Every year the SEO world receives new changes and updates from Google. At times, the new algorithmic changes from search engines directly affect how the optimization processes are done. This means that an SEO could still be putting out a lot of effort, but still not get the best results on the SEO ranking keyword tool. Still, the changes are for the good of website owners, much as they are for the good of the internet users.

As search engines strive to make audiences feel satisfied, website owners struggle with getting SEO right so that they can rank on the first page of Google. Do you ever feel like you have nailed it in SEO and still get it wrong? Well, the problem is not in the SEO ranking tool, but in the way, you practice SEO. Here are top ten lies you may have been working by that do hurt your rankings:

You can master the algorithms of search engines

However much you try, you cannot always be on top of search engines’ algorithms. With the frequent changes in that ranking factors, it is almost impossible to know what goes on in Google, among other engines. Ideally, no one outside of those search engines knows what the ranking algorithms are until they are ready to share them with the public.

The most complicated bit is that every day, search engines are becoming more human-like. For example, Google’s RankBrain has introduced hundreds of ranking factors, and since Google is always seeking to better their user’s experiences, you can always expect changes an updates. Therefore, instead of overthinking trying to figure out the ranking factors and algorithms, do what seems best for your audience, and you will witness positive changes in the SEO ranking tools free.

More links equate better ranking

Website owners have taken the phrase ‘more links equate to better ranking’ and misused it in their practice of SEO. It is no surprise to come across websites that have solicited links from untrustworthy sites to build a robust link-structure based on quantity. However, while backlinks have a way of improving your SEO ranking keyword, it is not always the case.

In matters of SEO, a lot of the times it is more about quality than it is about quantity. Google’s RankBrain has the intelligence to identify low-quality links, and if you are not careful, your website may be marked as spam due to having too many low-quality links. The problem is that they reduce the value of the content you share, and this affects the user experience of your target audience, which by far has remained a priority for Google and other search engines. Therefore, if you really want your SEO ranking tool online to bring in positive results, lean more toward quality than toward quantity.

All you need is SEO for marketing

Undeniably, SEO has a significant role to play in the success of any venture online. However, that is not to say that your SEO ranking keyword along with your digital marketing success will solely rely on SEO. Digital marketing is about so much more, other than bettering your website for your target audience. It incorporates different disciplines like aggressive social media activity, relationship-building skills, advertisements, and creativity. You need creativity to come up with diversified content for example text-based content, videos, infographics, memes, among others.

While SEO is central in thriving as a business online, consider other content marketing, relational and digital marketing techniques to get you ahead of your competition.

You can get away with duplicate content

seo ranking keyword

Figure 1 SEO vs. manipulation

Many website owners find it rough trying to consistently generate quality content to retain their position on the first page of Google. However, regardless of how much you keep checking your SEO ranking keyword online software, the results will not be impressive if you keep on with duplicate content. Technically, you may think that duplicate content will manipulate Google to rank your site for the same material, but that is a fallacy that will ultimately hurt your rankings.

People online have become so accustomed to diverse and plenty of content to choose from, which means that they are always spoilt of choices, if the material you share is not fresh, current, original and entertaining, then you are missing out on your crowd. Also, understand that Google has begun to penalize content marketers who use duplicate content across sites to manipulate their SEO ranking keyword.

Quality content is enough

Well, content is king, but that does not mean it is all you need. Numerous factors go into making optimization processes successful in accounting to an impressive SEO ranking keyword. Even with great content, you must be intentional about the condition of your target audience.

A piece of work may be of high-quality, and yet not valuable and beneficial to your target audience. This means that the audience will be unhappy with your content. At the end of it, it does not matter how excellent your copy was. If your customers are not gratified, then automatically Google finds the user experience and usability of your platform as low, and that will hurt your ranking when you check the SEO ranking keyword online software.

All that matters is optimizing for search engines

Isn’t it a delight to hope and think that Google is well pleased with your website? Webmasters have for a long while hidden behind the trick of optimizing their websites for search engines. For some time, optimizing your site for search engines might work, but with time, you will notice that the SEO ranking tools free on your SEO ranking tool online start deteriorating. Other than the fact that search engines keep updating their operational algorithm, search engines value the well-being of users more than of themselves.

