It is fascinating how much content marketing has gathered traction over the past few years, becoming one of the core focus of businesses online. Over time, the scope of marketing has changed, and modern marketing is nothing like it used to be a couple of years back. Some of the traditional methods that were held relevant can no longer be as effective in the competitive digital space, and they might not be appealing when you track your site with Search Engine Rank Check tool.

You will notice that people have turned to the use of SEO aids like the search engine rank check to better their SEO processes and ultimately, their results. Besides, some SEO factors cannot be overlooked, and to a big part, that includes content marketing. Are you doing your content marketing justice? Find out below some of the best content marketing tips for SEO to try out.

Put your audience first

Most businesses think that optimizing their sites is for search engines, and that is where they have it all wrong. In essence, the priority for any SEO efforts should be the target audience. Whatever shift your digital marketing efforts take, your audience must be the driving factor.

Much as the results from your keyword search engine ranking have a lot to say about the kind of service you offer your audience, you must ensure everything else about your content marketing strategy prioritizes your target audience. If you change your objectives as a business, for example, the changes should reflect in the content marketing strategy and in the way you handle your audience.

Attend to your distribution tactics

In content marketing, it matters how well versed you are at distributing your information to the relevant recipients. Ideally, after determining the right keywords from your daily search engine rank check, the kind of content you come up with deserves an audience. The initial steps to this process are to understand the behaviour of your audience, enough that you know where to reach them. You want to be sure that when you share your messages, your target audience finds it and consumes it as intended.

Since distribution tactics keep changing, in 2019, be vigilant in keeping close touch with your audience so that you can master their whereabouts. Pinpoint your best distribution tactics by analyzing them in the following dimensions:

  • Customer journey for all your visitors
  • Devices and gadgets that audiences use to access the internet
  • The ideal time when your target audience is most likely to be online
  • Best channels and media to distribute your information
  • The appropriate number of times you must share your messages in a day

Invest in your best-performing channels

Search Engine Rank Check

Figure 1 most content marketers consider Facebook their best performing social media platform

As the saying goes, ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’, different tactics work differently for people. For example, you may find that a daily search engine rank check works best for company A, while for company B, they prefer a keyword search engine ranking. In the same way, there is one specific channel that works best for you, in comparison to the others.

If your content does better on Facebook more than on Twitter, then take your time and invest on the sharing techniques on Facebook. Be timely in response, and more so, in sharing good quality material that your audience will not get bored of. Further, do not just add numerous marketing channels to your list simply because everyone is doing it. Even though it is your competitors you are aping from, be wise to consider their techniques more than in imitating their choices. For example, just because your competitors are using a search engine rank check does not mean you also have to.

Consider a social influencer

Content marketing is all about going big with your messages to reach out to a broad audience. More than anything, this involves capitalizing on the different social media opportunities to come up with the best results yet. Since building traction on social media takes time, you may want to consider using some help. Social media influencers are well versed with the nature of the audience online, and how best to circulate messages to the appropriate audience, while still covering a vast scope.

Once your daily search engine rank check has given you the terms you are looking for, hire a social media influencer to help you in pushing your messages, the trick is you identify one that has a reasonable follower record, but more importantly, has more mastery of the audience in question. The last thing you want is to higher an influencer who draws more attention to himself more than to your brand. It is for this reason that you should consider a small wig influencer over a big wig or a celebrity altogether.

Narrow down your audience

There is the underlying desire in every content marketer to attain as wide an audience base as possible, which informs the wide usage of the search engine rank check. However, there is also a big secret to success hidden behind narrowing down an audience. Modern marketing is more than just tossing around well-written messages hoping that someone will find it. Like you would a daily search engine rank check to find specific keywords for your niche topic, focus on a niche audience.

The best thing about this technique is that it proves to your competitors that you are well versed with your audience. It also puts your target audience at ease knowing that their needs are well taken care of because they can swiftly access your content.

Market for the mobile audience

Search Engine Rank Check

Figure 2 internet population vs. mobile site users

You must have noticed by now that the mobile audience has by far overtaken the desktop audience. More and more people are gaining access to the internet via mobile phones. Therefore, modern marketing for your content must be very sensitive to the needs of the mobile audience. Once you have decided to put your audience first, it means you have also signed up to considering the mobile audience.

