Every business owner is busy trying to make it online, hoping that the mere fact that they own a website, it is enough to keep the audience happy. It is why the popularity of the SEO keyword rank tool has risen over time. However, times are changing very quickly. People are becoming more and more conscious about what their needs are and what kind of content they want to consume. That said, it is one thing to have a beautifully designed website and a whole new thing to ensure that your audience is having the best of times when they visit your site, starting from the way you use the SEO keyword rank tool to get keywords for your content.

Generally, poor user experience results in high bounce rates, low visitor-to-lead conversion rates, poor organic search listing positions, among other negative effects. Therefore, your primary concern as a business owner should not be to increase traffic or to be a guru in the use of search engine keyword rank tools, but rather to nullify the issues that your visitors have about your site. Here is a couple of them to start addressing immediately:

It takes centuries to load

Do not for one moment mistake the online audience as an idle people who have all the time in the world to waste. Even when most of them are just hopping from platform to another seeking entertainment and some activity to keep them going, it does not speak for their patience or tenacity. Most people are not willing to wait for a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to open. If your website takes too long to load, people will exit as soon as they visit your site.

Further, remember that technology has contributed a lot to the shortening attention spans of human beings. It is why people keep checking their phones hundreds of times each day. According to Neil Patel, any seconds that your web pages delay to open directly affects customer satisfaction by 16%. Your brand perception is also at stake for the time your site takes to load. Therefore, as you are busy with your SEO keyword rank tool, remember that your audience is waiting for information to load, and they do not have all day.

Not optimized for mobile

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Figure 2 mobile audience increasing over the years

In this century, the largest population of internet users is from mobile searches. This means that there are more people to access your platform on mobile than there are on any other device, including laptops. That said, you do not want to be among the website owners that are too caught up on SEO keyword rank software to notice the mobile audience that keeps growing. If your website is nothing near friendly to the mobile audience, then you have lost in the SEO game before even starting it.

Your visitors get annoyed every time they have to zoom in and zoom out the content or keep tilting their screens back and forth for them to read through your articles and process any transactions comfortably. Further, Google is a friend of the users in the sense that it has mobile first-indexing as a ranking factor. At the least of things, if your site cannot fit into a mobile screen, then your visitors will get frustrated with the pinch-to-zoom technique, regardless of how well you have used the search engine keyword rank tools in your favour.

Excessive pop-ups

Everyone has had their share of frustration with pop-up ads and information. In the midst of reading through a piece of information, the last thing that anyone wants is to have a pop-up message reminding them to do something else. A lot of the times, the pop-up messages are not even related to the content in the page. Although you may be an expert in using an SEO keyword rank tool, you cannot please your visitors if your pop-up messages are too many.

However, it is not to say that the pop-up messages should completely be thrown off the bus. It is only wise that you control their frequency, enough to keep your audience excited to go back to your web pages for more content. Sometimes, it is not so much about saying out your message, but about how you say it.

Embrace less obtrusive ways for your call-to-action, for example, slide-ins that will still allow your user to keep on with your content. Be smart in them to avoid guilt-tripping your visitors into doing things, but instead, using the search engine keyword rank to focus on key terms that could help drive the point home. In fact, embracing a smart call-to-action is sensitive about the visitor, for example, depending on whether or not they have visited your site before, how far into the buying cycle they are, among others. At this, you will yield more results from your SEO keyword rank software, while salvaging your visitors from unsolicited and annoying pop-up messages.

If they can’t find contact information

As basic as it should be to have adequate contact information, businesses will fail at it. The visitors on your platform assume that your website is just one gateway to reach out to you. Therefore, it means that they expect to find contact information. The problem could not be that the information is missing at all, but rather that the data is not sufficient.

Different visitors have different preferences. It is why your contact information should cover more details, including, Twitter links, Phone number(s), fax, email, Facebook page, among others. This way, you give your visitors options to consider, as the SEO keyword rank software does for you.

