Rank tracking using the best rank tracking tools is essential regardless of the SEO strategy you have adopted. But then, there are a variety of myths and misconceptions that are committed to pulling you down.

Just like anything else around the world, SEO is surrounded by myths and misconceptions. Experts will tell you that these lies are, mostly born out of fear and ignorance, but I will confidently tell you that many of them emanate from people who were in a mission to get quick results with their SEO strategy, but it dawned to them that nothing good comes easy, and exceptional rankings are not excluded. If you believe outrageous things you hear about SEO, I can bet with my life that the business you toiled to start will suffer, and you will neither have the zeal nor the time for tracking.

I cannot lie to you that I hate quick results. No! I am human, and I fully understand that time is short. In most cases, I don’t care much about long-term results. I used to perform shortcuts in SEO as a newbie in the online business arena, but I suffered a blow that I will never forget. I lost some sites thanks to Google algorithm updates, not forgetting that I underwent business closure and financial loses. What I am trying to say is that you cannot start a low-carb diet today just because you heard that it helps people attain an hourglass shape in a few days, and expect to be like them the next day. Sometimes, all you need to get the best results in your keyword rank tracker tool is patient. The things you read in some sites are meant to get you out of track!

Well, many myths can make SEO rank tracking difficult. You have probably read most of them in various blogs, but I present a few that have seldom been covered, but they discourage many innovative minds from doing SEO and investing in the best rank tracking software. Prepare to blow your mind!

  1. SEO is a scam!!!
Rank tracking

Figure 2: Long-term ROI for SEO. (Source: https://blog.markgrowth.com)

I was terrified when an expert from Serpbook told me that I could achieve greater heights in my online business if I invested in SEO.

Well, I was not terrified because I had tried SEO in the past and failed terribly, but because I had a few friends who had dared me to try it if I wanted to lose money.

Maybe, you are out in the market looking for the best rank tracking tools, but somebody tells you that even if you try a supernatural tracking software, you will not succeed in SEO.

Worse still, you had been promised that by paying $100, you would be ranked top of the google search results, but after doing so, you cannot even find yourself in the third page. You are convinced that it’s a fraud, right?

Let’s look at things objectively. If a fertilizer producing company starts adding sand to their products to make them appear heavier, does it mean that all companies that manufacture the same product are fraudulent?

Well, what about a person who says that his country is the worst place to be, do his sentiments represent those of the entire populace?

The answer to the above questions is NO!

Therefore, if someone tried an SEO strategy that failed terribly, it doesn’t mean that you cannot come up with one that will work great for you!

If your friend paid some bucks to get at the top of the SERPs and that never happened, it does not mean that any company that offers SEO services is a scam!

Never let this myth deter you from investing in SEO and using the best rank tracking tools for your tracking needs. If you accept from the onset that SEO is not a fraud and that it will ultimately work for you, then you will doubtlessly rank high in a natural way, as long as you do everything right.

Don’t look at every rank tracking software you come across as a waste of your hard-earned money. Invest in it, and sooner or later, you will realize that SEO is legit when you start reaping what you sow!

Well, if you still believe that SEO is a scam and that is why you can never invest your time and resources in tracking, give it a try today. Get killer keywords for your site and monitor them with keyword rank tracker tool. Write quality content, optimize your images, and do everything that pertains to SEO. If you don’t get desirable results, then consider SEO a scam (I promise you this is highly unlikely).

  1. Google and SEO are enemies

Rank tracking

There was a time I could put a lot of efforts into SEO, but with time, Google would update its algorithms, and my SEO efforts could become useless instantly. This made me believe what I once thought was a myth – Google hates SEO! Rank tracking was a disaster, and I stopped using it. I dumped all my rank tracking software and even stopped using a keyword rank tracker tool I had acquired from Serpbook. But sooner or later, I realized that my decision was ill-advised.

Look, it is true that sometimes Google ruins your SEO efforts. You will get all the outbound links that you believe are authoritative, and you will get very impressive metrics on your best tracking tools. But after a few days, you might notice fluctuations in your rankings, and you might be forced to do what I did – believe that Google is at war with SEO.

But wait a minute, when you start a business, and it gains a massive reputation, you have a duty to ensure that the reputation is maintained, or else something might happen, and what you built in years might come crumbling down in seconds. Hey, Google is a business, when you see that your ranking tracking software is showing disheartening metrics despite your SEO efforts, know from the onset that you might be using manipulative SEO tactics that might ruin Google’s reputation, and that cannot be allowed.

If you are trying to increase your rankings in Google artificially, you are following the wrong path. Google encourages SEO and has even published a starter guide that fosters beginners to adopt specific SEO techniques that will earn them visibility in the online world.

To make your ranking tracking successful, the first thing you need to do is shun away from manipulative SEO techniques, and embrace white-hart SEO that google likes.

Write high-quality content, and find trendy keywords to that will give great reports on your keyword rank tracker tool to complement it. When you do this, invest in a good rank tracking software, preferably from the best SEO service providers such as Serpbook, and I can assure you that you will always smile when you check your rankings.

Also, you need to remember that no poison doesn’t have an antidote. When you get poor ranking reports from your best rank tracking tools, try to find out the cause. If an update in the Google algorithm is the main culprit, find a way to fix the issue, and you will certainly get back on track in no time.


  1. SEO is a one-time affair
Rank tracking

Figure 3: One time vs. Ongoing SEO. (Source: https://omspark.com)

There is a belief out there that SEO is something that you do today, and it results into astounding success for eternity. This is a lie you should never fall for.

Even if you write the best content, use popular keywords, and use all advanced SEO techniques you read during your research, this will not bring impressive results in your rank tracking software for life.

If you carried out an SEO campaign that did not yield much, it’s time to rethink your strategy and find out how you will make it better so that you can achieve unwavering success.

If your campaign bow anaclitic reports in your best rank tracking tools and you are now sitting in your comfort zone waiting to rank #1 in Google search results, you are drawing your path to failure. It’s time to grab your keyword research tools and find out which new keywords will bring better results in the keyword rank tracker tool when you write your next content.

Well, what I mean is, SEO is not a one-time thing. It is an undertaking that should be done on a regular basis. If you succeed or fail once and you decide to stop at that, here are some of the consequences that will come your way;

  • Your content will be outdated, and users might not trust it
  • Google algorithm updates will affect many, if not all parts of your SEO
  • Your competitors will be way ahead of you
  • You will miss out on SEO opportunities that can help you get great reports on the rank tracking software.

Everything in SEO, including raking tracking using the best tracking tools and monitoring keywords in which your pages rank using a good keyword rank tracker tool should be made a habit, not a choice. Well, take this seriously if you care about business success!



  1. Link building is hazardous

Yes, some people believe that link building is dangerous, and this makes it for them to get the results they desire in their rank tracking software.

This is not true. Link building is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to rank high in multiple search engines including Google.

But then, you don’t go over the internet and pick millions of useless slinks and use them in your site. Google will doubtlessly find your website as one that misleads its users, and you might risk a host of penalties including complete de-indexing of your site.

Aim for high-authority sites, since that will create a sense of trust in your content, and this might draw traffic that will give you the tracking metrics you have always dreamed about.

One of the best ways to get high-authority links is to do a competitor analysis using the best tools such as Serpbook. Look at the type of links your competitors are using, and try using similar ones, or the same ones if a need arises. After you publish your content filled with high-authority sites, keep looking at your best rank tracking tools for regular reports that will tell you how the content is doing in multiple search engines.

If you want success in your SEO strategy, do not believe the ‘mega-myths’ I have mentioned above. Do it at your own peril!





Last modified: March 2, 2019



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