As you use the keyword search engine ranking, your goal should be to identify key terms that are most likely to be typed in mobile searches, not to mention, spoken into voice searches. At this point, you can even determine using short forms, and a little bit of slang to better accommodate the mobile users. Further, remember that in this modern age, it is more about mobile-first more than it is about mobile-friendly.

Use long-tail keywords

Why else would you use the search engine rank check and not come up with the ideal keywords for your content? Long-tail keywords go a long way in prioritizing your audience needs. More importantly, you want to be in a position to understand the needs of your niche audience. Therefore, you can use a keyword search engine ranking device to help you identify what people are looking for on search engines. From there, structure the popular terms in long-tail phrases that capture more, instead of single words or two.

The good news is that your long-tail keyword will be more descriptive about your course. This way, the kind of audience you attract is the appropriate one. You are then better placed at answering their direct questions and being a solution to their problem.

Be specific with the content you generate

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Figure 4 the art of content generation

In the modern era of technological sophistication, you cannot afford to share any information randomly. Given the competition by different brands to share their marketing messages, then, your content has to be top-notch. As you use a keyword search engine ranking, you will determine several keywords that are appropriate for your target audience.

Consequently, the nature of the content you generate must align with your content marketing needs, not to mention, be relevant and informative to the target audience. Ensure also that the information you share is current as per the trends of the time of publishing. This way, you can keep your audience elated with your fresh content, locking out any gateway for your competitors to sweep them off of their feet.

Have a flexible budget

Sometimes, if you want to roll with the experts, you have to keep experimenting. It is by trying out new things that you may find a daily search engine rank check preferable to a keyword search engine rank positions. There are so many things you need to try out, including SEO tools, distribution channels, promotional ads, and even social media influencers. In that case, you cannot magically spot the best techniques for your company, which is why you need to experiment.

Be flexible with time and budget, enough to allow trying out new scopes, and ideas. You may also find this as the perfect grounds to stay ahead of your competition, not to mention, emerging technologies.

Increase the audience engagement

The audience is not just there to be recipients of your marketing messages. You must make them an active part of all your content marketing processes. Ideally, even in the content body itself, your target audience must feel engaged. The very first step is to ensure that the keywords you determine from your search engine rank position are relevant to the users’ searches. This way, they find your content engaging.

Further, be determined to incorporate stylistic aspects that increase audience engagement. For example, employ a conversational tone in your texts. You can also include questions, both open-ended and rhetoric ones. They will provide a lot of room for the audience to interact with your brand and better enjoy the content.

Work on your relationships

In modern content marketing, it counts the kinds of relationships you have. The digital platform has a lot of people you can bond with, but as regards marketing, you need to be strategic. Remember that content marketing is a big part of SEO, which is why most website owners are all hooked on the search engine rank position. That said, you understand that issues like link-building, guest blogging, and partnering with other brands rely so much on relationships.

As a content marketer, be intentional about networking with different entities, which includes your target audience, and more so, your competitors. If your competitors are using a search engine rank check to stay ahead of the game, then you can as well do the same, or even do better. Without good relationships, however, it is impossible to keep up with the stiff competition online.

Focus on link-building

Speaking of link-building, a search engine rank position may not do a lot for you, but your relationships will. Like mentioned above, link-building is a central part of SEO. If you want to achieve success in content marketing, then you must go all out in acquiring health and high-quality links for your material. It is not about begging other webmasters to include your link in your site. You need a reliable technique of earning links because you want the links to be long-term and not short-term.

Among the ways you can earn high-quality links is by answering some of the following questions:

  • Is your content link worthy?
  • Can your material be found in popular sites where your niche audience is likely to be?
  • Are your guest blogging articles worth publishing?
  • Do you have relationships you can capitalize on?

Once you understand these things, then you will not be casually using your search engine rank position, but rather, be intentional about getting the very best from all your SEO resources.


Last modified: January 23, 2019



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