So, you have started an SEO campaign, whether by yourself or with the help of an SEO agency. You have done everything pretty well, and you believe that you will get ultimate success at the end of it all. You have hired the best freelancers who have come up with the best content, and your keywords research tool has given you the best keywords that you have strategically placed in the content. Well…simply put, everything is okay. However, how sure are you that your campaign is working? How do you know that you will stay ahead of your competition? How will know your ranking in google and other search engines? Well, there is only one way to find out all these – through SEO rank tracking!

Tracking the progress of your SEO campaign, which you have probably pumped in a lot of time and resources is highly essential. As I always say, SEO is not a one-time thing. You might check your SEO rank tracking tools, and you get very impressive metrics that show you are at the helm of the google search results, but these metrics might head south the next time you look at your keyword rank tracking software.

Although many blogs and sites will insist that monitor SEO progress all the time, what they don’t tell you is that tracking this progress is not a stroll in the par. This is because SEO is highly complex which contains a host of independent variables such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, links, content, and many other. Therefore, to ensure that you get a glimpse of the direction your SEO campaign is heading when doing Google rank tracking, there are a few factors that you need to evaluate. Some of these factors include;

  1. Number of visitors who have found your site through organic search
SEO ranking tracking

Figure 2: Page visitors analysis. (Source:

Sometimes, I ask myself: what is the purpose of SEO if it cannot result in organic traffic? To be honest, the answer to this question is straightforward – it’s useless!

Yes, an SEO that cannot help you acquire free traffic in google and other search engines is dead. This is why it is imperative to determine the number of people who have found your site through organic search when doing rank tracking. The metrics you will get will help you know whether your campaign is headed in the right direction, or it will need some adjustments before things get out of hand.

Remember, getting many people to click your site in the search results is depends on your rankings, if you SEO rank tracking reports show that you are ranked among the top 10, you are lucky. But I believe that the closer you get to the top, the better. Therefore, if you are position 9 in the SERPs, don’t smile and buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Not so fast! Endeavor to get to number one, two, or three, and the CTR reports you will get in your Google rank tracking software after that is worth a celebration.

When google rank tracking shows you clearly that you very few visitors through organic search, know from the onset that there is something wrong with your campaign strategy. Therefore, do not give up yet, since SEO demands a lot of patience. Even the most experienced SEO experts have their lowest moments. The trick is to accept poor performance, but do everything you can to make it better within the shortest time possible, or else your efforts will suffer.

The bottom line is, ranking tracking is never complete without checking the number of people who visit your site. Remember, if your strategy is right, the number of clicks you get through organic search should increase with time.

  1. The number of visitors you get through referrals

Now that you used a lot of time and resources to get links from other sites, isn’t it prudent to check the amount of traffic you got from these efforts in SEO rank tracking?

A few years ago, I used to avoid link building like a plague. I had read a few blogs that had assured me that link building was one of the strategies that google hated. As a result, I could devise a complete SEO strategy, and not include this vital exercise. Then, I found out that sites that had built links ranked better than me, and I decided to rethink my approach to SEO. In fact, one of the experts from Serpbook once told me that link building has nothing to do with SEO, but it is one of the surest ways to get great analytic reports in rank tracking tools.

However, you don’t just get any links and expect to get results in your SEO rank tracking reports. You need to build high-quality links with super-quality content on high-authority sites, and you can be sure that the number of visitors you earn through referrals will proliferate together with those you get from organic traffic.

Make sure you develop a quality link building strategy and don’t fear to part with a few dollars when some webmasters demand a fee for guest posting. Remember, this is a factor that will show attainment of more traffic and better rankings in Google rank tracking reports, and ultimately, this will result in leads, conversions, and profits. Simply put, you will doubtlessly get a return on investment if you do everything right.

  1. Change in your rankings
SEO ranking tracking

Figure 3: Google page 1 clicking behavior. (source:

Checking for changes in your rankings is another important factor you should consider during SEO rank tracking.

