Your online reputation matters a lot. Negative publicity on social media about your products or brand name may have very adverse effects on your performance. When people read a lot of negative stories about you, they tend to take them seriously. Your potential clients will treat you with caution based on these stories. It is because of these and many other reasons that you need to take your online reputation very seriously. Apart from improving your search rank tracker, SEO procedures can be quite useful in building and maintaining your online reputation. Here are some of the ways that you can use SEO to enhance your search rank tracker results and online reputation.

  1. Create a search alert

Just as you use SEO rank tracker tools like a free keyword rank tracker or free SERP rank tracker to monitor your SEO performance, you need to use specific tools to track your online reputation. People can mention and discuss your brand without your knowledge. It would be a big blunder to fail to counter the negative online publicity.

Traditionally, you can manually search for your brand every day to identify instances in which you’re re mentioned online. You can them follow the cues and address any negative concerns that people may raise against your brand name.

But this method requires a lot of time. You may not have all the time to conduct searches online to identify all the mentions. The good news is that there is a better way of doing it: creating a search alert.

Google allows users to create search alerts for any words, brand names of products. Once the chosen words are mentioned anywhere online, Google automatically collects the information and sends it to you in the form of a brief email. The email usually contains snippets of the contents of the page that contain your words of interest.

This method can be an effective way of monitoring your online reputation. Create a search for your brand name and or products. Once this is in place, you will receive instant emails indicating when and where internet users mention your brand or product name. You can then access the links straight and address any concerns that internet users may have raised regarding your brand name or products.

  1. Engage with your online community

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Your online community is made up of people who read and engage with your content on social media platforms or the site. Among this group may be your loyal fans who read your content purely for fun or to gain some critical insights about certain issues. You will find in this group the persons who wait for your next blog post diligently. They will read and even leave behind a few honest and vital comments.

In addition to this group of loyal fans are individuals who get to your social media pages for the first time. They may have reached your content by chance or because of acting on a recommendation.

You need to engage with all these individuals on social media platforms. Typically, some users may have genuine concerns about your products or anything else associated with you. They may then go ahead and post negative statements about you on social media platforms.

If you are selling products, some disgruntled clients may deliberately engage in a smear campaign to tarnish your reputation. In all these situations, you must respond to them.

There are many social media management tools that you can use for this purpose. Like search rank tracker and other SEO rank tracker tools, social media management tools help you to monitor your performance on social media platforms. However, unlike all search rank tracker tools including free SERP rank tracker and free keyword rank tracker tools, social media management software does not show you how you rank with your peers on social media.

The primary goal of using them is to ensure that you control your reputation on social media platforms by addressing any negative comments against you that users may make.

  1. Build and maintain credible links

Link building, an old SEO tactic, can help you manage your online reputation effectively. Here is how you can go about it. First, Google, as indicated in all search rank tracker and SEO rank tracker tools, considers links when evaluating the performance of sites.

If you have links from some of the best sites, then Google considers your site more credible than when mediocre sites link back to you. Thus, one of the primary goals of any webmaster is to get backlinks from the most credible sites in their niches.

There is a close relationship between link building and online reputation management. Users will judge you based on not only the content that you post on your site but also on the sites that are associated with yours. This is the main reason that you should not allow people to post inappropriate comments on your posts. Individuals or bots can easily create bad content in the form of comments. If credible visitors see such comments, they may develop a negative attitude towards your site.

Also, if you receive backlinks from sites that do not have credibility, then you are likely to lose your standing in the eyes of your visitors.

You can use link building to not only improve your performance on search rank tracker and free keyword rank tracker tools but also to maintain your online reputation. For example, look for links from truly credible sites to boost your online image. Also, monitor the posts in your comments section to ensure that you approve only genuine comments as opposed to malicious links to suspicious sites.

  1. Monitor the competition

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One of the basic SEO strategies is to analyse what some of the best sites in your industry are doing. In fact, many free SERP rank tracker and SEO rank tracker tools help you to compare your search rank tracker outcome with those of your competitors.

You can use the tactic of comparing your search rank tracker with the competition to improve your online reputation. Mostly, the field of online reputation management is diverse and dynamic. Firms are continuously adopting new methods to address problems and manage their online reputation effectively.

You can enhance yours by looking at what your competitors are doing. For example, track the reputation of a leading site in your niche for some time. You may do this concurrently with using free keyword rank tracker software to determine your search rank tracker progress.

Identify some of the most serious mistakes that the site performs in terms of managing its online reputation. For example, if the company has ever been caught in a major scandal, learn how it handled the issue and the mistakes that it made during the process.

Also, note some of the best ways in which the firm manages crisis and maintains its reputation scores over time.

Once you have all the details, you can compare the performance of the firm with that of yours just as you can compare search rank tracker results to determine your SEO performance. Take some of the best reputation management methods and improve on the failures of your competitors.

If you utilise this approach appropriately, you will not only see a difference in your search rank tracker outcomes but also in the way you manage issues that directly affect your reputation.

  1. Do not ignore complaint sites

Nowadays many sites publish complaints from users about certain products. Such sites may be run by a group of consumers who are genuinely concerned about the quality of certain products or services. Alternatively, the websites may be run by some of your competitors who are interested in undermining your brand.

You can use SEO methods to monitor such sites and respond to any negative comments about your brand that users make on them.

Use any of the free SERP rank tracker tools to determine some of the best and most common sites in your industry. Once you identify the sites, understand the nature of the complaints about you that users are posting.

If the information is false, then take a proactive approach to counter it by pointing out the positive aspects of your work, products, and the brand.

It is incredible how your reputation is tied to your SEO performance. If you carefully manage the content of ‘attack’ sites that publish negative issues about brands, you will realise that your SEO performance soars over time.

Usually, when you engage in such a positive process, many people understand your site. Some may start visiting it to learn additional information about the things that you do. The net result is that your search engine performance, as indicated by any of the standard SEO rank tracker tools, improves consistently.


  1. 6. Improve your online search performance

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Any search engine tracker shows you how easy it is for people who are conducting organic searchers to get your site. If you are performing well on any search engine tracker, then it shows that people can easily see your brand name when they conduct searches using specific keywords or phrases.

This kind of search, organic, is essential because it indicates your ability to match the needs of the clientele.

An alternative to organic traffic is paid traffic which involves paying for advertisements to help people who are looking for products like yours to find you. Although paid traffic may be profitable, you need to consider the costs associated with buying this kind of traffic.

If you improve your search rank tracker performance so that people can easily learn about you when they are searching for related content online, you improve your reputation.

Studies indicate that people tend to trust the first few top results that they find then conducting online searches. If a person is serious about making a purchase, then they may choose from the first few results that they get.

Interestingly, appearing at the top of organic searchers is the primary goal of typical SEO campaigns. You can make things work in your favour by applying all the SEO tactics that we continuously discuss on this website.

By so doing, you will be building your online reputation as one of the leading experts in your field. Let us take an example of a small clinic that offers alternative treatment therapies for patients with chronic diseases. If the owners of the site consistently produce high-quality content, people are likely to find the name of the clinic among the first few results when they conduct simple searches.

With time, many users will consider the clinic reputable and dependable based on its SEO performance. Remember that the SEO performance is tied to the quality of services that it provides. Therefore, by concentrating on service delivery and completing this with effective SEO practices, the firm can build and maintain excellent online reputation systems.

In summary, your online reputation matters a lot. The tactics that you use to improve your SEO performance are tied to your online reputation. You can, therefore, improve the online reputation of your brand and products by addressing all complaints, enhancing your search performance, and monitoring what the competition does.


Last modified: January 13, 2019



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