There is a lot that goes into SEO for websites to show up on the first page of search engines. The ranking reports that webmasters receive have a lot to do with what happens within and without their platforms. Obviously, as a website owner you are familiar with most on-page SEO practices because, for the most part, people consider on-page SEO as the only kind of optimization. The reason is that on-page SEO more or less directly impacts the performance of websites on searches.

Even then, off-page optimization is critical in the success of the entire SEO campaign, more especially long-term. When it comes to off-page SEO, it is about everything that happens outside of a site, but indirectly has positive consequences on the result of its search ranking reports. If you are among the percentage of website owners that have not yet indulged in off-page SEO, this is your perfect time to consider it. Perhaps the best place to get started is on some of the best off-page SEO techniques that have had tremendous effects on your web ranking reports in 2019. Check out the following few:

Video content sharing

If you have been in the field of SEO long enough, or have had your ears on the ground about matters to do with website optimization, then you must have noticed that video content has taken the market by storm. For a long time now, video has been another thing that people need to do, until the prominence of social platforms. The world has quickly transitioned to video content thanks to Twitter, Facebook Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, to mention a few. These social platforms have made it so convenient for people to share out their ideas and thoughts in video format. More to it, the rise of live video has also added to the increased demand for video content.

In light of this, you have to do more by sharing and submitting your videos to the relevant video-based platforms. You want to make sure that your brand is found somewhere on the top of searches when people are looking for video content on video-enabled platforms. Platforms to consider submitting your video to include, YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Facebook Video Platform. The goal is to ensure that during your on-page optimization process as you come up with various content forms, you create videos that can be submitted to these platforms. As a bonus that can mean a lot for your ranking reports, ensure the videos you submit to have a proper title, description and, reference links of your site.


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Figure 2 importance of blogging in off-page SEO

In 2019, the best decision you can make as a website owner is to throw out all the off-page SEO techniques that used to work more than two years ago. Ideally, in the field of SEO, numerous changes are coming from different directions, the main ones being from Google’s frequent algorithmic updates, and ultimately the technological advancements that keep the market on its toes. That said, you need to understand the depths to which blogging can impact your website’s search ranking reports, and not just regarding SEO Google rankings report online.

Essentially, a blog is an online account that a website owner indulges in, as a way to provide more value to the target audience. For one, it serves as the perfect way to market your other content, products, services and other campaigns. Even though blogging has been in existence for a while, ideally since 1994, it has grown in many ways to what it is right now. In matters of SEO mainly, it has been a great source of income for a lot of website owners. For blogging, it is about keeping the content fresh and relevant, enough to prick a certain level of curiosity in your target audience that would make them want to consume more from you, even that which is not written content.

For one, be intentional about keeping your content in long-form formats. Generally, as you would for high-quality content in on-page optimization to deserve better results on SEO Google rankings report online, for off-page SEO, do the same, if not more.

Providing actual Business Information

Sure many people talk about sharing some information on the digital platforms about their brands and what they do but rarely do they emphasize that it is about so much more. Particularly in 2019 and the years to come, it is not the shallow business details you provide that will change your SEO Google rankings report online overnight, but the quality of information you share.

Sometime you may get carried away to share about your success more so after a boost of confidence on your search ranking reports, for instance, too much that you forget to share about import information like what you do, where you can be found, why you exist, and any updates in regard to your brand and company visions. Some of the most critical information that you must ensure is located in your business details online is, (NAP) name, address, phone number, Business listings on Google My Business and Facebook, Reviews sites and relevant directories like Yelp, among others.

Guest posting

Even in 2019, you cannot grow weary of guest posting, not unless you have stopped hoping for better web ranking reports. It becomes some of the swiftest and legitimate ways to earn high-quality links, which are a big part of a successful SEO campaign. In more practical ways, it becomes a way for you to build networks with other website owners in your industry, with the end goal of having improved web ranking reports.

The thing about it is that you may not quite yield fruit from it immediately, mostly because you are too concerned with earning a good link and on your search ranking reports, but it does matter a lot. Along the way, with good guest posting skills, you earn yourself leverage to hang out with the big brand names in your industry, perhaps on partnerships and collaborations, which can be a massive step in your business.

In another dimension, it could be you accepting guest posts from other authors. For this one, you end up building your brand on people’s knowledge, for which, a lot of the times, is well-researched, relevant and current information. With time, you up your rank not just on the search ranking reports, but also as matters of credibility and trustworthiness of your site, you however must be careful how you go about taking in guest posts, lest you compromise your entire on-page optimization strategy and your web ranking reports, for one piece of article.

Social Signals

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Figure 3 Social activity

If you understand the modern digital world enough, then you know that social media and social messaging apps are not going anywhere. It is why search ranking reports and social signals are an essential part of any successful off-page SEO. When people share your content among themselves, you may take it lightly, but that is a communication that you are doing something right. As the numbers keep growing and more and more people keep sharing your content on social media networks, then that social signal means something to your search ranking reports.

If you have not been deliberate about keeping track of your social signals, then it could be the reason you are not noticing any improvements in your ranking reports. You must, therefore, be intentional about getting your audience to share your content in different social media platforms. This hugely depends on the kinds of relationships you maintain with people, along with the quality of content you want them to share, therefore, tying this off-page technique with your other on-page SEO tactics, you should have a way of giving them too good a quality of material that they have a hard time keeping it to themselves.

Image sharing and submission

Like with video content, there is a big place for images online thanks to the popularity of visual content. Overall, most people are visual learners, which is why adding images in your content is very much encouraged on matters of on-page SEO. For off-page optimization, it is about remaining vigilant that your images are out there being consumed by people which will mean a lot for your web ranking reports. Forget about having them on your website and your material. Now, you have to ensure they get to the public eye through different means. Notice how much, especially today, Google values image results in searches.

If your images are nowhere to be found on searches for certain keywords under the image searches, then you are missing out on a lot of traffic that could otherwise be coming your way. Sometimes people are not interested in the text-based aspect of the search queries, but the visual bit. This means that all the graphic designs you have invested in, the infographics, charts, tables, memes, among others, for the sake of your web ranking reports, must be properly optimized. Afterward, you must be vigilant in sharing them widely. The good news is that there are endless platforms you can submit your images to, among them, Instagram, Flickr, Imgur, Picasa, Shutterfly, Mediafire, among others.


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Figure 4 forum

It is amazing how something as small as being part of a forum can change our SEO life in big ways, yet still, is an ignored concept by most website owners.  A lot of the times, they feel like they are joining forums for the sake of their target audience, and not so much for themselves. While there is some truth in that, forums are a simple way that website owners can get to mingle with each other and share a thing or two about matters of their industry. If you are thinking to yourself that forums are not for you, consider some of the benefits you can get from joining one relevant and active forum.

For one, it is the prime spot to mine excellent keywords you can use for your on-page optimization. If not for anything else, then you have your on-page SEO taken care of. Further, you have a chance to get not the mind of your competitors, as a matter of fact, you cannot overlook the significance of your competitors in your SEO success. Competitor research also being an aspect of off-page SEO, you benefit a lot of form learning with peers in forums, some you may have never known is your greatest competitors.

Take the time you spend in forums to learn more about what other people’s strategies are in matters of digital marketing, content marketing, audience engagement, content development, online presence, and brand visibility, to mention a few. The best news is that, in this age and time where socialization and networking are of great value, it is hard that you do not fit in in any group in your industry. If you keep doing this for a while, and you are not a doormat but rather very active, you will sure notice incredible changes in your web ranking reports, more so in the positive direction.

Last modified: February 10, 2019



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