Your rankings in various search engines especially Google determines the success or failure of your website.

There are times that SEO rank tracking reports will show you that you are ranked #1 on search engines, and you tend to relax, thinking that you have achieved your business goals and objectives. But there is one question you fail to ask yourself – for how long?

I remember there is one time a Google ranking tool I acquired from Serpbook showed me that I was enjoying the third position in SERPs, but when I checked again in a week, my site was not even in the second page.

What I am trying to say is that in the field of SEO, competition is stiff, and you need to keep monitoring changes in your rankings. Use your keyword rank tracking software to find out the rankings of your keywords. If you notice a drop, it could be as a result of an emerging competitor, and your mission should be to come up with a more competitive target. Get the best keyword research tools such as Serpbook, and find the latest words and phrases that users look for in search engines to get similar products in your niche. Also, do thorough research on your competition, and develop counter strategies that will give you improved results the next time you check your rank tracking tools.

  1. Content performance
SEO ranking tracking

Figure 4: Essential elements of content performance. (Source:

Did you know you can write what you think is the best content on the internet, but still record low rankings on your SEO rank tracking reports?

Well, you don’t just write any content and expect that Google rank tracking software will automatically show you that you are ranked at the helm of Google search results. In the field of SEO, writing quality content is something that you cannot debate about. It should be at the helm of your priority list.

Google’s mission and that of other dominant search engines is to provide value to its users, and must first determine the value of your content before indexing it.

Well, since Google might not read your text like a human, there are a few tricks that will make it believe that your content will provide maximum value to its users:

Using popular keywords in your content- when I talk about writing for the reader but with the search engine in mind, I mean that you need to write content that the reader will find valuable, and one that will be understood by the search engine. Google know the popular keywords that people use to search for content in your niche; hence these are the terms and phrases you need to look for. When you get them and use them, you can rest assured that the metrics you will get from your keyword rank tracking software, and rank tracking tools will be impressive.

Getting quality links for your content– your content will not perform well if it is filled with tens of links that are considered invaluable by google. To give your website, get high authority links, and the level of trust you will gain from internet users will be immense.

Avoiding plagiarized content– in case lifted your content from another site, you metrics from SEO rank tracking tools are doubtlessly showing that your content is performing poorly. Lifting content might attract a penalty, which could be unforgiving at times. Even though it is challenging to write information from scratch, ensure that you write original content that will entice google, and make it draw value from every word you write.

I always advise my clients that apart from getting the best SEO rank tracking tools for their tracking needs, they can also get the best freelancers in the market to write content for them. This way, they will maximize on quality.

  1. Social signals
SEO ranking tracking

Figure 5: Social Signals. (Source:

Use your SEO rank tracking tools to find out the number of social shares you get. Although social signals do not directly affect your rankings, it goes a long mile in revealing your content strength, and the impact it is has on your readers. Also, it enhances your brand visibility.

Use your google rank tracking software to look at the specific areas of your content that are getting the most social signals, since this will help you determine how to approach your next content development strategy.

  1. Conversions

Even if you adopt a top-notch SEO strategy, and invest in the best keyword rank tracking software and google rank tracking software, this in itself will not give you conversions. For this reason, you will need to invest in conversion optimization. Nevertheless, the conversions you get from your organic traffic can give you a sneak preview of your brand’s relevance in the market. In case you find out that conversion rates are low, you will need to re-look at the audiences you are targeting.

  1. Your overall growth

Finally, you need to check how the metrics you get from your SEO rank tracking, and keyword rank tracking software has changed from the time you started your website. Well, they have gone up this month, but have you checked how they were last month, and where you were the previous year compared to this year?

For maximum success, make sure that your SEO rank tracking is based on the above factors. It is the surest way to gauge the progress of your campaign, as well as determine whether you are getting value for your time and money.












Last modified: January 21, 2019



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