About two years ago, I used to write content that I believed was the best, publish wait, and celebrate whenever I monitored success on my SEO rank checker. However, I noticed something that almost killed my spirit – the results were short-lived!

This is probably what you are going through. You are spending a lot of time creating content, or maybe you are spending hundreds of dollars paying professional content developers, but you only see good results on your free rank checker for a few days before your rankings drop without warning.

This is boring, huh?

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The reason why you decided to do SEO is because you want to see the results you desire every time you look at your web rank checker, right? But the bad news is that your content doesn’t thrive beyond the date of publication. If this is what you are going through at the moment, don’t spend a lot of time regretting and cursing your strategy, or spend more money buying a free rank checker you consider ‘more advanced’ because I have a solution for you!

When I found that my content flourished for a few days before giving me disheartening analytic reports on my SEO rank checker, I turned to the experts. Some of them asked me to do an overhaul refurbishment of my SEO strategy, which didn’t yield much.

I remember one expert from Serpbook who changed my life. After a lengthy discussion that lasted for almost two hours, he gave me a few techniques that have helped me record long-lasting success on my serps keyword rank checker for every article I write. This is the advice I want to share with you today!

Below, I present five essential tips that if taken with the seriousness they deserve will make your content bloom for a long time, and always give you the desired results on your free rank checker.

  1. Come up with Evergreen Topics

Yes, this is, in fact, the super-tip that can make you record maximum success on your SEO rank checker for a long time.

But do you know what evergreen content is?

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Figure 1: Benefits of evergreen content. (Source: https://digitalmarketinginstitute.com)

Well, this is content that covers topics that are not expected to go out of topic soon, or those which can be updated ten years from now and still stay relevant. Interesting, right?

If you have been in the online business for some time, you can come up with evergreen topics that will continue to yield the best results on your web rank checker for years by looking at your past content and analyze who it has continued to attract readership.

Doing this requires you to have a great SEO rank checker, which you will use to derive your traffic for the last thirty days. Make sure that the articles you are checking were not published recently. Analyze those that have driven continuously massive traffic, since they are simply what I               am referring to as evergreen content.

These are the articles that will provide you with the inspiration you need in the development of evergreen topics that will still give you excellent results on your SEO rank checker five years from now.


What if I have just joined the online business world?

If you have just launched your website and you don’t have previously published content that can offer you with inspiration during your evergreen topics development journey, don’t worry, I have a fix that will still give long-lasting results on your serps keyword checker.

As a beginner, you can use a host of free SEO tools such as Google trends to find topics that have been trending for a long time and write about them. To do this, simply pick a phrase that relates to your niche, and type it in Google trend, and the tool will show you its trend searches.

If you find that the graph of the keyword you are searching for is going upward, know from the onset that many online users take an interest in the topic. You could take it up and form a concrete foundation in the development of evergreen topics that will always yield smile-inducing results in your SEO rank checker.

I also recommend that you invest in reputable SEO tools such as Serpbook, which will give you trendy keywords and a host of related ideas that you can turn into content depending on their search volume. Additionally, this tool has a free rank checker, web rank checker, and serps keyword rank checker which you can use to get all the metrics you need for your website for as long as you have it.

But then you might ask, are keywords significant in the development of evergreen content?

Good question! In your hunt for evergreen content, you might neglect keyword research because you might be tempted to believe that they might not be of much help to your strategy. However, look at it this way, will you be actively promoting the content you are writing today five years from now? Probably, you will be engaged in other things, and this could be the least of your worries. So, what will be the primary source of traffic that will yield the results you need in the SEO rank checker? Organic traffic of course!

You, therefore, need to search for terms and phrases that are and will be popular to your audience. Keep monitoring the progress of these keywords on the serps keyword rank checker and update them if need be.

  1. Make use of mixed media in your content

For a fact, your content will not show great metrics on your web rank checker for a long time if you don’t use quality images that make it attractive and shareable.

There are many sources of images you can use. You can source for the best images from loyalty-free sites such as Pixabay. You can also get images from other sites and ensure you credit the source, lest you will find yourself in copyright infringement. Better still, you can use graphic design tools such as Canva to develop original images with a personal touch.

To ensure that your target audience falls in love with your content and even share it with those that you had not initially targeted, don’t use any image you come across. Make sure that every image is relevant to what you are writing about, and that the reader can relate it to the topic. Also, use different types of media including animations, videos, infographics, graphs, etc. This way, readers will be lured to share your content via social media, and your SEO rank checker might give you results that show you are ranking on the first page of Google search results for years.



  1. Look for promotable content and research on it

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While keywords that show high rankings on serps keyword checker can generate organic traffic that can keep your site at the helm of search results for a long time without your input, it is prudent to come up with evergreen content that you can promote and continue driving traffic.

There are an array of tools you can use to determine whether the ideas you have come up with are going to be promotable for long. I recommend using Serpbook, which apart from offering an SEO rank checker has a feature that will show you the social popularity of your content based on a specific topic.

You can feed this tool with an array of topics, and discover evergreen topics that will draw traffic through promotion and bring the results you need in your free rank checker.

You will also need to find out the linkability of the evergreen topics you choose to write about. You can do this by analyzing the websites that rank high on those topics in Google. Make sure that the sites you are looking at are relevant to your industry. Serpbook can help you find web pages that rank for the keywords you want to use. You can then check the backlinks for the content, and determine how you will go about your linking strategy.

Once you have determined the ways you will use to earn links, find out the strategies you shall use to promote your content directly. I would advise you to join question and answer networks such as Quora, create an account, search the questions you would like to answer using your content, save them, and answer them when you finally publish your content. This is one of the surest promotion methods that can earn you excellent results on your web rank checker

  1. Develop an executable outreach strategy

Remember, the long-term results you need from your free rank checker will not come from searches and social shares alone. You need an executable outreach strategy which will make sure your content reaches a large section of your target audience.

To ensure that outreach gives you value for money by giving fantastic results on your SEO rank checker for long, don’t send requests blindly just because you have to. Rather, send requestS to a group of people you believe will fall in love with your content.

Tools such as  ContentMarketer.io can be of great help in your outreach strategy since it allows you to enter the URL of an article similar to yours, and the email addressed and twitter handles of top influencers likely to share your content will pop up.  When they accept your request, your content will reach your target audience in varying times, which means you will record success in your web rank tracker for longer.

Bottom line: When you find the best outreach recipients, you can rest assured that your content will travel a long distance, and you will derive the analytic reports you have always yearned for in your SEO rank checker for a long time.

  1. Determine the best time to publish and promote your content
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Figure 2: Evergreen content Benefits. (Source: https://digitalmarketinginstitute.com)

As far as the first promotional period is concerned, timing is of utmost importance. In fact, it can directly impact the amount of time you will get great results on your free rank checker.

Although there are lots of blogs out there that advise you on the best time to publish and promote your content, I believe this is dependent on the type of industry you are in. Look at the analytics in your web rank checker, and determine the best time and day for this undertaking.

If you are promoting your content on social media, a tool such as SocialBro can help you figure out when most of your followers are online, and even tells you the exact time when your content will receive a lot of exposure.

When you figure out the best days and times to publish and promote your evergreen content, there is no reason why you should not get the results you need in your Google SEO rank checker for a long time.

With the above tips, it is time to finalize your promotion plan. Make sure that the day you publish your content is the day you promote it the best. Also, engage a lot with your audience the first couple of days after the content go live as you build a reputation. Do the best you can in communities, forums, and Q&A networks, and you can be sure your content will record success in the SEO rank checker for a very long time!









Last modified: January 13, 2019



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