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The digital marketing landscape has taken a hit as matters of changes in the areas of PPC, SEO, content marketing, and even social media. It is impossible to overlook such changes that are happening, not to mention, anticipate more dramatic shifts. This Internet-connected era has pushed business owners and webmasters to keep their best feet forward in embracing new technology, including the free SEO ranking software.

Given that technology is not going to stop, it may be time for you to brace up for new digital marketing trends every which way. Sometimes you will think you have the best SEO ranking software for your digital marketing strategy, only to realize that there is a far much better free SEO ranking software online to consider. To join the upward trend of the digital space, there are specific techniques and trends you need to master for you to stay on top of digital marketing trends throughout 2019. Find out more below:

Keep networking

Building networks can never go wrong in any industry. It is the number of people you know, and that know you, which makes a difference in all your strategies, whether sales, digital marketing, communication, or even finance. On that note, when it comes to surviving the drastic changes in the digital world, your networks might be the one thing you can cling on to, other than free SEO ranking software.

It is the way you keep ties with your target audience, enough to ensure their optimal satisfaction. For a fact, any digital marketing strategy is a success if the target audience is happy. You will know whether or not they are pleased by your services from your rank position on Google, along with the feedback you receive from them on different channels.

Further, networking is about keeping ties with competitors and other website owners. There are thousands of businesses operating online, all with the primary agenda of attracting more people to their brand. If you are not on good terms with all of them, then you will have it rough thriving in the very competitive online space. Realize that your networks with other site owners become your leeway for earning credible links, partnerships, and collaborations with different entities, which in time build your brand in authority, visibility and overall performance on the best SEO ranking software.

Therefore, be intentional about networking as a way to make your digital marketing campaign successful. Remember, it is not just about sharing relevant information to people. It is about your constant regard for communication with people through different platforms and even showing up in crucial events and gatherings relevant in your industry.

Become a content creating guru

Content is king, no matter which dimension you look at it, or time of the year. People online will only be interested in your products and services if the content you share with them is worth their attention. There is no amount of mastery on digital marketing trends that could replace great quality content.

The issue of high-quality content is on matters of length, scope, relevance, up-to-datedness, informative and entertaining. In digital marketing, whatever the content you want to share pertaining your product, you must learn to package it for the audience first, then the search engines. This means that your grammar, spelling, the flow of ideas, research, expertise, relevance

Exploit the power of communication

Having discussed networking earlier in this text, it is pretty apparent that communication has a significant role in the digital space. The whole point of the internet is to centralize people from all over the world for better communication. The idea of even sharing content on different platforms is in a way to foster great communication, ideally between brands and consumers.

In a sense, technology has become very fundamental in the communication element of digital marketing. It goes beyond generating over-the-top content. With technology like voice search and chatbots, there is no room for any digital strategist to lag in communication, unless you are content with poor performance on the free SEO ranking software.

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Figure 2 Uber using chabot

The world has quickly grown into an instantaneous place, with conversations in real-time, thanks to chatbots, Skype, and other technology. In the case of chatbots, they improve the experience of the user of websites, having them know that you care about their opinions and how their experience is on your site. As a matter of fact, most people prefer interacting with chatbots because, unlike other technologies, they are responsive, give answers promptly, recall your buying history, and more importantly, never lose patience as a user keeps asking questions for matters of clarity.

Stay in touch with local influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is obviously not a new concept for digital marketer. However, in light of the many trends probable in the future in the digital marketing space, you cannot shun away from this key concept. Even though the internet is a global space, most businesses online have a local market target, apart from the massive global brands or e-commerce businesses. For this reason, using a local influencer marketer will have a lot of benefits as you brace up for the new trends.

