and other information you deem relevant to your target market. This way, you will smile every time you check your SEO rank tracking systems.

When you publish your content, regularly visit the comment section and go through all the comments. This is something that most website owners ignore, but it is a trick you can use to record better results in your rank tracking free tool. Look, you never know what your readers have said, and looking at this area can be helpful in making changes to your content development plan.

Never publish content that has not been proofread. You might not know this, but there is nothing that discourages a reader more than an article full of spelling and grammatical errors. Your content could be messy, and this is the reason why you are not seeing progress on your rank tracking free tool. Make use of tools such as Grammarly for fixing errors in your content, and read every word manually to ensure flawlessness. Then, get the best search rank tracking software and note any changes in your Google rankings. If none, move to the next point!


  1. Your robot.txt is compromised.
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Figure 3: Robot.txt file. (Source:

Another reason why your SEO rank tracking software is showing poor rankings on different search engines could be because your robot.txt has been compromised.

I once asked my developer to make a few adjustments to my site. After two days, I noticed that my rankings had vanished. Yes, a site that was giving my competitors a run for their money was no more, and my rank tracking free software revealed that I wasn’t even close to the first page of Google search results.

I panicked and called Serpbook, the company that provides me with SEO rank tracking systems, and requested for recommendations. The expert on the other side asked to check my robot.exe file, and when I did, I found out that web crawlers had been blocked; hence Google was unable to index my site.

Fixing this issue was the ultimate answer to my problem!

Therefore, your SEO rank tracking software has indicated that your rankings have suddenly dropped or varnished, check for if certain areas of your site have been blocked, or the robot.txt file has some typos.

  1. Your competitors getting smart by day

Wondering why your rank tracking free tool has recorded a drop in your overall rankings? Do you know why your best SEO rank tracking systems revealed that the high rankings you enjoyed had all gone? Don’t dig deeper into your website architecture looking for answers to these questions. Simply research your competitors.

As you devise an SEO plan, don’t be tempted to believe that your competitors are sitting in a boardroom having a cup of coffee. They are looking for ways to throw you out of the way!

The reason why you see fluctuations in your rank tracking free tool is because your rivals have found more popular keywords than the ones you use, and they have gained audience trust than you.

They have adopted new SEO tricks such as the use of voice search, and this is why their SEO rank tracking software is not as disappointing as yours.

To gain a competitive edge, be on the loop with the latest SEO trends. Be updated whenever something new comes up. Sue the best competitor analysis tools such as Serpbook, and always make sure you know what your rivals are up to. When you do this, I can assure you that you will record desirable ranking reports on your rank tracking free tool in no time.

  1. Unpredictable Google algorithm update

Google updates its algorithm regularly, and every update is freaking unpredictable.

One of the reasons why your rank tracking free tool has recorded a significant drop in your rankings could be because the recent update by Google has not favored your efforts.

Sometimes, Google will make some updates which will have very little or no impact on your site, but there are some which can be very disruptive, and they can take your website into the verge of collapse.

Make sure you are on the loop every time Google updates its algorithm and endeavor to learn what it means for your site. If any changes are needs, make them as soon as you can. By doing this, you will rarely record fluctuations on your search rank tracking software that emanate from these updates.

  1. Link problems

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Another reason why you are recording a drop in rankings is that your site has a link problem. This could occur because of two main reasons:

  • Your site is losing high-authority links because your links were removed or the sites disappeared from Google,
  • You are using low-quality links in your content; thus google algorithm is treating it as spam

To rejuvenate yourself after such an issue, make sure you write quality content that will attract high-authority links. Remember, don’t build links, try as much as possible to earn them!

There you have it! These are some of the reasons why you have recorded poor rankings that show your SEO is on the verge of collapse. Read, understand, and act!












Last modified: January 21, 2019



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