It takes a lot to put up a site and make it a successful venture in the midst of stiff competition, including the continuous use of SEO position trackers. Because technology is readily available to everyone, webmasters have a lot to offer their target audience. As a business owner, if you are not careful to use your SEO tracker tool and rightfully earn a position on the first page of search engines, you will be irrelevant in your industry.

As websites are being launched on the digital platform daily, others are going down. You may think that all the work you need to put forth should be in launching your site, but maintaining it is indeed the real hassle. The concern is over your rank position on SEO tracker software, or worse than your site is down and cannot be accessed. If you are worried that things are not looking up for you regarding your website, look into the following ten issues that can cause a site to go down:


You may be dreading this thought, but in this age and time, hackers are the number one suspects when a website is down. The issue with business owners is that they do not acknowledge that all data is susceptible to hacking, even that gathered on a mere SEO position tracker. Most cybercriminals are not picky about which data to attack, as long as they accomplish their tasks of cracking codes and sabotaging businesses, along with all their SEO tracker tools.

Technically, once hackers have taken ransom of your data, they can put your site on standstill for days, until you figure out a way to bypass their coding. At this point, you should not even bother checking your SEO tracker tool, because the chances are that by the time you regain your site, you are lagging on SEO tracking online. The most common hacker attack there is, is the Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS). With this, the cybercriminals overwhelm your website with requests and queries that are not genuine. The traffic from all kinds of traffic then becomes too much for your site, until it crashes. This means the worst even for your SEO position tracker report.

Plugin and extension errors

Extensions on your browser along with plugins for your site are essential in complementing the operations of your platform, just like how SEO tracker tools complement your SEO efforts. For the most part, they help you get some tasks done hassle-free, just like the SEO position tracker. For one, if you have too many plugins installed on your site, which is a problem. It will slow down your site, not to mention, can bring it down, once the processes take too long to execute. A slow side is alarming when it comes to checking SEO tracker tools for SERP.

seo tracker tool

Figure 2 Plugin errors

On a more profound note, plugin errors are common, even though they are not used in bulk. Since they are pieces of software that add onto your website and bring in some additional features, they can out of the blues become problematic to launch, or even run a particular process.

The major challenge with plugins and extensions is that they are solicited from third parties. For all you know, it could be that they are not at all compatible with your website design. Some of them may only be problematic because they are not stable enough to handle the hefty processes of your site. Others are great, until after using them for a certain period, and they start malfunctioning because of not being frequently updated. Generally, you want to execute a lot of caution when soliciting software and hardware from third-party sources, and that also goes for the SEO tracker software.

Outdated site

Speaking of updates, they can be the whole reason your website is failing. In the digital space, everything keeps changing and changing pretty first. Something you would consider trendy at a certain point will get replaced with a better version of it in just a few months. With technology to thank for the progress and advances, it can work against you as a website owner. For example, webmasters that have been doing SEO tracking online may soon find that they need to acquire a different SEO tracker tool because the SEO tracker software they have been using has become outdated.

In the same way, every inch of your website requires some level of attention and keenness, enough for you to notice any changes happening that might disadvantage you. At the least of things, consider changing up your website design along with the SEO tracker tool you use, every couple of years, because they keep changing by the year.

Hardware Malfunction

Much as you would want to be on top of every issue happening in your business, you cannot control how and when your hardware chooses to malfunction. Hardware malfunction is one of the most common issues faced by most companies. Sometimes, it could be the fans that bust, circuits frying, among other small problems. Lucky enough, fixing the hardware should not take forever, once you identify where the problem is, and then right after, you can get back to checking your SEO tracker software for your ranking updates.

Server Maintenance

seo tracker tool

Figure 3 Site Maintenance

Although you may want to base everything on the issue of your performance on an SEO position tracker, sometimes the problem ailing your site is due to server maintenance. The problem with a server being under maintenance is that website owners do not have control over what happens. Ideally, server maintenance needs to happen at one point of the other. The reason is that you will require hardware upgrades or security and software updates for your website to function optimally.