Multimedia autoplay

Videos are a significant part of the SEO processes, along with search engine keyword rank. Like you would use the search engine keyword rank tools to move ahead with your SEO strategy, video type of content attracts more traffic, not to mention, increases the audience engagement on your platform. However, some webmasters have taken things too far as to include multimedia that plays automatically. For one, it takes away people choice of whether or not they would be interested in playing the clip.

Besides, some visitors enjoy silent browsing, particularly for those in a work environment. If such a person is bombarded by your clips that are too loud and start automatically without them pressing play, it can be very annoying, and cause them to leave your platform. The matter becomes worse when the person cannot find the ‘pause’ or ‘stop’ button, and they are only left with the option of shutting down the browser, or your site. At this stage, it won’t matter that you did a good job with your SEO keyword tool, but rather that you annoyed your visitors.

A lot of stock photos and no native images

Images do a lot for SEO as regards putting content into perspective, and enforcing learning through visual means. However, the necessity of images has turned some webmasters into over users of stock photos, so much that they lose the genuineness of the brand. Ideally, you may even determine great keywords from an SEO keyword rank software and use them to optimize your images, but if you have too many stock photos than you do native photos, you are becoming too generic and gradually irritating your visitors.

Alternatively, you can become more real with your media by sharing real pictures of customers and clients, employees, your brand, your product, or your location. Further, you can choose to design your images to give them your personal touch and better bring out your brand’s essence. From there, the search engine keyword rank should help you optimize them for SERP.

It only opens in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is one of the oldest browsers around. That does not mean it is people’s favourite. More often than not, people prefer other browsers, mainly Google Chrome because it is affiliated with Google. For mobile users especially, you cannot expect them to keep on with a site that only opens in one browser, and in this case, IE. Messages like ‘your browser is not supported’ are very annoying and can cut down your traffic by more than half every day. Give people an easy time by allowing them the freedom to choose which browser they prefer using. Configure your links also to be compatible with different browsers to make the life of your visitors a lot easier.

Your content is stale

Over and over again it has been stressed that content is king, and yet, some website owners are still lagging in the quality of content, but busy mastering the search engine keyword rank. What is the essence of using an SEO keyword rank tool or an SEO keyword rank software if you will not come up with over-the-top material for your target audience? People need to fall in love with the content you publish, enough to overlook some of the minor mistakes on your platform, sometimes, including a slowly loading page.

The people online have access to so many reading materials, along with multimedia that keeps them informed. Therefore, you cannot trap them with stale, outdated and low-quality material and expect your search engine keyword rank to do all the magic for you. Constantly find fresh information through in-depth research, and keep up with trends within your industry through the aid of a tool such as an SEO keyword rank tool.


It is interesting that something as simple as typos in a piece of work can irritate an audience. You may find that some of the visitors that left your site unsatisfied due to the typos will never return to your platform. First, the typos imply that you did not spend a substantive amount of time working on your platform, which shows less consideration for the needs of your target audience. Despite your use of an SEO keyword rank tool to come up with keywords that will address the needs of your target audience, you lose them with poor grammar and spelling mistakes.

Ideally, you can get away with a few grammatical errors, but if they are too many to be noticed, then your audience will hat your site and exit as soon as they visited. Remember that typos are also a bad reflection on your image and reputation, which ultimately messes up your SERP, and throws out all the efforts you out in place with the search engine keyword rank.

Broken links and page errors

search engine keyword rank

Figure 4 Page not found

Nothing is as frustrating as spending your few seconds waiting for a page to load, then receiving a page error report. Perhaps the reason why ‘page not found’ messages disgusts visitors, regardless of how inviting the keyword from the search engine keyword rank were, is the fact that they presume you must have control over what happens on your site, which means that you must be aware of any missing or broken links.

Even though broken links are bound to occur to any website with time, avoid moving items too much on your platform, because when you forget to change the old location to the new ones, then your visitors with always receive page error messages, and immediately exit your site.

Last modified: January 31, 2019



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