As you may have noticed, SEO and content marketing are two terms that are mostly used together. They are both used in the efforts of search engine rank. However, it does not mean that they are the same thing. SEO, which is the abbreviation for search engine optimisation encompasses all the strategies that are employed in a bid to make the search engine ranking position high. That includes link building, optimising the user experience and proper use of keywords to mention a few.

Content marketing, on the other hand, involves the creation of pages within a website to attract visitors and increase conversions and sales. The strategies include the creation of quality and exciting content. The two elements complement each other and have a significant contribution to the search engine rank.

Therefore, as a web owner, you should find a way in which SEO and your content marketing plan can work together to give you compelling reports on a search engine rank tracker. How will SEO improve your search engine ranking position and your content marketing plan?

  1. Creation of original and quality content

Google’s algorithm for search engine ranking position keeps changing. Gone are the days that you would just create content and provided the Google bots locate it, you qualify for a search engine rank. Search engine optimisation advocates for the use of quality and original content.

Quality content covers the use of relevant keywords. More so, through keyword research, you will be able to improve the content you create significantly. The lesser you compete for visitors with the same keywords as those for your competitor, the better the search engine rank. Use of engaging content will get you closer to accomplishing your SEO goals.

  1. Keyword research

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As aforementioned, keyword research is an important task when it comes to SEO. A web owner creating a content marketing strategy with the help of keyword research is more likely to find himself in a good position on a search engine ranking tool than someone who is not.

Remember that your goal as you plan for content marketing is to reach as many people as possible. Keyword research gives you such an avenue. It will provide you with the information you need regarding the type of keywords your audience uses when searching. Knowing the search terms people are using is an ingredient of finding yourself in a better position in a search engine rank tracker.


  1. Evergreen content

Creation of evergreen content is the ultimate content marketing plan. Evergreen content is content that holds long term value. With that, your site can never be anything less than the top on search engine rank tracker. What role has SEO got to play in this?

SEO encourages the use of relevant keywords naturally in your content. More so, link building as an SEO task improves the user experience, and visitors can easily navigate your website and locate the content. The use of SEO friendly URL could also give you the search engine ranking position that you have been yearning for. The importance of SEO in the creation of evergreen content cannot be ignored.

Note that evergreen content will create a steady flow of traffic to your site which will be converted to sales. More sales will only mean that you have been able to achieve the goals of your content marketing efforts.

  1. Link building

Link building is yet another SEO task that makes a significant contribution to your content marketing plan hence search engine rank. Search engine optimisation created links are such as submission of your links to site directories, emailing bloggers for links or even through paid ads. They are all ways in which you can build links to your website.

What contribution does link building make to your content marketing plan, more so, search engine ranking position? Link building has so much in store for your content marketing efforts. Take social media for instance. Posting links as you comment on posts on social media will get relevant audience linking back to your website and having a look at your pages, and therefore content. If impressed, one will also share the link, and it will get more traffic flowing to your site. At this point, you should brace yourself for fantastic sales! Link building will also create authority for your domain which will equal even more people coming and top positions on search engine rank tracker.

  1. Internal Linking

It is the goal of SEO to improve a site’s architecture and the user experience. Well, it also has an impact on the results a website will get on a search engine ranking tool. Internal linking is one of the functions of SEO that improve a site’s architecture. It is worth noting that it will directly impact your search engine rank by allowing the Google bots crawl your site and find all the pages.

When it comes to content marketing. Allowing connectivity to other pages when a visitor is on your website is everything! One is that they will keep coming for more, will be more compelled to share your links and consequently increase the dwell time. A high dwell time equals a higher position in the search engine rank tracker. Remember that you will only get a high search engine rank if your content is useful to the visitors. This can only be possible if the users can trace and access your pages in the first place.

  1. Tracking SEO metrics

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For effective SEO, the different SEO metrics need to be monitored and evaluated. It does not need to be tedious, thanks to the development of a search engine ranking tool. With a search engine rank tracker, it is easy for you to discern whether your strategies are working or you should change them to get the intended search engine rank.

A search engine rank tracker will give you information regarding the keywords you are ranking for, your bounce rate, backlinks and the organic traffic you are getting. How is such information important? It is the only way that you will know that the content you are creating is providing the users with value. Also, monitoring will enable you to build a better content marketing plan when it comes to the types of keywords you are using.  Being able even to know the pages that are earning you organic traffic will give you a tip of the kind of content that engages your audience the most.


  1. SEO friendly headlines

SEO friendly headlines will provide you with amazing reports on search engine rank tracker. The first thing that will give you those coveted clicks will be a keyword strategically placed in your headline. However, it is essential to note that the mere use of a keyword on a headline will not get you anywhere. For you to be in the good graces of the search engine rank tracker, you need to reinforce the keyword in the entire article.

Use SEO friendly headlines to spark the interest of your audience in seeing what you have in your page. The headline will give you a safe landing in now writing content for your audience. Ensure that whatever you gave in the headline is still relevant in your content. Many are times that people forget and focus too much on SEO. Remember that the search engine’s job is to help your customers find you, writing content should not be ignored. It is what will make the clients stay and be converted.

  1. Update your content

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People will often forget that the old content has the potential to get their website where they need it to be on a search engine ranking tool. Some SEO gardening will make your search engine rank go higher. How does this work? Take you, for example; if you are searching for something, you are more likely to click on content that is most recent, right? By that, you will be increasing the click rate of a website which will promote it on a search engine ranking tool. Just like that! Not much effort has been devoted there. So what you can do in this case is change the heading and make it more captivating, you can use the most recent keywords, and if there is any information that has lost relevance, you might want to change that too.

Get rid of any broken links and clear of any grammatical errors. You probably never thought they would have much of an impact on your site ranking. Well, unfortunately, spelling and grammar mistakes lower the user experience. What will result is quite apparent: your search engine rank will end up being hurt. Remember that you are allowed to create new links and connect with fresher sites.

  1. Use images

Image SEO is a big thing. It is usually underestimated but has such a significant impact on a site’s search engine rank. Why do you need image SEO in your content marketing plan? Well for one, statistics show that for a fact, articles that feature images get 94 per cent more views than those that don’t have images.  More so, content that has an image is more shareable; it is no secret. Just by that, you will get a notable change in your position on search engine rank tracker.

That is not all! Images also improve the readability of your content, which qualifies for excellent user experience. You know what follows: an impressive search engine rank. More so, there is no better way of creating a voice for your brand other than proper use of images. An audience being able to identify with a brand means well for your site, something you can confirm on search engine rank tracker.

As you purpose to use images in your content marketing. It is vital for you to understand that you should not use just any images. The images should hold relevance to what you are writing about; they should be of high quality and have captions too that will enable crawlers to read it.

  1. Optimise intelligently

For your content marketing efforts to work as desired, you need to optimise intelligently. What does it entail? One is using keywords in your headlines, sub-headers and Meta description. The relevance of your content is also something you should consider. If your content is not readable, you will miss out on the good ranks. To avoid that, you should create content that your audience will be able to understand at first glance. Together with creating a publishing schedule, your site will top on search engine rank tracker.


SEO and content marketing should work together, they both carry great importance when it comes to the ranking of a site and the overall success of a brand. The information above should motivate you to do even better in SEO and content marketing.


Last modified: January 24, 2019



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