SEO is different from the other channels of marketing. What makes it different in this case? It is the fact that unlike other forms of traditional marketing it is very dynamic. Nothing much will change about billboards and TV commercials. The search engine ranking report that folks used to get some time back is probably different from now. It is because today you have to put in some serious effort for you to get impressive reports on the search engine ranking software. Gone are the days that you would get rewarded for keyword stuffing, linking to spammy websites, and tweaking back-end codes. Google’s ranking algorithm has changed to ensure that all webmasters see that there is fairness in their search engine ranking monitor.

SEO has been evolving since its inception in 1991 when the first websites were launched. A lot has changed since. The good thing is that it is all for the good of digital marketing. The following are some of how SEO has evolved and had an impact on your search engine ranking report.

  1. Content

Gone are the days that you would go for your search engine ranking report online and find that you were awarded for using tricks in your content to grab the attention of the audience. Keyword stuffing and density will no longer make your content seem attractive. If you are not careful, you might also be penalized for linking to spammy sites, duplicating content and using keywords that are irrelevant.

Today, content is all about being to give value to the audience. That entails the use of relevant keywords. Creating content that is original and of high quality. Content is king, and if you do well by the search engines, you will see the fruits in your search engine ranking software.

  1. Local search

SEO has unfolded the importance of local search. Local search entails the optimization of a website for local searches. Note that a significant percentage of the consumers who do local searches will physically visit a site that is within five miles. You can only imagine how much a local search strategy can do for your search engine ranking report.

One of the most effective SEO for local search is including the area from which the business is operating. Therefore, if someone is looking for a stationeries supplier in New York, your business has a better chance of appearing in the search engine results page. It is also essential for you to have your business listed in online directories. If you optimize your website for local search, things will change in your search engine ranking monitor.

  1. Link schemes

What are link schemes? Well, it is the generation of links with the intention of manipulating your site’s search engine ranks. Initially, the trick would work, and you would get the best search engine ranking report. Today, the case is different. For you to get the top ranks in your search engine ranking software, you ought to have earned it. There are no shortcuts for this. Black hat links will no longer work or get you good reports on the search engine ranking monitor. In fact they can cause harm to your genuine SEO efforts.

  1. Birth of the knowledge graph

What is Google’s knowledge graph? It is a knowledge base that was brought into being in 2012. Google uses this to enhance the search engine search results. How can knowledge change the outlook of your search engine ranking monitor? For one, you need to understand how useful it is to the visitors. If one is in need of quick information, the knowledge graph is there to sort that out. It also allows users to see the connection in information and allows them access to relevant information.

How is the knowledge graph useful to SEO? Well, it can only be beneficial to your search engine ranking monitor if you can improve your own site’s knowledge graph. You can use the graph to see what is being said about your brand. You can also use the knowledge graph to verify your social media accounts hence expand your reach and have something good going for the search engine ranking report.

  1. The rise in mobile

You have probably come across the slogan ‘The world is going mobile’ one too many times. Well, it is all true. Note that 60 percent of the Google search queries originate from mobile devices: tablets and phones. It has affected the focus of SEO. Experts have noted that while checking search engine ranking reports online, visitors using mobile phones are having a significant role to play in the position a site gets in the SERPs.

There has been a rising need for optimizing websites for mobile. Remember that the user experience is a significant determinant of the reports that you get on the search engine ranking software. How so? If the user experience is poor, the visitors will not stay long in your site. That will result in a high bounce rate which will make your site look bad in the eyes of the search engine. Also, there is dwell time; bad user experience will lower your site’s dwell time which will also make you look bad. It is for this reason that webmasters are looking to optimize their websites to be mobile responsive. Among the strategies employed in this are optimizing the page loading speed, using the correct image format and enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), to mention a few.

  1. Death of keyword density

Today, keyword stuffing will not change the reports you get on your search engine ranking monitor. Using keywords unnaturally will not get you the rank you desire. Why do you need to ditch the habit of keyword stuffing? It is not helping the users. Your goal should be using keywords to help the users find what they are looking for. More so, Google no longer uses keyword density to rank a website. Therefore unnecessary use of keywords will not change your search engine report online!

There is something else you need to note is that the moment the users notice that they have been tricked into visiting your site and they do not find anything of value, they will leave for another site. The consequences here will be a high bounce rate and low dwell time which will not help with the reports you get on your search engine ranking software. You should therefore not waste your time with stuffing.

  1. Social media

search engine ranking report

Social media marketing and SEO are two complementary strategies today. Initially, social media was underestimated and only used for sharing photos and so on. Today, it has become a potent marketing tool.

Social media play an essential role in boosting the traffic that flows to your website. If you want to increase your brand awareness and authority, social media marketing is the strategy to go for. How does this happen? Note that social media gives an incentive for engagement. The more you engage an audience, the more they become aware of your brand and the more they identify with it. Social media also provides an arena for generating traffic through paid ads and activities like social sharing. The power of social media marketing is limitless. You must be well aware that link building is significant when it comes to search engine ranking report. Social media is a vital tool as such as it encourages the external sites to link to your content. It is no wonder it has seamlessly been interwoven into SEO.

  1. Link building

Unlike link schemes, link building legitimately has something for your search engine ranking software. What does link building entail? You can talk about internal link building, external linking and backlinks. Well, link building is not new, it has always meant something for search engine ranking monitor. What has evolved about link building is the strategies.

Initially, too much focus was put on the number of links that were on one’s website. It would be correct to say that it was almost like keyword density. However, today such link strategies no longer have an impact on the search engine ranking report. The focus is more on quality. Today, you will be ranked for the quality backlinks you have to your website as opposed to the number of backlinks you have managed to gather. Internal links are not just used to increase the number of links within your site. You will not rank for that.

You will only get a good rank on your search engine ranking report if the internal links enhance the user experience of your site. Remember that internal links have a role to play in helping the users access other pages in your website thereby improving your site’s architecture. One thing will lead to the other. If the user experience is excellent, then the dwell time will increase resulting in a better rank.

  1. SERPs

Did you know the modern SERPs are out to improve your search engine ranking report? Now you know. But how? The Google knowledge graph as aforementioned enhances the search results. It also plays an active role in helping you get organic traffic. The modern design of the SERPs makes the listings on knowledge graph more prominent hence making you more visible to the users. The knowledge graph is not the only thing that the new SERP look makes more visible: there is also the paid ads. The reason why your paid ads are working for your site is that the audience can see it thanks to the format of SERPs.

  1. Keyword research


search engine ranking report

The importance of keyword research was not initially acknowledged. Today, most companies are more than willing and go out of their way to do keyword research. What is the importance of keyword research? Note that keyword research will help you rank for keywords on a search engine ranking report.

Through keyword research, you will be able to identify the high performing keywords and keywords that your site is ranking for. Such information will be useful in helping you decide on the keywords you should be using and ones that you should place on the shelf. Keyword research is also a great way of knowing the type of keywords your competitors are using. The information you gather will also help you come up with unique keywords which will also do a better job at finding you a position in the SERPs.

As you may have noticed from the points above, SEO is evolving for the better. It is all in a bid to improve SEO and better your digital marketing strategies. You, therefore, need to be the lookout for any updates and changes. They are there for the good of your website, and you need to spot the opportunities earlier enough for you to have a competitive advantage.


Last modified: January 31, 2019



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