By now, it is undeniable that SEO has significantly improved and changed in different dimensions, ranging from the algorithms of search engines to the techniques of SEO best practice, like in employing Rank tracker Google. In essence, search engines, have made it their main endeavour to ensure ultimate user satisfaction by improving the user experience mainly through keywords sourced from an online rank tracker. This has become much of a priority so that when someone types something on a search box, the response is as close to their intended query as possible.

With such a stellar reputation taking over the internet, as well as the incorporation of optimization aiding tools like an SEO rank tracker, it is impossible for webmasters and other site owners to ignore the fact that the future of SEO is bound to keep changing. Any big or small change in the operation of search engines, the behaviour, and demands of the audiences will affect the best practices of SEO. This is what makes it necessary for you and all other website owners to be up-to-date with SEO trends in 2019.

Mobile-first indexing

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If you have been a little reluctant to shift to the mobile-first indexing citing that your Rank tracker Google is sufficient for reaching out to all your target audience, then, you may want to reconsider your stance today. The mobile audience has grown by over 50% today, so much that it has overpowered the desktop audience. If your site has been fashioned for the desktop audience, then it means you are losing out on the largest potential group of people that access the internet via mobile phones, even with a smart option like an SEO rank tracker. Google has incorporated mobile-first indexing in its ranking algorithm, and if your site is highly optimised for the mobile audience, then you reserve a spot on the first page of SERP.

Ideally, mobile-first indexing means putting your mobile audience before your desktop audiences. As you use your online rank tracker, your primary concern should be reaching out to the mobile audience through the kind of keywords you consider, not to mention, how you incorporate them in your copy. Remember to optimize your mobile site speed, along with a very responsive and navigable web page.

Voice search and home assistance

Thanks to the popularity of mobile devices all over the world, voice search and home assistance technology has taken the market by storm. People are having a much easier time surfing the internet and finding products, services, and information as they will, given the tenacity of website owners in employing the help of SEO rank trackers. According to statistics, it is estimated that soon, more than 50% of online searches will be conducted through voice search. In fact, by 2020, up to 30% of the voice searches will not involve a screen. This information should inform your future SEO actions, given that the kind of moves you make must be aligned to voice search.

To become voice-search friendly in the kind of content you develop, ensure you incorporate keywords you gather from your SEO rank tracker or any other online keyword rank tracker. Then, you must ensure the kind of keywords and content you determine the answer to the 5 W’s and H, that is, where, why, what, who, when and how. If you can comfortably address these things, then you can be sure that you are on the right side of SEO come 2019.

Featured snippets

Featured snippets appear on the very top page of Google for searches because they provide a response that is closest to the query typed in by a user. However, getting your site to the very top as a featured snippet is not very easy. It goes beyond the usual standard keyword research that ends at the online keyword rank tracker level.

If you want your website to show up as a featured snippet, you must start by using an SEO rank tracker, figure out the best keywords for your content, then incorporate a variety of features, for instance, the definition of terms, tables, charts, graphs, among others. You may also segment your work using H-tags to organize your work better, preparing some sections of your content for the featured snippets.

Invest in video content

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Today, YouTube is the second largest search engine, which makes it a potent tool for webmasters and website owners. If you have only been using your SEO rank tracker for great keywords to optimize your website for Google, Bing or Yahoo, then you may want to reconsider your decision. Video content has slowly taken over the internet, sweeping the feet of the audiences of all demographics.

While you may feel like video content is hard to develop for your nature of brand and website, consider the long-term benefits of SEO come 2019. To start you off, start by using an SEO rank tracker to spot right keywords, then formulate content in a video format through interviews, narration, conversations, among other styles. Remember to watch out for the length of the video, so that it is not too long to bore your audience, or too short that they do not spend enough time on your platform.

User intent optimization

In 2019, it will no longer be only about spotting right keywords from your online keyword rank tracker, but about optimizing your website for user intent. People are growing tired of finding so many responses to their queries that have nothing to do with what they intended to ask. Further, voice search has had a significant impact on the performing searches so that people can state exactly what they want to say, instead of fumbling around with words.

