2018 is almost coming to an end, and this is the best time to look at your Google rank tracking tool and get analytic reports that will show you what you have achieved this year. Have you convinced search engines enough to rank you at the helm of search results? Have you been providing quality content that has made your organic traffic grow tremendously? Are you getting ROI, or is your SEO strategy proving to be a waste of time and resources?

Before the end of every year, I usually check my SEO rank tracking tool and determine whether I will end the year with a celebration, or I will spend my Christmas holiday doing a complete overhaul in my SEO strategy so that the coming year cannot be as frustrating. Well, even if I find out that I am doing great and I am in the verge of becoming a market leader, I am not the kind of person who will relax and wait for more wonders to happen. I will keep improving my strategy until I become an undisputed authority in my niche.

This is something you should borrow from me, and of course from the most reputable brands. First and foremost, make sure you have the most reliable Serp rank tracking tool. Use it to track the progress of your site, and if you note that you are doing great, do everything you can to ensure the status quo is maintained and improved, if the ranking tracking tool tells you that you still have a long way to go, look at what your competitors are doing to stay ahead of you and endeavor to do it better. If need be, refurbish your entire strategy, or better still, come up with a new one altogether. Your goal in SEO should be to win, nothing less!

With three months before we call it a year, there is a lot you can do to ensure that search engines keep your business at the top in the online world. Apart from improving your inbound and outbound linking, enhancing the quality of your content, boosting your domain strength, and rejuvenating your keyword usage, 2018 has been a blessing in terms of new trends that could help you get the results you have always desired in Google tracking tools.

Adopt the most sophisticated SEO strategies that focus on the end user

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Your goal is to get massive organic traffic, which will ultimately result in high rankings, leads, conversions, sales, and profits, right? One of the best ways to ensure this is to embrace the latest trends in the field of SEO.

The consumer buying pattern is directly influenced by the search engine. Therefore, in the remainder of the year, you should expect Google to update its algorithm which will focus more on the audience and their browsing experience. This will be done, and have been done to ensure that these users don’t move to other search engines that are posing a threat to Google’s long-standing monopoly in the internet world.

You have probably heard that using infographics, video marketing, and link building, and you are using them in an effort to make your SEO better and get smile-inducing metrics on your SEO rank tracking tool. I will not tell you that you are doing the wrong thing since doing this might improve your rankings in the long run, but the underlying question should be; for how long?

Don’t limit yourself to these three trends, and hope that your Serp rank tracking tool will reveal that you are enjoying high rankings for a long time.

In this article, I discuss some of the trends that will make you an online icon that everyone, including your competitors, will admire. Please note that some of these trends are not necessarily new, but I can bet that you are probably not using them.


  1. Voice search

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This is not a new feature in Google. In fact, it was released back in 2002, and it has today been widely adopted by people around the world, especially smartphone users to look for information online. Google keep updating this feature to make it better. In 2014, Google announced that users could now search for products of their choice in five different languages.

You might see it as a simple feature with less impact on your website and online business at large, but I can tell you for free that this is a feature you need to embrace if getting high ranking reports on your Google rank tracking toll is your ultimate dream.

Over the years, most of my clients who have incorporated this feature in their blogs, website pages, and social media have reported more success than those who haven’t.

I have these feature in most of my website, and thanks to its ability to provide a perfect blend of fun, entertainment, and the ability to give general information when my target audience speak to their smartphones, my local SEO strategy has been impacted positively in many ways.

If you want your SEO rank tracking tool to brighten your spirits every time you look at it, I present to you some tips that will help you big time when you adopt voice search:

  • Optimize the loading speed of your site- when a section of your target population decides to use voice search, they will choose another site if yours takes a lifetime to load.
  • Choose a Serp rank tracking tool that will help you choose Google auto-complete keywords that have high search volumes. Despite the fact you will never be out of options when looking for a Google rank tracking tool, I recommend you choose Serpbook. This tool has worked for all my clients and myself, and I can assure you that it will be the ideal choice for you.
  • Use a conversational tone in your content, and ensure you have a FAQs section in your homepage
  • Have an account with Google My Business
  • User high-quality images in your content

Voice search could be an old trend in the online field, but I dare you to embrace it today and check your Google rank tracking tool after a few days. You will doubtlessly note progress!

  1. Accelerated mobile page (AMP)

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Figure 1: Using AMP (Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com)

Today, billions of people across the world access the internet using their mobile phones. In fact, you are probably using yours when reading this article.

Since Google is always keen to maintain its place as the leader in the search engine market, it introduced accelerated mobile charge, popularly known as AMP in 2016.

Research shows that users will abandon a site after three seconds if it fails to load in the device they are using. With the increased abandonment ratios, Google decided to refer users to AMP pages to enhance their user experience.

If your site is using AMP, Google will rank it on the first page of search results, which means that your Serp rank tracking tool will give you metrics you can take pride in.

Bearing in mind that sites using AMP are super-fast, bounce rates will be reduced, which means that your SEO rank tracking tool will record high conversion rates. Isn’t this one of the primary goals in your SEO strategy?

  1. Optimization of user experience

Today, I can assure you that you will derive analytic reports in your SEO rank tracking tool that show your site is doing very poorly in various search engines if you do not satisfy the ever-changing needs of your consumers.

Well, you might be tempted to believe that your Serp tracking tool will show you high ranking in Google if you pay more emphasis on quality content. Though this is a nice thought, you should know that user experience is another important thing that Google takes into consideration when ranking sites.

Even the most reputable sites on the internet such as Amazon know that the Google rank tracking tool will not give them the best results if they keep on using the same site for years, and this is the reason why they redesign their website regularly to meet the needs of their users.

For enhanced user experience that will reward you with high rankings on Google and other search engines:

  • Adopt top-quality and authoritative inbound and outbound link building strategy
  • Create audience-oriented content
  • Create a visual-oriented layout in your content
  • Incorporate share buttons in your pages and blog posts
  • Use various devices to test the readability of your site
  1. Long-tail keywords

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Figure 2: Long-tail keywords usage. (Source: https://www.digitalvidya.com)

Compared to generic keywords, long-tail keywords are more specific and less competitive. They are those keywords that contain 3 or more words or phrases.

For example, instead of using “Serpbook tracker,” in your blog post, you can use “Why Serpbook is the best SEO tracker.” This will increase your chances of ranking high in Google and other search engines.

Most internet users search for specific information online since some of them use voice search while others intend to take immediate action. Therefore, long tail keywords will give you a competitive edge, and you will achieve better ranking reports on your Serp ranking tool sooner or later.

  1. Content marketing

If you thought that content marketing would go out of fashion any time soon, you have no option but to think again.

Targeting the correct keywords and sharing content that will provide value for your target audience is an undertaking that you should never take for granted. It was and is one of the most significant SEO strategies that will never lose its popularity.

The Google algorithm reads your text and analyses its value to users before indexing it. Therefore endeavor to write with the search engine in mind, but every word should provide quality to your consumers.

For efficient content marketing that will improve your rankings in Google and other dominant search engines:

  • Optimize all your keywords
  • Write for the reader, but do not neglect the search engine
  • Hire a professional freelance writer if you are not a good writer yourself
  • Invest in a high-quality link building strategy

If your rank tracking tools are not giving you a reason to smile, it means that you are still using an old-fashioned SEO strategy, and all you need to rejuvenate it is to adopt the five trends mentioned above. Don’t just read and move on, read and act! Embrace all the above trends in the remaining part of 2018, and I will be more than delighted when I see your site on top of the Google search results. Best of luck as you redesign your SEO strategy!





Last modified: October 28, 2018



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