If you have been engaged in SEO lately, there is no doubt your ultimate goal is to record top rankings when you monitor your site with your search engine ranking checker software.

Unfortunately, sometimes the results take a long time to manifest. This makes some people lose hope, and even turn to other digital marketing strategies they believe to be more rewarding.

But if you do everything in accordance to Google’s set rules, your google search ranking checker will doubtlessly show better-ranking reports, and the Google SEO ranking checker will record increased traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.

  1. What goes into SEO?

SEO is a waiting game. You don’t develop a good plan today and expect your Google keyword rank checker to give you the results you desire tomorrow.

As a newbie in SEO about ten years ago, I used to read lots of guides on how to get better rankings on Google. I used a host of tricks on my journey to get to the top and even incorporated video to complement my well0wriiten cont. But even my best search engine ranking checker software and YouTube rank checker never gave me results immediately. I had to wait, and my patience finally paid off.

At some point in my SEO journey, I got tired of the demands that come along with this digital marketing strategy, and I decided to go another direction – I paid Google to give me the rankings!

Honestly speaking, this did not yield many fruits, and when I looked at my Google search ranking checker, I found out that my I had flushed money down the toilet. Why? I was not recording as much traffic as I used to with organic traffic!

SEO has no goodies on a silver platter

There is no shortcut in SEO. Any method you use to get fast results will not last for long, and you might find yourself back to the drawing board in no time.

According to a research done in 2004 64% of web traffic comes from organic search, 12% from direct referrals, 15% from other referral sources, 2% from social media, and 6% from paid search.

Therefore, if you thought that you could pay your way to the top and get the rankings reports you need in your search engine ranking checker software while doing nothing, look at the above statistics and rethink your strategy.

So, what essentials do I need to optimize my site and get a top spot in search results?

I firmly believe that patience and hard work are not the only factors that pay in SEO.

You might use what you consider the best SEO practices, but even after waiting for a long time, your Google search ranking checker reveals that you are not even on the fifth page of Google. Why is this the case? Well, keep reading.

Below, I will talk about essentials you need to optimize your content and sooner or later get metrics that show you are ahead of your competition when you monitor your site with Google SEO ranking checker.

  1. Relevancy

To get results on your search engine ranking checker that show you are enjoying a top position in Google and other search engines, you need to ensure the relevancy of your site.

Google a search engine that enjoys a huge chunk of the search engine market share. However, it still faces a huge threat from other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. To maintain the status quo, this search engines endeavors to offer the most relevant results to its users. Therefore, don’t expect to get high rankings if your site doesn’t provide relevant answers to user queries.

To impress Google’s internal algorithms and get ahead of your competition, ensure that every piece of content is audience-centered. The biggest SEO mistake you can make is writing for the search engine. Even if you want to use various keywords to optimize it, write them in a natural language, and you will reap great ranking reports in your Google SEO ranking checker.

  1. Content-quality

search engine rank checker

You can never get high rankings on google or any other search engine if you don’t provide high-quality content.

If you have been getting content from other sites and spinning them to produce an ‘original’ version for your site, then you know why you have been getting disheartening metrics every time you check the overall ranking of your website with the search engine ranking checker.

Whenever your Google search ranking checker shows that all your competitors are way ahead of you despite doing thorough competitor research, ask yourself this questions: Do I continually produce valuable articles, podcasts, audio, video, and another type of media for my site? Do you write content for human consumption and not for machines?

If the answer to these questions is no, relook at your content development study if you still want to realize your dream of becoming an online market leader.

Tip: recent tech research has revealed that Google’s algorithm is leaning more towards long-form content other than keywords for popular search queries. But this should not mean that you overlook the importance of keywords. No. to record high rankings on your Google SEO ranking checker, write content of about 2000 words and include keywords naturally.

  1. Site speed
search engine ranking checker

Figure 1: Source- http://www.webperformancetoday.com/2010/07/01/the-best-graphs-of-velocity/

How fast are your web pages?

Do they take more than 4-5 seconds to load?

Well, if your site is not fast enough, don’t expect to record admirable ranking results in your search engine ranking checker.

