Among the numerous challenges that any company could face, generating leads and traffic is a major concern, particularly for online businesses, thriving in such a competitive platform is not an easy thing. The target market keeps changing and the demands to deliver better value keeps increasing. It further becomes a concern when you check your rankings and realize that your company is performing very poorly as per the free ranking check software online

With a primary goal of becoming a success on the digital platform, there is a lot you must do to thrive your eCommerce business. With the understanding that your competition won’t be going away, you might as well put your best foot forward in coming up with a timely solution to boost your traffic. Here is a compilation of some of the top-notch ways to increase eCommerce traffic, not forgetting. Boost your performance on the free ranking check software online:

Leverage SEO

Regardless of the business, you are in, SEO has premium advantages when it comes to making more sales, attracting traffic, and beating the competition. Given the thousands of sites online, the only way businesses can keep up with their competitors is by leveraging SEO. SEO is about taking your platform to the first position on SERP when you use the ranking check software to check your rankings.

The best thing about SEO is that as you are optimizing your platform for search engines and target audiences, you are making your platform sightlier to the users, keeping up an excellent user experience and reputation thereof. As you work on both onsite and off-page SEO, be sure to keep your target audience in mind, as the initial reason for practicing SEO. Therefore, be fearless about using external links, internal links, changing your website design, topping your speeds, among others.

Pay for your Google AdWords endeavors

An old school way of amassing traffic to a site is that of paying for it essentially; it is not that you are paying for your target audience to visit your platform, but rather for your website to be a lot visible, even when it comes to checking your rankings. As an eCommerce business, you need to have as many people as possible clicking on your site at every moment. It is the only sure way to scale up your sales and earn an incredible profit.

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Figure 2 Ads on Google

The beauty with using Google AdWords is that is has a pay-per-click advertising method that allows business owners to scale up their click-thr0ough rates by a significant percentage, not to mention, boost their results on a free ranking check software online. Ideally, you only have to pay for your ad on Google AdWords if and when someone clicks on it. It also goes for views your video, or calls your business, depending on which plan you choose. Even though some business owners consider this a far-fetched option as compared to SEO, when you are in eCommerce business, you have to worry about more than just your free ranking check software online results.

Serve the best quality content

There is no hiding that material is supreme when it comes to succeeding on the digital platforms. If individuals have to be intentional about coming up with entertaining and catchy posts that could spice up their online presence, what does that mean for businesses? Businesses need to generate unmatched content as regards value. The eCommerce business owners must never assume that their audiences are naïve and ignorant, especially given the wide access of materials that they have.

Further, to push your products and services, you need to use more than just promotional messages. Other than concerning yourself with free ranking check software online to boost your performance, determine to keep your content at its best in matters of quality. Let your posts be the ones to push your products and services, attracting a broader audience than plain advertising ever could. Needless to say, with this approach, you will notice an improvement in your performance next time you check your rankings. Since the primary agenda is to encourage more people to visit your site, try sharing product reviews, tutorials, news pieces, and other informative articles to keep your target audience on toes for fresher content from your platform.

Go social

Social media has a way to people’s heart. The online population takes tons of hours maneuvering from one social media platform to another. Because of this reason, companies have to be deliberate with getting people from different platforms, to attend to their own. For one, social media platforms have become the first place people rush to when they need to get any information about online shopping. The security threats that are associated with the digital platform have made it a lot harder for people to trust eCommerce stores online randomly.

That said, the easiest access to your online audience is through social media platforms. Create a robust social media profile that is convincing enough to draw you the traffic you desire for your site. All the promotional messages you have can do so well on the different social media platforms. If you are tactical in how you structure your messages, you will find it particularly easy to push your messages and get more people to share it among their circles. Be careful that you do not go overboard with your promotional messages, lest you scare aware of your audience. It is why super quality content is very important for any online business. Remember that social media is closely linked with successful SEO, which means when you check your rankings on a ranking check software, your results will resound with your social media presence.

Gain referrals

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Figure 3 Referral Example

In this age and time, references are a sustainable way for eCommerce businesses to get by, from one client to another. Thanks to the social media factor, people rely so much on social validation to make crucial decisions regarding their online affairs. This for so many means that they go all out for referrals and recommendations from their circles as an ultimate guide to their online shopping. Before you go crazy with checking your rankings, consider a strategy that will encourage referrals.

Determine a referral program where you get the most from your customers. Encourage them to share your posts on social media. More importantly, encourage them to give feedback, and be intentional about getting them to refer their peers to your store. Ideally, a referral program can involve a giveaway for every person that brings in a new and active customer on your site. Therefore, incentivize your current customers and followers and make them fishers of many more customers.

Invest in Email marketing

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Figure 4 Email marketing

As an online store, you need to capitalize on as many avenues as you can, to reach as many people as possible. For businesses, email marketing is a much sort-after solution to reaching out to target customers. Now that technology is here to make life easier, there are numerous email marketing platforms you could suppose for your eCommerce store, including MailChimp, SendinBlue, to mention a few.

Your goal with this technique is to build an engaging email list, enough to have a positive impact on your traffic flow, not to mention, ranking check software results. The best part about email marketing is that you do not have to forget about your existing customers completely. You can use this tactic to launch email campaigns for prospect customers, while still configure messages for your existing customers that have purchased from you before. With this, when you check your rankings from a ranking check software, you might be shocked at the tremendous boost you have acquired. However, to get there, ensure that all your email marketing messages have a clear call-to-action that people can follow through with.

Video Content

If you are keen to check your rankings and those of other platforms, notice that video consumption is very much on the rise, thanks to social media and mobile technology, people have an easy time accessing video clips from different platforms, and the demand then keeps rising. Any website owner using a ranking check software will tell you that SEO has taken a significant turn toward video content. According to a source on trends for marketers to master, online video ads are expected to account for more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2020. This means that video content will not be slowing down, and if you want to bear a smile every time you check your rankings, it is about time you shifted to video content.

Lucky for you, you do not have to do away with text-based content, find a way to integrate your videos in your content, more especially for product reviews regarding the products and services you offer. As the video audience continues to grow, you can rest assured that your ranking check software will become your new best friend because of the impressive results you’ll get once you check your rankings.

Capitalize on social media influencers

It is one thing to be a guru on social media, but it is a whole other tactic to make social media work for you. Your online stores need publicity to make sales. That said, you need to have a couple of people who have tested your products and can give a vote of confidence for others to consider it as well. Ideally, for the recommendations to make a difference, consider people with a lot more influence and authority when it comes to social media. This means that you need to consider social media influencers who can take your product to the next level.

What you want to do is send free samples to different influencers. Given the many social media platforms to consider, pick out those that are more influential when it comes to making sales as an online business. Consider, therefore, Instagram influencers. Let them use your products out-rightly on their timelines, and keep tagging your brand’s handle on their conversations regarding your product. Once you have mastered this art, it shouldn’t be too intimidating to check your rankings on a ranking check software.

Reach out to bloggers and press

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Figure 5 finding a blogger

You obviously need to solicit as much attention as possible, if at all your brand will be visible to the right audience. Reaching out to a blogger or the press is about increasing visibility. Technically, with more visibility, the traffic flow increases, regardless of whether you check your rankings or not.

Search for bloggers in your industry, from merely typing in a relevant keyword on Google. Try giving some free samples to earn recommendations and positive reviews about your brand. When it comes to press, it is not necessarily about being the eCommerce online store on all TV channels, but about getting coverage and recognition from local news sites. Target big days like BlackFriday as the day to solicit the positive attention for your platform, and this will reflect positively even on your ranking check software.

Last modified: March 2, 2019



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