Search Engine Optimization is one field in the digital space that keeps growing. Thanks to advances in technology and the rise of many people willing to try out different approaches to better the optimization processes, it is safe to say that SEO has tremendously grown over the years. The concern over what the next move will be as regards SEO is, however, a concept that overwhelms most website owners. At one point you can be doing really great with amazing results on the SEO rank report software, and then the other moment you are nowhere to be found on SEO rank reports.

The biggest challenge, perhaps for all webmasters, is the fact that no one has an accurate picture of what the future will look like. The fact that Google keeps updating their rank algorithm doesn’t make it any better. Given the current state of prominence in the SEO rank report software and other matters of SEO today, for example, search rank report tools, all that people can do is make estimate projections over what they think the future will be like, in this case, for SEO. Below is a projector look at what the future of SEO will be like in the next couple of years:

Instantaneous lifestyle

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Figure 1 website optimization for speed

If you are keen to study the internet environment and observe the results on SEO rank report software, you must have noticed that speed is key. The internet in itself is a fast solution to people’s need for communication, networking, marketing, information, to mention a few. In light of this, the issue of website speed has become paramount in the practice of SEO. As a ranking factor for Google and SEO ranking report software, website owners are having to compete with time in delivering great value to people. You would think that the under 3-second rule was the epitome of speed in SEO, but not so much if you are looking into the future.

SEO is bound to change as regards to speed because the audience online is already fixated on the ‘on-the-go’ mentality. Their expectations are higher on how quickly and efficiently they should get served. Given that more people are even transitioning to online shopping, the grace period to wait for a response from businesses, leave alone for the products they ordered, is growing shorter and shorter by the day. The demand is further escalated by the increasing efforts that business owners are putting forth to deliver things instantly while competing with each other. Ideally, if you care about your SEO rank report online in the future, it may be time to think of different ways you can speed up your site, along with the way you offer your services.

Optimizing for audiences before Google

As at now, Google and other search rank report tools value user experience. It is the ability for a website owner to keep an audience satisfied that grants them a position on the first page of Google. Assuming you are very good at manipulating Google to rank your site on SEO rank report online or other search rank report tools, and you manage to appear on the first page, for you to sustain that performance, you must be in a position to offer satisfactory value to your audience.

If this trend is of the utmost importance right now, in the future, things will only get stricter than they are right now. People will keep expecting better treatment from brands online, so much that their satisfaction will affect most SEO practices. For this reason, businesses relying on SEO to reach out to their target audiences must begin to optimize for audiences before they can even consider optimizing for search engines. The truth is, if you are consistent with keeping your audience happy, you are indirectly making Google happy. This way, you will rank high on Search rank report tools, not to mention, escape significant penalties from Google. Remember, with an ecstatic audience you get better reviews, more referrals and shares, and ultimately high click-through rates.

Voice search

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Figure 2 voice search survey in 2016

You have noticed voice search by now, right? Voice-enabled technology is slowly sneaking into people’s lives, with Google Assistant and Alexa taking the lead. The voice-enabled technology has brought a lot of convenience and flexibility for users operating on the online space. Given a little more time, this technology will change the world, leave alone the practice of SEO. According to a survey in 2016 as in the picture above, so many people are already getting conversant with voice technology, which means to a dramatic change in SEO.

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Figure 3 voice search

Overall, voice search will affect matters of SEO as regards keyword research, digital marketing strategy, and advertising, to mention a few. As people are steadily migrating to mobile devices, it is breeding a convenient room for the thriving of voice technology. Today, virtual assistants permit bookings, purchases, financial transactions, among other virtual activities. This means that an SEO has to shift their focus from optimizing to the typical audience and now to the voice search users. This will mean a lot for website owners’ SEO rank reports.