Ideally, whether or not you stand right by search engines, the happiness, and satisfaction of the users of high importance. For example, if you work so hard as to ensure that you fix all broken links, you correct your non-indexable pages, among other technical details, if you experience high bounce rates, bad reviews and ratings from people, there is no telling how poor your SEO ranking keyword will be.

Many keywords will get you to the top of Google

SEO practitioners have misled several website owners with the notion that the more keywords they use on their articles, the better the turn of events as regards the SEO ranking keyword. However, this cannot be further from the truth. For one, keyword stuffing is an enemy to Google. It takes away the natural flow and order of information, appearing rigid and stage-managed. While Google may crawl your website and rank you at the top because of your targeted keywords, people will not want to click on your website. Remember, your site reserve a spot on the first page of Google thanks to the attention that the audiences pay to your platform.

Notice that at times, Google asks its users whether or not particular suggestions and sites were helpful for their queries. The concept goes back to the issue of audience satisfaction. Further, the number of keywords you use on one piece of work should be proportional to the number of words you have written down. The keywords cannot at any point supersede the other content, which is supposed to tie together to convey a specific message. It is why you must be strategic in how you use up your keywords to avoid keyword stuffing. Add them in the body text, but also, use them when optimizing your images, for titles and H1 tags, and the metadata. Realize how much positive effect this technique will have on your SEO ranking tools free in such a short while.

Your competition is your enemy

You must think that by eliminating your enemy and being a guru in handling an SEO ranking keyword online software, that you become the leading brand in your industry. Quite the contrary, your competition might be your ticket to the top. More especially for small brands, understand that experience give people a particular advantage over the market share. For this reason, your competitors cannot be your enemy. In fact, as part of SEO, competitor research has a significant role to play in achieving the end goal of SEO, which is a fantastic SEO ranking keyword.

The best thing to do is to identify 1-5 competitors that are doing so much better than you regarding SEO ranking tools free and use them as a benchmark for what you need to do. By analyzing their site, you can gather actionable insights on how to handle your audience, how to get the best from your SEO ranking tool online, which techniques to adapt for content generation and sharing, among others. Ideally, you do not have to copy everything it is they are doing. You can even indulge in competitor research as a way to find loopholes in their techniques that you can capitalize on to have a competitive advantage.

You can achieve success alone

As a rule of thumb, although success is an isolated path, it cannot be attained by lone rangers. This means that much as you may have the ability to handle most things on your own, you cannot achieve ultimate success if you remain independent. As is the nature of any business, sometimes you have outsourced for services to get things done, which is why you may find yourself using the SEO ranking tool online to help in determining your SEO ranking keyword.

In essence, some of the best SEO practices like link building and audience engagement require interaction with different people and entities to achieve success. For instance, to gain backlinks, you must indulge in guest blogging, partnerships, and collaborations. This requires tireless efforts in creating and sustaining relationships with other website owners and brands. In the same way, to comfortably handle your target audience and keep them satisfied, you must also be deliberate with them through constant communication and adequate value provision. This is the best way to boost your SEO ranking keyword and put your SEO ranking tool online to good use.

Social media is not important

seo ranking keyword

Figure 2 importance of social media

Surprisingly, even with the vast popularity of social media platforms, there are still so many businesses that are not on any social platform and are not even considering it. Their reason is that once you have SEO for your website, you do not need social media. However, this is one concept that could be the reason you are still frustrated with the SEO ranking tools free.

Much as the social signals may not directly equate to a ranking factor on search engines, they have a significant role. First, it is on social media that most of your traffic is, which means that a lot of your messages will have a lot of reception when you use different social channels. Other than that, social media provides room for high audience engagement because of its interactive nature, which is a step forward in keeping your audience happy. Consider this as a perfect platform for competitor research as well, not to mention, a prime spot for link-building opportunities.

Last modified: February 10, 2019



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