Since Google cares so much about audience satisfaction, they are continuously gathering feedback on where their search results were helpful to users, and if a lot of people keep reporting that your site was not useful to them, then your SEO efforts might be frustrated soon. To be on the safe search be sure that voice searches very much inform your use of an online rank tracker, and that you consider more long-tail keywords so you can better capture the intent of your audience. In other words, take your time to study and learn your audience, not just your SEO rank tracker and how it works.

Content is still king.

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If you thought that there would be a time to compromise the quality of content, then, you may want to roll back into the ancient times. In 2019 and the following years, content is still king. People today are even more thirsty for high-quality materials than they were a couple of years back. However, instead of creating ordinary blogs and posts based on standard keywords from a rank tracker Google, in the coming year, embrace thought-provoking content.

People want to feel valued for the amount of time they give to a site, and if your material is not informative enough, entertaining, persuading and thought-provoking, then prepare for a significant decline in your traffic flow in 2019. Ideally, all you SEO ambitions should be inclined on intent-specific keywords from an online rank tracker, but more importantly on high-quality thought-provoking content. Ensure your strategy also touches on consistency and originality, which also touches on excellent user experience.

Increased website security

It is one thing to thank technology for all the things that have become more swifter and easier to perform, but it is yet another thing to consider the high-security threats it has caused. Because of technology, cybersecurity issues are now a considerable threat to website owners as well as other internet users. You could be genuinely using an online keyword rank tracker and find yourself in a ditch of major hacker attempts.

The future is one that demands high website security that will give a promise of secure information transaction, as well as other interactions. The primary concern is more on the financial transactions that happen when people are busy selling products online, and customers are willingly feeding their financial details on sites to access these services. Slowly, people are becoming more cautious of their moves online, including in the choice of which SEO rank tracker to use, which means is your website’s security is in question, then you will lose the trust of your customers and potential audiences. Invest on a secure protocol, i.e., HTTPS, as well as cut down on interstitial pop-up ads that create a loophole for hacks and malware attacks from malicious sources, so you do not always have to blame your Rank tracker Google.

Nail it with on-page optimization

There is no denying that the audience is increasing their demands for better and better each day. If you thought that you had worked hard enough on your SEO strategies because you are using an online rank tracker, think again. People’s standard on what an excellent website looks like keep scaling higher, and the sooner you perfect yours, the better you will perform in the future.

It is not enough that you find good keywords on your rank tracker Google. You must go an extra mile with your on-page optimization, enough to be recognized by search engines as well as your target audience. At this point, consider making an online keyword rank tracker your best friend so that you can always be current with the latest keywords. Additionally, remember to keep spicing up your website with swift navigability, customer support, timely high-quality content, quick and short conversion processes, smart and relevant results on the internal search, among others.

Invest in technical SEO

On-page optimization might sound as natural as your mastery of the SEO rank tracker, but your future in SEO must go beyond the laidback stage, and that can only mean technical SEO. In the current state of advanced technology, technical SEO becomes the only way to differentiate between a highly optimized website and an amateur one. Instead of doing shallow research for your content, you will need to grab your SEO tools, including your SEO rack tracker, and get working on the technical aspects of your website.

Some of the most particular details to focus on include website speed, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) as well as JavaScript. At the least of things, make sure all your web pages take less than 3 seconds to open, and that includes all media files like videos and images. As for the PWAs, remember it is the mobile-first indexing that you are trying to work alongside for a greater audience reach.

Understand RankBrain

Of all the issues I have discussed today, including the importance of an SEO rank tracker in website optimization, understanding how RankBrain operates might be the most important. When you are using your SEO rank tracker, your goal is to identify what terms your target audience is using to search for information so you can have an easy time being the solution they need. As for RankBrain, the idea is that Google uses machine-learning to provide users with the very best results for their queries.

Primarily, Google, through RankBrain technology, is focused so much with what the users are trying to communicate through the words they type in search boxes, which is evident in the kind of results you gather from a rank tracker Google. This is made possible when the RankBrain tries to interpret complex words; usually, the kind you find on an online rank tracker, to configure a meaning closest to the intent of the users. Once you correctly understand this, it will become effortless for you to use a Rank tracker Google or any other SEO rank tracker to find keywords that you can comfortable deduce intent and meaning from.


Last modified: January 10, 2019



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