The good news is that most service providers do alert their users, ahead of time, of the server updates schedule so that they can anticipate the changes thereof. Besides, most of the server updates happen when there is low traffic for the sites. For example, most businesses are not operational in the night, and therefore, an update would more or less be convenient for the midnight hour. Although your site may be down for a while, it does not have to have a significant adverse fluctuation on your SEO tracking online results.

Domain errors

Small as your domain name is, it is one of the biggest assets of your website. It has a lot to say about your identity online, amongst millions of another website. Not only that, but the domain name hints your target audience and search engines about what your brand concerns. That said, when you begin experiencing challenges in your domain, your website may be down for quite a long while.

For one, after a certain period, domain names expire. Upon expiration, your website is not available online. This means that your SEO tracker software will reflect the absence of your platform online. Worse, when people click on your link, they will have to deal with lots of broken links and page errors, which is bad for your SEO tracking online performance. At the least of things, ensure that you renew your domain name, so it does not expire without your consent.

Traffic flow error

It is sure an exciting thing for any website owner to have tons of traffic flowing on their platform. However, it can have a negative impact at some point. The problem arises when too many people try to access your site at the same time. While this is a rare occurrence, it is possible. It is particularly common for eCommerce businesses that have huge sales and offers on specific days. The marketing strategy can be good to boost up your sales, but if you are not careful, your site could go down in an instant.

For example, even though your SEO tracking online results will be so much better on days like Black Friday, watch out that the traffic is managed. As people are competing to access services at the same time, ensure that your server and capability of your site is stable enough to handle too many requests at the same time, without fail. The worst thing is to have your website go down in the midst of financial transactions from customers. To avoid tainting your reputation while sabotaging your SEO tracking online results on the SEO position tracker, confirm that, beforehand, that your server can handle a sudden rush of traffic.

Hosting Errors

For a while after securing a trusted hosting service provider, the hosting service may not become problematic. However, with time, your data grows, and your platform begins to demand a lot more space than is when you require the use of SEO tracker tools to help with SERP. Without a large enough space for your site, you may start experiencing performance issues that might worsen.

With time, your site continues to build on more traffic, thanks to your SEO tracking online efforts, and the excellent results on SEO tracker tools. As this is happening, your hosting plan needs to keep growing with you. Remember you are avoiding traffic errors when so many people start to visit your website at the same time. A larger hosting plan is the best way to ensure that as you rank up on the SEO position tracker, you up your hosting plan so that there is sufficient room for your growing audience and content.

Virus attacks

seo tracker tool

Figure 4 Virus attacks

Evident from the popularity of SEO tracker tools, the world is so digitalized today, so much that information privacy and cybersecurity is now a global concern. There are different ways in which your company can be paralyzed online, among them, virus attacks. Once a virus has been injected on your site, there is no telling the amount of data you stand to lose. They can destabilize your platform in many different ways, and worse, become a source of destruction to your visitors who get their devices infected from visiting your site. This reflects poorly on your SEO tracker tool results.

For one, virus attacks will throw you off the bus next time you check the SEO tracker software for SERP results. Further, the chunks of data you have worked so hard to generate for your target audience can be rendered unreadable in a very short while. The worst that could happen is when the virus attacks infect the coding of your website that it can no longer operate. Every time that hackers are trying to hack into your site, they are looking for opportunities to launch viruses on your platform. You could also catch a virus from soliciting SEO tracker tools online, without caring about the trustworthiness of the SEO tracker software you are employing.

Code errors

A code error is one critical reason behind the falling of a website. In changing a single part of a code, you can render the whole site useless. While hackers are the main reason websites have coding issues, it could also be accidental. Sometimes, when you are changing your website design or performing some technical updates, you may mess up a code, and the errors can cause your site to go down. Be careful because, with broken code, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into your SERP because your SEO tracker tool will still serve you bad results.


Last modified: March 2, 2019



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