At the core of your digital marketing strategy is the need to reach out to as much useful traffic as possible. This means that you are targeting an audience that would be interested in buying your products and services, other than just enjoying your high-quality content. Therefore, instead of spending too much investing in a celebrity of a popular influencer, pick a local and get them working magic on your social media campaigns to complement your other digital marketing efforts. Even with the best SEO ranking software, you will still need a local influencer to help you keep your audience intact through the changing times in 2019. The good thing with local influencers is that they are very accessible form your geographical location, which makes follow-ups on results much easier.

Further, they are very conversant with the behaviors of the local target customers. That said, if you can stick to creating the best campaigns for them, along with other elements of the digital marketing results, you should have no trouble getting to the first place of SERP according to any SEO ranking software,

Understand the place of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence gathers data from different platforms, including social media and blog comment sections, and uses it to analyze consumer behavior and search patterns. Technically, the whole analysis allows search engines to better feed users with relevant information, based on what they want and what they are searching for online or on the best SEO ranking software. By capitalizing on Artificial Intelligence as a business owner, you can understand the purchasing behaviors of your target audience. Ideally, when you know how consumers like to find their products and services online, then you can optimize your customer service and perfect your user experience, all of which are critical parts of a good digital marketing strategy.

Besides, understand that Google uses Artificial Intelligence, RankBrain, to offer optimized services to their audience. This means that when you have adequately acknowledged and understood the power of Artificial Intelligence, it is hard for you to perform poorly on free SEO ranking software, or even to miss out on any digital marketing trends in 2019.

Capitalize on Google Alerts

At the end of the day, all your digital marketing goals are inclined toward pleasing Google to rank on top of searches. Isn’t it great to have someone be on the lookout for you all the time? Well, the good thing with Google alerts is that once you add in a word of a phrase, you will get a notification for if they appear in search engine results. This is the perfect way to stay ahead of your target keywords for your digital marketing campaigns. From a simple search like 2019 digital marketing strategies, you would be surprised by the in-depth of insights you could get. If you learn to keep up with the email notifications you receive, the digital marketing trends in 2019 will not overwhelm you, and neither with your results on the free SEO ranking software.

Be on top of Social Messaging Apps

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Figure 3 Social Messaging Apps Stats

Digital strategies that think f Social Messaging Apps as just useful for sending emoji’s to friends are missing out on so much. With the rise of social media as a powerful digital marketing tool and pest medium of communication globally, social messaging apps have increased in usefulness to business owners. If not for anything else, consider that social messaging apps have captured a huge part of the internet’s population. Therefore, it only makes sense to take your product where your audience is, instead of waiting for them to come where you are.

Your success as a digital marketer in 2019, regardless of how many trends hit the market, will to a great length depend on your exploitation of the social messaging apps. The greatest thing about these apps is that they allow you to personalize your messages along with your brand for your target audience. The more people can relate to your brand, the better you are likely to perform on the best SEO ranking software. You can thereby determine the social messaging apps as the perfect way to send messages to customers directly, and with a little personalization (which is a key digital marketing trend), you should be able to take your user experience to the next level.

Engage people with video content

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Figure 4 Global Video Traffic projection

Videos have become very relevant in today’s society. Most people online actually prefer watching a video about something instead of reading it. The rise and prominence of various social media platforms have significantly increased the demand for video content across the globe. It ranges from funny short clips to long informative material, all of which contribute significantly to your results on the free SEO ranking software.

Ideally, looking at the way technology is gradually evolving, video content is not going anywhere. Consider the great lengths that developer have gone to make video content popular, for example, with video-enabled platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Further, live video has come into play, making it a necessary action for webmasters to invest in video content long-term. Platforms are already in place in support of live video, that is, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Periscope, or even Whichever you choose to use for your digital marketing strategy, remember to keep it entertaining and worth people’s time.

However, with live video, be careful that your strategy does not backfire on you. Start with a robust content strategy that captures on audio, blogs, white papers, infographics, and social media, among others. Then, figure out a platform that is not overly competitive when it comes to live video content. Given there are too many platforms with this technology, you can opt for YouTube live and Instagram, and then gradually go into Facebook.

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