Research has shown that site speed is a huge ranking factor that is used by search engines across the board to differentiate useful and valuable sites from others.

Always make sure you test the speed of your site before releasing it to your audience. Also, host your site on the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) so that you can go a step ahead of your competitors for being ‘mobile-friendly.’

  1. Cross-device compatibility

Today, we are in a different technological era altogether. I remember years back, all I did was optimize my site for desktop compatibility, and that was all. But today, I find myself glued to my screen for hours making my site compatible with various devices.

In the modern world, people don’t have to spend hours on their computer desk or in a cyber café trying to access information online. No, all they need is a mobile device, and they can perform this undertaking at the comfort of their convenience.

As Google states, “responsive design is a great way for mobile optimization.” Make your site is compatible with various screen sizes, and you will thank me when you start recording success in your Google SEO ranking checker.

  1. User Experience

What keeps users glued to your site is not quality content alone. Providing a pleasant user experience is what will increase your audience’s time on page, which can ultimately result in high rankings.

Imagine you are reading content on a page that is very useful, then all of a sudden, adverts keep popping up and creating unnecessary interruptions. What about a site that you cannot easily navigate? Boring, right?

To give your users a fantastic user experience, minimize the number of pop-ups on every page. Have a clearly searchable site that is super-easy to navigate. Also, ensure that all the internal links you use are relevant to the information provided, and gives the user a reason to click them and explore the site further. This is one of the biggest secrets to SEO success.

  1. Authority
search engine ranking checker

Figure 2: Source- https://www.cyber-gear.com/domain-authority-matters/

Authority is basically the trust bestowed in a site by its target market, industry players, and other sites. Authority is a vital SEO essential that can influence the ranking reports you get from your search engine ranking checker.

By default, an authoritative site is highly valuable and is treated as an example to emulate by many. The more authority links you have for your site, the higher the quality of content you will develop, and the more your site will be treated as an authority by Google and other search engines.

Although tech experts project that Google might scrap links as a ranking factor in the near future, it is critical to take advantage of it while it lasts. Get quality links for your site, and you will undoubtedly record high rankings in your Google SEO ranking checker in no time.

  1. Title tags

Title tags tell search engines and your target audience what your content is all about in a nutshell. Make sure you use your target keyword in these tags, and it will appear highlighted when sharing your site externally, in the browser’s tab, and in search engine results.

To ensure that your title tags contribute to the rankings you record on the search engine rank checker, include one in the <head> area of the HTML of your site as shown below:



<Title>content title>


Also, make sure you include relevant keywords in a natural language. Simply put, write for your readers, not for the search engine.

  1. Meta description

A Meta description is what the search engine and your users see before they open the actual content.

Honestly, a description cannot improve your Serp ranking in any way, but you should take advantage of it since it can go a long mile in luring users to click on your site.

Never write a long Meta description. In fact, don’t try to sell your product using this element, but rather, use it as a vice to market your content.

Most popular SEO tools such as Yoast SEO allow you to write a maximum of 155 characters, which is excellent. Ensure that every page in your site has a unique Meta description, which if done well can help you record increased traffic in the search engine ranking checker.

  1. Schema markup
search engine ranking checker

Figure 3: Source- https://blog.ezoic.com/add-schema-markup-to-wordpress-site/

When you add a schema markup in the HTML of your pages, your site can become more attractive and clickable. This will make your site a rich media arena where you can add images, star-ratings, and any other information you consider helpful.

  1. Tagged images

The reason why you are recording poor rankings with your search engine ranking checker could be because your images are not tagged properly.

Including an alt attribute is very important in SEO, but unfortunately, it is one of the most overlooked essentials.

Look – Google cannot view your images, but it can read a text. Therefore, communicate to it that you have an image by writing an accurate alt text. You can even use your focus keyword to increase the possibility of your site appearing in Google Images.

  1. Evergreen content

Finally, you don’t want an SEO strategy that will record a win in the search engine ranking checker today but records a total failure in the next few days. You want long-term success, huh? To achieve this, always publish evergreen content.

Develop more helpful, thoughtful, and factual articles which tech research have shown have the capability of occupying visible spots in serps for a long time.

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Last modified: November 23, 2018



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