Visual Data Hybrid

Website owners have started worrying that voice will change, and eventually, kill search. However, they quickly forget that voice is faster when it comes to searching for things online, but other types of content are better when it comes to consumption. However, it is not entirely good news for content marketers who are too sold out on text-based content. Visual data hybrid is a concept that might soon take over the SEO world.

For one, social media platforms and social messaging apps have popularized the idea of visual communication through memes, emojis, infographics, GIFs, to mention a few. These forms of conversations online are gradually putting pressure on webmasters. People online are looking for searches that are visual, for example, ‘what’s the best haircut for me?’ Such is not a query that will have so many text-based results. Remember, the fastest way people consume content is when they skim through content for main points, and when they look at images. If you can nail that, your future in SEO is as bright as ever, and that goes for your performance on search rank report tools.

Prioritizing user search intent

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Figure 4 pogo-sticking

Did you know that you could be on the very top of Google search results and still have a low traffic flow rate? The whole point of trying so hard to optimize your site is so you can find the correct target audience that will actually consume your content. Most businesses end up being frustrated with their traffic rates even with great performances on SEO rank report tools.

The whole reason is that you are encountering more bounce-rates than your competitors for specific target keywords. This concept is generally called pogo-sticking. Worse, if your bounce rates keep increasing, it is highly likely that your showing up on the first page of Google will be very low for the next target keywords.

Essentially, the future of SEO is more likely to lean toward user search intent than not. Nobody appreciates clicking eight different results before finding what they want. As Google tries to address the pogo-sticking situation, people will be more interested in sites that can offer what they intended to look for more than what they typed into search boxes. It is why website owners must begin picking up people’s search intents in their keyword research if at all they are interested in scoring well on SEO rank report software.

Relevant content

While at the issue of pogo-sticking, the nature of your material has a role to play in how much time people would be willing to spend on your platform. Have you ever wondered what sorcery top brands use to keep their traffic rates very high? If you think that it is all about the use of an SEO rank report online, you are far off from the truth.

For brands that have for a long while found a way to win over a large audience, content matters a lot. Their visitors end up spending a substantial amount of time on their platform, not to mention, feel the need to keep coming back for more. The secret is on the relevance of the content to the topic at hand, the tending issues at the time, target keywords, and general audience needs.

In the future, businesses that have not mastered the art of excellent content creation have a very slim chance of thriving online. People are after the real-time value. As a matter of fact, if it can’t make them laugh, can’t teach them anything new and is not gossip, then it is not worthy of attention. There are virtually too many websites that demand people’s attention online for them to be loyal to a brand that does not offer great value when it comes to content.

Fortunately, Google is the best lead in getting you to a successful future in SEO. Thanks to Google’s RankBrain, Google is far much better today in understanding user intent. Notice how much random content shows up on Google’s SERP toward certain keyword. Sometimes its images, other times videos, and other times mere text. In that sense, if you are uncertain of which kind of content to create that would be suitable for the target keywords you have, use Google. Type in those words and check out the kinds of content that show up in the results. If it is a video, for instance, for you to rank well in an SEO rank report online, then create video content for those particular keywords.

The power of networks

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It is surprising that SEO is about bettering your website for search engines and target audiences, but would still heavily rely on networks. For a long while, website owners have regards networking as only necessary in earning links from other sites. While this is true, if you have not been too keen on building strong networks and relationships around your digital space, then you will have a difficult SEO experience in the future. The Internet of Things and social media have made networking a big priority. People are beginning to find comfort in relationship building, even with brands. They want to associate with things and people they can relate to, as regard relevance and timeliness of communication.

As reflected on SEO rank report online, the brands that have the most traffic are those that have a personal relationship with the audiences. For one, the messages you create must be relatable to the target audience, which narrows down to the importance of user intent searches. Further, understand that technology is speedily advancing to improve communication between entities, hence the popularity of social messaging apps, chatbots, among others. In a sense, the face of SEO in the future is more or less likely to be etched upon networking, communication and relationship building.

Last modified: February 10, 2019



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